Accountants manage work and time for clients.
Actual billable hours.


report-templatesReport templates

asset-managementFixed asset management

track-activity-userTrack activities done by the users

client-portalsClient Portals


Monitor Work Bench Activity

  • arrowTrack the Url’s browsed and application used
  • arrowAnalyze total time spent on each application opened in the PC
  • arrowWhite List the apps to record the time consumed as Productive Hours
  • arrow View user activity, manually reconciled transactions, deleted statement lines, contacts with identical or edited bank accounts, and backdated invoices and bills

Time Sheets— Actual time spent for each client

  • arrowProductive and Un-productive Hours
  • arrowAutomated Time Sheets
  • arrowWhitelist Applications
  • arrow Black List URLs
  • arrowTotal Time Consumed on each application used or URLs browsed
  • arrow Actual Billable Hours to the Client