How to install Stealth App on Windows?

Stealth app is the desktop monitoring app that works in the invisible mode to tracks all the desktop activities with the total time spent on each activity. Below are the activities it tracks:

  • Application & Files opened
  • URLs Browsed
  • Timesheets (Working & Idle hours)

Steps to install the Stealth App:

  • Log in to DeskTrack panel
  • Create User on the Panel (ignore if already created)
  • Go to the Admin profile of the user system and Download the application from the panel. (If only one profile is in the system then install the app in that profile)
  • Now right click on the app and run as Administrator

Note: In window 8/10 it will show you a blue window. Then click on More Info then Run anyway

  • Now move to the User account and log in to the App (If only one profile is in the system then log in to the app in that profile)


  • Close the window and manually run the app to log in, if the user didn’t have permission to install the application and you have to enter the administration ID and Password otherwise it will track the data for the admin profile.
  • Please pass the application from Antivirus/proxy.

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