How can we capture the screenshots of the Employee system?

  • Yes, DeskTrack captures the DeskTop screen. But we have a different application (DeskCapture) to capture the screenshot and the storage of that application is totally on your end we will not show the screenshot on cloud (Due to our Privacy Policy).
  • You can select the DropBox as Storage if your user is working remotely in case if they are working on your office premises and they are connecting to your local server then you can choose the local server as storage.

  • ScreenShots will be capture as per the time you add while installing the app and shown as per the name which you add while installing the app

  • While our application capture the screenshot the user will not able identify that any application is running to capture the screenshots there will be no action while the app captures the screenshot
  • We will provide you two application one for the capture of the screenshot and one for the view of the screenshot.

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