Best Automated Time Tracking Software To Manage employee Timesheet

Calculate how much time you give across apps, websites, and documents, and create employee automated timesheets based on your system activity records. Learn a best way to stay productive, avoiding distractions and managing 100% transparency.

Automated Time Tracking Software

Automated Application Activity Tracking

Automated time tracking app for managing the time properly by monitoring and documenting the time spent on all the desktop & mobile activities.

  • Activity-Time-Tracking

    Activity Time Tracking

    Record the time spent on Apps opened, URLs browsed, files worked, projects and tasks done to analyze the productive tasks.

  • Attendance-Timesheets

    Attendance & Timesheets

    Reports for the employee login and logout for the day with the calculation of total working and idle hours.

Features of Employee Automated Time Tracking Software


Private Time Tracking

Allow employees to enjoy private time and feel relax simply by putting the DeskTrack Tagger on the pause mode.


Salary Calculator

Calculate employee salaries on the basis of the total working hours and time spent on the productive tasks.


Meeting Hours Calculation

Record the time spent on meetings over Skype, Zoom, Google Calendar, etc. and convert idle hours to meeting hours.


Analyze Productivity

Calculate productive hours for the day by recording the time spent on important apps, URLs, files, and tasks.


Project Time Tracking

Find the actual billable hours for the projects by calculating the time spent on project tasks done by the employee.


Offline Time Tracking

Don't miss the time tracking when there is no network connectivity on the desktop. Get your activities tracked every time of the day.

Benefits of Employee Time Traking Software.

Time Tracking is a key resource for business to boost business profits and employee efficiency.

1. Increase Productivity

Increase your productivity by identifying the time spent on irrelevant tasks and managing the time in an effective manner.


2. Boost Business Profits

Reduce the business operation cost by identifying the employees who are less productive, do not meet deadlines, spent less time at work and are always distracted.

3. Budgeting With Timesheets

Calculation of actual billing hours for the clients and employees by recording the total time spent at work, projects, and tasks to analyze the project cost.


4. Remove Distraction

Analyze distractions by recording the time spent on personal activities, social media, internet, and meetings.

5. Be Focused

Boost focus on work by analyzing the time spent on irrelevant activities.


6. Be Planned & Relieve Stress

Find a way to stay productive by organizing the working flow, being planned for the day, finishing the tasks timely and keep yourself relax.

7. 100% Transparency

Get proof of work done by the employees by tracking the total time spent on each activity.


Automated Time Tracking

Automated Time Tracking app for managing the time properly by monitoring and documenting the time spent on all the desktop & mobile activities.

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