Best Employee Monitoring Software For WFH & Workplace

HR's, managers & employees can track the attendance, active & break time, apps, website & file opened by hybrid & work from home teams with the Best Employee Monitoring Software in India.

  • Real time access to team's working
  • Insights on work time utilization
  • Data driven analytics
  • Identify gaps & inefficient practices
  • Improves team's performance & productivity
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Optimize productivity with employee monitoring software Work From Home and in-office

Timesheets Timesheets


Timesheets help pay for the efforts and time employees spend at work. It tracks the login/logout, working, idle, productive, and unproductive hours of the day.

Activity Tracking Timesheets

Activity Tracking

Stay aware and updated with the team's work by tracking activities performed on the apps, websites, meetings, etc., in a day to identify and overcome gaps in functioning.

Employee Monitoring System Boosts Employee Productivity

Time and Attendance
  • Time and Attendance

    Track the duration spent at the workplace and login/logout time of the employees whenever they start and end their day.

  • Working & idle hours Tracking

    Monitor employee computer activity and analyze the time employees are away or available at work.

  • Meeting Time

    Record the total meetings with the best employee monitoring software and time spent on them during the day.

  • Fixed & Flexible Hours Tracking

    Provide flexibility by tracking employee activities and productivity within office working hours.

  • Billable Hours

    With the automated timesheets, pay for the efforts and time employees give at work.

  • Productivity

    Identify the relevant or irrelevant activities to analyze the productivity and unproductivity of the employees.

Employee Monitoring Tool For Tracking Employee Activity

Application Tracking' Internet Usage Blacklist & Whitelist URLs File/Document tracking Screenshots Call Logs
  • Application Tracking

    With remote employee system activity tracking, calculate the time spent on the apps and URLs.

  • Internet Usage

    Limit the time spent on the internet by keeping the calculation of internet usage.

  • Call Logs

    Calculate the total number of calls and time spent on incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Blacklist & Whitelist

    Filter the apps & websites in blacklist/whitelist to track productivity & unproductivity.

  • Screenshots

    Manage 100% transparency by getting screen access with the help of random screenshots

  • File/Document tracking

    Log the time & names of files/documents opened by the team in a day.

Optimize productivity with employee monitoring software Work From Home and in-office


Timesheets help pay for the efforts and time employees spend at work. It tracks the login/logout, working, idle, productive, and unproductive hours of the day.

Activity Tracking

Stay aware and updated with the team's work by tracking employee activities performed on the apps, websites, meetings, etc., in a day to identify and overcome gaps in functioning.

Who Will Get Benefited From The Best Employee
Monitoring Software


The best way for employees to use top employee monitoring software is by performing self-assessment on activities tracked by the team, which helps to highlight the areas that require focus and effort. Along with it, they can also showcase efforts they are making for optimal outcomes.


It brings 100% visibility on the team's time utilization to identify the most and the least occupied resources that helps in better project planning and task allocation and also states appropriate parameters on performance evaluation.


Due to improper reporting, the major business issue is quantifying the team's results and analyzing efforts. Therefore, automated reports from the best employee monitoring system overcome all challenges, uncover productivity gaps and reduce operational costs by 40%.

Best Employee monitoring software for online/offline
mode also, don't miss a bit.

How to use DeskTrack employee
monitoring solution

use DeskTrack employee monitoring solution

Make your employees download the DeskTrack employee monitoring software on mobile or desktop for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or IOS to track employee activity secretly or by letting them know about the tracking.

From login/logout and app/website usage to project planning and allocation, you can set the screenshot feature for regular screen check-ups of the user system anytime and anywhere.

DeskTrack employee productivity monitoring software allows work behavior analysis, work-life balance, and productivity trends that help set clear goals, better project planning, productivity enhancement, employee engagement, and budgeting.

Stay at The Top with the Benefits of
Employee Tracking Software

Stay at The Top with Employee  Tracking Software

Transparency Among Teams

Employee pc monitoring software brings 100% transparency among the business. It tracks all the activities performed & proves the work efficiency effortlessly and helps to make fact based decisions, for the teams working as on-site, freelance, remote, hybrid, or work from home.

Increase employee productivity

DeskTrack Employee monitoring system helps to increase productivity of employees at the workplace by tracking their day to day activities on productive apps.

Can Detect Unusual Activities

Employee tracking software is a perfect tool for organizations that looking to reduce the risk of compliance violations or data breaches caused by employee negligence, lace of security awareness, or risky behavior. It can also provide the record of which employees may be responsible if a violation does occur.

Increase Employee Engagement

DeskTrack helps employees and managers increase motivation and engagement at work more effectively. With all the accountability, visibility, and insight in one system.

Employee Self Assessment

Employee monitoring software gives the flexibility to employees for doing self assessment on the time spent & activities performed, this analysis helps employees to find the skill gaps, inefficient practices, time misused. This analysis helps employees to increase efficiency & productivity.

Automated reports of the team

Time management is the key to success, employee monitoring software with time & employee activity tracking solution gives timesheets for client billing & payroll processing, on the top activity logs gives insights on distractions, working patterns which affects team’s performance.

How DeskTrack employee monitoring software securely stores data?

Cloud solution

It takes "0" investment & less execution time, simply register an account and find a cloud based access to onboard the team & store the data/reports in AWS. End to end server performance & data storage will be managed with DeskTrack.

On-Premise Hybrid solution

This implementation will take more time & investment compared with cloud setup. It allows you to get data stored at your server & clients have to manage everything on their own, from data storage to server performance.

How DeskTrack Employee Monitoring Software can
become everyone's choice?

Stealth/Hidden mode

Stealth/Hidden mode

Don't hassle the team with the best employee monitoring tool. Run it in hidden mode, and keep notifying their efforts and outputs.

Viewer mode

Viewer mode

Give access to the employees to monitor their work performance, and when needed they can log out or pause/resume the software.



Set up an office staff hierarchy in which the reporting managers can monitor all the employees' work and help to improve.

Department & team comparison

Department & team comparison

Admins can monitor the work status among teams and generate real-time reports about the progress and functioning of each department.

Private time

Private time

Taking "Me Time" during the day to refresh the mind is necessary, pause and resume staff system tracking, and stay productive.

User-friendly app

User-friendly app

Configure the employee monitoring app in 5 mins and view the reports. The app will run smoothly without hindering other programs.

Employee Monitoring in Different Modes


DeskTrack visible mode allows users to track their activity & task logs, directly through app. The app icon is located in the taskbar, provides easy access to user reports & other details. This feature enable employees to keep track of their work & increase productivity.


In DeskTrack’s Stealth mode app icon is hidden. Users can’t able to pause or enable tracking manually. Users can see their reports by login on DeskTrack website. The feature is useful for managers who want to monitor their team’s work without disrupting their wokflow.

Easy access to the Reports with employee tracking system:

Create multiple logins with role-based access management, organize the dashboard as per the business needs,

Location Heads Login

Location Heads Login

Admins and managers can track employees operating from different places or locations and take actions accordingly.

Manager Login

Manager Login

Monitor real-time insights of their team members to help them to improvise their performance by identifying gaps & distractions.

User Login

User Login

With automated activity insights & timesheets, users can do self-assessment by monitoring daily functioning on their work insights.

Admin Login

Admin Login

Admins can access the complete employee screen monitoring software and provide role-based rights to the workforce, also can evaluate the reports for the entire team.

Mobile app reportings

Mobile app reportings

DeskTrack employee analytic app available on android & iOS for admin & managers to access team's timesheets & activities performed anywhere anytime.

Get more with DeskTrack

Application Tracking Application Tracking

URL/Website Tracking Website Monitoring

File Monitoring File Monitoring

Automated Timesheets (Working & Idle hour) Fixed & Flexible Hours

Project Timesheets Holiday Calendar

Admin, Manager & Employee Logins Work Status

Stealth Mode (invisible working) Manager, Web & User Login

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Remote Server

Remote Server

Terminal Server

Terminal Server

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Overall a very good software at good pricing. Very user-friendly and good analytical analysis. Customer support u would
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Wonderful experience, the software has reduced the manual workload. Great software!! We are happy to share feedback
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  • 4.7 / 5

Good Time tracking And Monitoring software. I am using nearly 1 year. support is good, Cost is normal for users
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The overall experience with the Desktrack was excellent. Faced some issues in the starting but then after resolution,
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What is Employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software is a means of employee monitoring, usually deployed over a business network.

It allows company administrators, managers, supervisors and other stakeholders to keep a check on employee’s daily work activities and behavior at work.

Alternatively, companies also opt to monitor their employees through remote desktop software.

Its basic purpose is to check and streamline employee’s performance, prevent malicious activities, and avoid leakage of confidential information.

Additionally, it is also used to block content and unproductive applications, capture real-time screenshots of user’s on-going window activity and share insightful reports on productivity delivered by the employee.

Employee monitoring software can be customized as per employee’s location of work, i,e in-office can be tracked on workplace distractions like chatty colleagues, multi-tasking, frequent breaks, etc. whereas employees on remote work can be tracked on distractions like housework, child care, etc.

Why do Organizations require Employee monitoring Software?

As per a survey, employee monitoring software is used for a number of reasons like, to track employee’s performance, safeguard confidential information, to keep a check on employee’s consistency in work.

Additionally, there are multi-facets usage of employee monitoring software as listed below -

  • Project Management - Nowadays, employee monitoring softwares are equipped with project management tools like project timesheet features, productivity analysis, etc.

  • Resource Allocation - The data analysis provided by employee monitoring software also lets the employer know about resource allocation as in which teams need what kind of other subscriptions to enhance their productivity, if there is any employee who needs to be allotted some other task if he is good at some particular task, etc.

  • Productivity & Accountability - Productivity check for an employee can be analyzed by the productivity graphs and comparisons developed by an effective employee monitoring software. Besides, accountability for an employee can be measured by evaluating if he completes his task on time or not. Such results can be seen by reading employee’s behavior at work.

  • Attendance Monitoring - Attendance monitoring for employees is yet another feature provided by employee monitoring software to check regularity of employees at work.

  • Payroll Management - Employee monitoring softwares nowadays are equipped with calculating per employee costing for every hour which justifies operational cost allotted for human resource in an organization.

  • Performance Review - Overall performance review is a cherry on the cake when it comes to handling performance management of employees in a continuous basis.

  • Data Security - It goes without saying that every organization is aware of their confidential data and does not want to compromise on it. Therefore, employee monitoring software by tracking applications and files accessed by an employee keeps a check on data security aspects.

  • Recordkeeping - Recordkeeping of parameters like URLs accessed, project status, login-logout time, attendance record , etc are provided by an employee monitoring software.

How Does Employee Monitoring Software Work?

There are various types of employee monitoring software that are designed for diverse purposes and each of them has different benefits and features to offer and so works differently.

The solutions provided by employee monitoring software are -

  • Time Tracking - This feature is usually meant for tracking login-logout timing, desktop time, time at work, productive, unproductive time of the employees.

  • Computer activity monitoring - It collects data on the websites visited by your employees, apps accessed by them and how much time they usually spend on such apps.

  • Activity categorization to broductive and unproductive - It includes the categorization of employees’ activities as productive or unproductive.

    It is done from the administrator’s end for automatic categorization, i.e when the software is gathering data about employees activities it automatically assigns categories for them, making reports more lucid and clear.

  • Goal setting - It enables you to set specific goals and tasks for your team members in the form of timesheets.

  • Away from keyboard time recognition - There are some time trackers that have the option to stop tracking time when employees aren’t using their computers for a certain duration of time.

  • Reporting - Last, but not least, here is the most important of all which shows how productive your team is, how much time is spent on unproductive activities and what are your teammates working on.

Effective management using employee monitoring software

In order to do effective management for businesses employing many workers or remote teams, it’s very helpful to keep management digital .Most of the employee monitoring software offers features such as:

  • Work scheduling - Many applications allow you to assign team members the specific projects and tasks with scheduled deadlines. Also, the employee is automatically notified about the assigned task.

  • Attendance tracker - This feature enables you to track attendance, holidays, days-off of your employees. You can edit the type of day in real time or schedule it.

  • Budgeting - Employee monitoring software often offers this feature in order to calculate the complete budget estimate of your project on the basis of hours spent on projects, which cost you real money. Usually, you can budget your projects in real-time and save money.

  • Invoicing - You can use the time entries to create invoices, which is helpful to bill your clients accurately or simply measure the costing and profitability of your projects.

  • Payroll - This feature justifies your employees’ compensation structure for a month. This feature is designed to bill per day employee’s pay structure on the basis of attendance and hours of work.

Which industries will get more benefited from DeskTrack?

DeskTrack employee monitoring software can benefit every firm, from small to large. Moreover, the remote and work-from-home culture has taken place in the previous years and made the execution of employee monitoring software effective.

Small Companies

DeskTrack employee tracking software for small companies can be the best option. Its affordable pricing, impressive features, and user-friendly interface make it the most suitable for small businesses. Thus, it meets the requirements of the companies to get productive hours for employees.

CA Firms

DeskTrack employee tracking software for small companies can be the best option. Its affordable pricing, impressive features, and user-friendly interface make it the most suitable for small businesses. Thus, it meets the requirements of the companies to get productive hours for employees.

IT Companies

DeskTrack employee monitoring service in India is one of the best options for IT companies as the industry has moved to work from home policy. So, the need for employee monitoring has increased, and software like DeskTrack proves to be the best decision.

Which industries will get more benefited from DeskTrack?

  • Screenshot Capturing – It is a kind of Software solution that monitors employee activity by sending across periodic screenshots to the admin team to check their activity at any given time.
  • Email Monitoring – Software should be able to monitor Emails as well across a wide range of email platforms. Such monitoring also checks random phishing activity for a given employee.
  • Live Chat Monitoring – Monitoring through this type of solution includes tracking live chat conversations across multiple platforms, including social media.
  • URL Tracking – In order to manage 100% transparency at the workplace, you can track employees’ usage of URLs on the internet as well.
  • Application Tracking – This type of solution tracks applications your employees are using, such as Word and Excel, as well as how much time they spend on them to finish a certain task.
  • For more information, you may read - 10 pointers to select the best employee monitoring software

Types of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring majorly involves a software application that is installed on a company computer.

Additionally, five other types of employee monitoring in your workplace are:

  • Keycards: It is one way wherein with GPS-enabled keycards, you can track your employees’ locations throughout your facility to understand how they use their time.
  • Video: It is similar to how some people install video cameras outside their homes to monitor their property, you may want to install video surveillance in your workplace to monitor your workforce activities.
  • Email: This method protects your business from phishing attempts by monitoring employees’ email inboxes and weeding out spam and malicious emails.
  • Phone: Similar to email monitoring solutions, you may want to ensure that your work phones are only used for work matters or to prevent unnecessary calls from reaching your employees.
  • Keylogging - It is a prominent type of employee monitoring, though it has been proven controversial.
  • Keylogging involves recording each word typed by an employee on a company computer keyboard or device (in all programs) so that companies can be rest assured if their employees are being ethical towards their organization or not.

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Employee Monitoring Software Guide

(All size of organizations)

Desktrack employee monitoring software helps recognize productive and unproductive employees, find out which files, websites, and offline applications your team utilizes the most, track each moment of time and performance, and much more. The best part is that the employee monitoring tool provides this data as real-time insights and practices that can be used to improve team performance. Invest in Invest in Employee Monitoring software.
Employee productivity is an important aspect of business growth, and unproductivity can cause loss. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and track the productivity of employees.

Remote Employee monitoring systems can be used to monitor each employee's productivity and time spent on work. It provides various features like employee tracking system progress, login/logout, time, apps, and URLs and generates real-time reports, which can help to get rid of manual paperwork. By monitoring how much time employees spend working, managers can identify their idle time and working hours.
In this digital world, every type of unit coordinate with the desktop, listing out the organization which follows the desktop tracking & employee monitoring tool: Industries used Employee monitoring software
  • IT Industry
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Financial Companies
  • Consultant
  • Law Firms
  • Accounts
  • Architect
  • Freelancer & remote employee
Remote working has now become an important factor of working life, and many employees started working remotely on a full or part-time basis. This can be helpful for both employees and organizations as the employees can maintain their work hours which means they can avoid rush hour traffic, have flexible timetables, spend less time commuting, etc.

Employee monitoring makes remote working more efficient by providing managers with the means to track and monitor their remote team's productivity without being in the office. It can help employees balance their workload and excessive idle time. It can save organizations and employees money by reducing employment costs. Read more for what employee monitoring software is?
Different countries have different rules and regulations for employee monitoring and workplace privacy. But in most of them, monitoring employee activities are legal without any restrictions. Yet, there may be limitations on what type of employee activities monitoring will be monitored. So, before configuring any software, one should get a consultation from their respective advisors and inform their employees about the installation by making them aware of their employee activity tracking. DeskTrack's top employee monitoring software can be the best option because of its monitoring and recording features to bear by any legal or regulatory restrictions.
Employee monitoring for businesses contains activity data for behavior analytics, and it is used to create insights into an organizationds data security, operational efficiency, and workforce productivity. But before installing, one should clearly understand the pros and cons of employee monitoring software:


  • Remove Distractions
  • Clear Focus
  • Team Engagement
  • Time Utilization


  • Effect workforce environment
  • Lack of Trust
  • Lack of Privacy
  • Increases Stress level
DeskTrack makes employee monitoring effortless and feasible with automatic and real-time insights. It tracks employee activities like:
Admins and managers have access to review the timely screenshot reports of their complete workforce as well as they can turn the employee screenshot monitoring software feature off anytime as per their business needs. Also, Users do not have access to view or turn off screenshots tracking feature of their system by default.
In this modern era, big & small companies use employee monitoring software to monitor employees desktop, laptop. it's not possible for companies to have a complete record of employee activity. For a profitable and productive environment, businesses should have full control over their workforce. Therefore, the best employee monitoring software will help you to have a record of the daily activity of your employees and let you know the endless hours wasted on social media, timesheets, budgets, and under or over-utilized resources. DeskTrack is the best employee Tracking software for small business & big companies.
  • Talk about benefits
  • Be transparent
  • Make them part of Process
  • Don’t Install on Employee own devices