DeskTrack’s Innovative DeskLite: A Employee Time-saving software

DeskTrack's Innovative DeskLite- A Employee Time-saving software

Are you struggling with Team & Time management? Always says I don’t have time & the team is not working properly? 

Looking for a solution to manage the team & time at an affordable cost, your wait is over find DeskLite just for 99 rupees. DeskTrack launch this solution to manage 100% transparency at the workplace, you can get every bit of the day, analyze inefficient practices and make a productive & efficient workplace.

This Time Tracking Software is all about time-saving, don’t think that it is tracking you. Just think how much you can get from this tool, skills improvement, time management parallelly boosts growth, take it as an advantage, not as a burden.

DeskLite Highlights

  • Desktop activity logs
  • Auto Login/Logout
  • Working & Idle Hours
  • Online/Offline Tracking
  • Application Tracking
  • Admin Login
DeskLite Features
DeskLite Features

Auto Login/Logout

Automatically tracks/reports the attendance with no manual errors eliminates manual efforts. Easily keep the presence & absence logs, additional to it integrate with HRMS, keep all your data in one place, and calculate salary quickly.

Working & Idle Hours

Find the actual utilization of the work get the actual time spent on work with the help of activities performed, also, keep a log of the time when an individual is away for breaks, an ideal & automated way to get the timesheets.

Online/Offline Tracking

Logs the activities with or without the internet, get most of the day don’t lose a single minute.

DeskTrack Dashboard
DeskTrack Dashboard

Desktop Activity Logs

Get detailed insights into the work, keep the list of activities done during the workday, working & idle hours, applications opened with the total time, real-time screen view, these records will help you to get the actual work you did and distractions you faced all through the day.

Application Tracking

Get the list of apps/programs opened with the total time spent on them to identify whether the time is spent on the relevant tasks or not or sometimes it happens we get stuck at some work but not able to find the solution also we didn’t recognize how much time we spend on it, from these stats we can easily identify such roadblocks, where we are wasting or investing the time.

Do the work analytics & make smart use of the day……

Admin Login

All at one place a unified dashboard to view the attendance, task & activity logs of the team. It will give an analytic view to the team’s work which helps in identifying areas of improvement hence converting 40% of the idle & unproductive time to productive time.

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