Best Employee Monitoring Software For WFH & Workplace

Workforce or Employee Monitoring Software for work from home to stay at the TOP of the business by analyzing in what manner workforce is utilizing their working time.

  • Detailed Reporting
  • Identify Gaps
  • Productivity Booster
  • Improve Efficiency
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Who Will Get Benefited From Best Employee Monitoring Software


DeskTrack Best Employee monitoring software in India for self-assesment which helps in highlighting the areas to focus & efforts required. Along with it employees also showcase the actual efforts they are making for bringing optimal results.


Brings 100% visibility to determine the team's performance & utilization, managers can easily identify the most & least occupied resource, for better project planning & task allocation. It states appropriate parameters for performance evaluation.


Due to improper reporting, the major issue with business is quantifying the team's result & analyzing efforts but with automated reports from employee monitoring software overcome all challenges, uncover productivity gaps & reduces operational cost by 40%

Powerful data to make workforce well organised & result oriented


Pay for the efforts & time employees giving at work, track & log login/logout, working, idle, productive & unproductive hours of the day

Activity Tracking

Keep aware & updated with the team's work by activity tracking i.e. the apps, websites, meetings, etc. they are doing in a day with time to identify & overcome gaps in working.

Tips to make employees productive

Time and Attendance Working & idle hours Tracking Productive & Unproductive Meeting Time Billable Hours File/Document tracking
  • Time and Attendance

    Log the time whenever the employees start & end the day

  • Working & idle hours Tracking

    Analyze the time employees are away or available at work

  • Meeting Time

    Record the total meetings & time spent on meeting during the day

  • Fixed & Flexible Hours Tracking

    Provide the flexibility by tracking activities & productivity within office working hours

  • Billable Hours

    With the automated timesheets pay for the efforts & time employees are giving at work

  • Productivity

    Identify the relevant or irrelevant activities to analyze productivity & unproductivity

Tips to make employee productive

Application Tracking Internet Usage Blacklist & Whitelist URLs File/Document tracking Screenshots Call Logs
  • Application Tracking

    Log the time spent on the apps/programs opened

  • Internet Usage

    Limit the time spent on the internet by keeping the time log of internet usage

  • Call Logs

    Calculate the total number of calls & time spent on incoming & outgoing calls

  • Blacklist & Whitelist

    Filter the apps & websites to track productivity & unproductivity

  • Screenshots

    Manage 100% transparency by getting screen access with the help of random screenshots

  • File/Document tracking

    Log the time & names of files/documents opened by the team in a day

How DeskTrack becomes everyone's choice?

Cloud solution

To configure DeskTrack "0" investment required, create the account & store the data at AWS Cloud

On-Premise solution

Have issues in sharing the data at DeskTrack cloud get it stored at your server with a hybrid on-premise version

Stealth/Hidden mode

Don't hassle the team with the employee monitoring tool, run it in hidden mode, and keep notifying their efforts & outputs.

Private time

Taking "Me Time" during the day to refresh the mind is necessary, pause & resume tracking and stay productive

User-friendly app

Configure the app in 5mins & view the reports, the app will run smoothly without hindering other programs

On the go reports

Easily access the teamwork reports from anywhere anytime with the DeskTrack analytic mobile app

Ready to take full control of workplace?

"Best in Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring Software"

How to make your organization successful

Employee Monitoring Software Guide

(All size of organizations)

  • 60% or less of work time is really spent gainfully

  • Or then again, as such: over 40% of work time is squandered. Let that hit home.

  • It's an eye-watering figure for any organization's chief, originator, or administrator attempting to maintain a beneficial and productive business.

  • How employee monitoring software helps businesses to become successful
  • Manage your Project Easily
  • Quality analysis
  • Productive Work
  • Security
  • Reduce Business Operation Cost
To begin with, it's imperative to get your head around what the best Employee Monitoring Software does - and what it doesn't. Since there's frequently some disarray. On occasion, the two administrators and workers consider it simply fundamental representative reconnaissance. However, as you're going to see, it's far beyond that.

With the Desktop Monitoring Software, you're ready to recognize unproductive workers, find which applications, websites, and offline applications your team utilizes most, track each moment of time and participation, thus significantly more. The best part is that the workforce monitoring tool conveys this information as noteworthy experiences and patterns that you can use to continually improve group execution.
Strength should be noticeable in front of the employer/boss of each employee so that right work could be assigned to the right.
  • 1. List of productive employees
  • 2. Get reports on mail regularly.
  • 3. Save Time and export all reports in CSV
  • 4. Tracking of all activities done by employees.
  • 5. Employer should have understanding of each Employee IN/OUT report.
  • Now, you're most likely envisioning what an employee could accomplish for your group.
  • You can track the following activities with user-friendly Employee monitoring software
  • 1. IN/OUT Time
  • 2. Application, URLs, and files opened
  • 3. Productive and unproductive Time
  • 4. Idle and working time
  • In this digital world, each and every type of unit coordinate with desktop, listing out the organization which follows the desktop tracking & employee monitoring tool:
  • 1. IT Industry
  • 2. Staffing Agencies
  • 3. Financial Companies
  • 4. Consultant
  • 5. Law Firms
  • 6. Accounts
  • 7. Architect
  • 8. Freelancer & remote employee.
  • Employee monitoring furnishes organizations with a few focal points, including boosting the work process and money-saving.
  • 1. Increased productivity
  • 2. Extended reserve funds
  • 3. Cost-effective
  • 4. Increased security
  • 5. Improved team performance
  • 6. Upgrade Project Deliverability
  • Introducing a new tool can be a little bit tough to create in the workspace. Successful implementation could bring many worthwhile advantages to the company. Here is the list of benefits for employee’s workplace that can bring out the positivity:
  • 1. Strengthen Workspace Environment
  • 2. Growing Employee Engagement
  • 3. Communication Improvement
  • 4. Customer Relation Improvement
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