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Automated Time Tracking

Fully Automatic Time Tracking, without any human intervention. It provides the record of actual hours spent by the users on each activity i..e total time on the system, idle time (when the user is away from the system), meeting hours, projects.

Path Tracking

Productive Time Calculation

Get 100% transparency at the workplace to calculate actual productivity of the individual by analyzing the time spent on important apps used, browser activities, projects and task respect to the actual working hours of the day.


Desktop Activity Logger

Records the insight details of the desktop i.e. it keeps the list of applications opened, URLs browsed, files opened with the total time spent on them. This record helps in identifying the actual work we did & distractions faced all through the day.


Drive 100% transparency and motivate teams to increase efficiency.
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Application Tracking

Record the list of apps used with the total time spent on them. With this software, users are allowed to select the apps which are important for their work (whitelist the app), set time limit on the app usage. Hence the time spent on whitelisted apps will be calculated into productive hours.


URL Tracking

With this URL Tracking feature, we can select URLs (like youtube, facebook, etc) which distracts the mind, as Blacklisted URLs thus the time will be calculated to unproductive hours.


Title and Path tracking

For measuring the actual performance application tracking is not sufficient but it’s important to record the list of files, URLs opened and total time spent on them in a day. It stores the URLs, files with their names and path which you can directly link to the projects and tasks.


Project Time Tracking

Time tracking on the projects and tasks is quite difficult without using any software. With DeskTrack you can easily record hours spent on project and task by linking the files or URLs. It will help in generating the invoice to the clients with the actual working hours thus you can easily identify the loss and profitable projects.


Client Feedback

Alert Emails

For the instant reporting of the team set alerts, for the unproductive activities like using pen-drive, unproductive apps and blacklisted URLs (facebook, instagram, youtube etc). This will help in identify the irrelevant activities quickly.

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Private Time

Feel free at the workplace, take your private time. Pause the DeskTrack Time Tracking whenever you want to do any personal activities and resume when you are done. This is a healthy habit which allows an individual to relax the mind as well as helps to stay focused.

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Offline Time Tracking

DeskTrack keeps tracking the system if it goes to the offline mode (internet not available) but data syncing to the server stops as soon as the internet connects it syncs the data.


Access the team’s task reports from anywhere anytime to help them in improving work practices.

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Desktop Screenshots

To have a real-time view of desktop take screenshots in every 5, 10 mins or so on. Keep data with you by configuring the storage on the local server or Dropbox. This prevents losing the confidential data as well as easily showcase the irrelevant activities at work.


Multi User Login

Tracks the system when 2 or more users are working on the same system and provide separate reports for both the users.


DeskTrack Analytics

DeskTrack Analytic App helps to connect with the team’s work from anywhere anytime. Access the team’s task list, projects they are working, timesheet for the day which help your business to stay organized and 100% transparent.

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Mobile Time Tracking

If we talk about distraction at work then mobile has a BIG NAME, we lost hours on mobile in chatting, youtube, social media, games, etc. and not analyze the way its affecting productivity. With this feature you will have a track of total hours on mobile, apps, etc. and you can analyze productivity yourself.

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