Project Time Tracking

Automatically track actual billable hours of the project and tasks.


What is project time tracking?

  • An automated system to track the time spent on projects and tasks without clicking the Start and Stop button to record the time.

  • To obtain project timesheets simply configure the rules for the project, modules & tasks by tagging the apps, URLs, folders & files.

  • Once it is done then it will be applicable for all the employees, as soon as anyone starts working on the tagged materials then the project time tracking starts automatically

Manual Rule

Employees have the rights to give the task name to assign tagged files and URLs. To create the manual tag specify the folder and URL path as keyword in the project or module tier and whenever the file or URL from the specified path is tracked it will be assigned

  • Auto Rule

    Tasks are created automatically on the basis of the document name and URL title, just by specifying the folder or URL path as keyword into the project or module tier and whenever any file or URL is opened from the specified path it will create the task automatically

  • All (*) Rule

    Task name has to be given while creating the projects or the name is tracked automatically on the basis of the path of the folder, file, and URL mentioned as the keyword at the project or module tier and whenever any files or URL is opened from the specified path it will catalog under that task name

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Folder and File Tagging

To calculate the time spent on files just tag the folder & file path into the projects or modules to create tasks and record time.

For eg: If you are working on the DeskTrack project and want to know the time spent on it then:

Folder: Create a project with DeskTrack and tag it using the folder path D:/Projects/DeskTrack

Sub Folder: Create modules for Documentation, Designing under the DeskTrack project and tag it using the path Documentation )

Files: Task will be created under the modules and its name will be depend on the rule you have chosen for the module tier. It can be:

  • File name if you have choose the Auto Rule
  • Employee can put the task name on their own by giving the name to the assigned files, if you have choose the Manual Rule
  • Keyword can be the task name, if you have choose the All(*) Rule
Document Title and Path Tracking
Increase Productivity

Apps Tagging

Tag important apps to project and modules to analyze time spent in a glance.

For eg:: If you are using Skype, Zoom, mail etc. for communication and want to know the total time on it.

Project: Create a project for communication and add app name like Skype, Zoom, mail, mail.google.com as keyword in the project tier

Module: Create a module name as Skype or Zoom etc. and keyword as skype or zoom etc and choose All (*) Rule,Task: Task name will be taken from the keyword in the timesheets

URLs Tagging

Tag important URLs / sub URLs to project and tasks to analyze how much time you spent on that project (URLs) in a glance.

For eg: If you are using LinkedIn and want to know time spend on feeds, messaging and searching jobs then follow the below steps:

URL: Create a project for LinkedIn and tag it using the URL path as keyword i.e. linkedin.com

Sub URLs: Create module for sub URLs and tag it using the sub URL path as keyword i.e. jobs or messaging or feeds

  • Title Name as task name if you use the Auto Rule
  • Assign name to the tagged URLs of LinkedIn if you use the Manual Rule
  • Keyword Name as Task Name if you use All (*) Rule
Increase Productivity

Time Tracking is a key resource for business to boost business profits and employee efficiency.

1. Increase Productivity

Increase your productivity by identifying the time spent on irrelevant tasks and managing the time in an effective manner.


2. Boost Business Profits

Reduce the business operation cost by identifying the employees who are less productive, do not meet deadlines, spent less time at work and are always distracted.

3. Budgeting with Timesheets

Calculation of actual billing hours for the clients and employees by recording the total time spent at work, projects, and tasks to analyze the project cost.


4. Remove Distraction

Analyze distractions by recording the time spent on personal activities, social media, internet, and meetings.

5. Be Focused

Boost focus on work by analyzing the time spent on irrelevant activities.


6. Be Planned & Relieve Stress

Find a way to stay productive by organizing the working flow, being planned for the day, finishing the tasks timely and keep yourself relax.

7. 100% Transparency

Get proof of work done by the employees by tracking the total time spent on each activity.


Project Time Tracking

Are your projects running in loss, not able to track time and cost consumed on each task?

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