How can we capture the screenshots of the Employee system?

  • Yes, DeskTrack can capture the screens shot of the user’s system. DeskTrack have two way to capture the screenshot of the user’s system, the company can choose the storage of screenshot on the DeskTrack Cloud or on Google Drive/DropBox. In case if they are working on your office premises and they are connecting to your local server then you can choose the local server as storage.
  • If the company choose storage as Google Drive/DropBox then you have to install another application and there is no extra cost for the other application.
  • If the company choose storage as DeskTrack Cloud they have to pay some extra amount (Depend on the user’s size)and they don’t have to install any other application.
  • If the storage is Google Drive/DropBox/Local Server Screenshot will capture as per the time added in the user’s system while installing the app.
  • If the storage is DeskTrack Cloud then it will capture the screenshot in a fixed time set by the support Team.
  • While our application is capturing the screenshot the user will not able to identify that any application is running to capture the screenshots there will be no action while the app captures the screenshot.
  • To enable the screenshot option then the company have to contact Support Team

How to install DeskCapture Client(Screenshot) Application?

How to install DeskCapture Server(to view Screenshot) Application?


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