Project Time Tracking Software For Employee In India

For timely deliverables, find out if any employee is distracted during working hours with real-time screenshots and automated activity logs to retain focus of your remote/office/hybrid teams. Count every minute of billable hours with the best project time tracking software.

  • Project Planning & Allocation
  • Smooth & Efficient Workflow
  • Billable Hours Tracking
  • Project Budgeting
  • Earn profits and overcome the loss
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Project Time Tracking Software For Employee

Project Time Tracking System for Employees
Managers, and Clients

Keep your team focused, meet project deadlines on time, and get real insights using the best project management and time tracking system software. Get DeskTasker as an integral project time tracker which can benefit your organization in different aspects:



Employees can create tasks and timesheets related to their projects and manage working hours with the help of project time tracking software.



Managers can generate and receive streamlined reports about projects, modules, and tasks for their team members and monitor employee productivity.



Clients can get detailed info about project status and employee timesheets anytime.

Calculate Employee Project Time

DeskTasker 2 in 1 Solution

Project timesheets with start/stop or filling manual time entries for the tasks performed against project.

Start & Stop

Start & Stop

Get a traditional approach start & stop timer to track time on project & task.

Manual Time Entries

Manual Time Entries

Using the start & stop timer is not viable for you no worries enter the estimated time to project & tasks.

Key Features of Project Time Tracking System

DeskTasker project time tracker tool allows employees to track the time spent while working on tasks associated with their projects.


DeskTasker project time tracking software helps modern teams create better decisions about project planning, team ability and utilization, allocation, and enlisting requirements at the same time.


A middle layer to set a detailed project structure/workflow, where the team can submit their respective tasks with time. This helps in project segmentation & allocating to the team as required.


Teams can add their project efforts in the form of tasks to generate project timesheets for tracking project status & performance. Track time, tasks, work deadlines, and project budgets.

Fixed projects

Tracking project progress (loss/profit) is difficult in fixed project billing but with project timesheets progress can be easily determined by comparing the team efforts & amount billed.

Hourly projects

Track time spent on efforts done by the team for absolute accuracy and transparency. Get actual billable hours for clients & managers by obtaining project timesheets.

Access rights to users for creating projects/modules

Admins can provide access to anyone for creating projects/modules, and the users are free to define or choose the work they are working on.

Clock-in/clock-out or start/stop

A traditional approach to to track time spent on the project, module, and task, for generating project timesheets with start and stop timer.


Ease the working style for the team, customize labels for projects, modules & tasks as per business needs.

Manual Project/Task time entries

If using the start and stop timer is not viable then filling manual time entries is an option to generate project timesheets. Fill it anytime either working on a task or after finishing it

Project Time Allocation

Project time tracking software for employees allows you to use the company's time more effectively and efficiently. Whatever project, module, or project task managers are creating with the help of the project management system, will be auto-assigned to all the users in a detailed structure.

Reports/project timesheets

Admins can set up projects, modules and tasks for project time tracking. They can evaluate efforts and analyze work progress by calculating how much time a task will take. Also, the client and the manager can evaluate team efforts and get the actual billable hours for billing to clients & paying off to teams.

Use DeskTrack For Project Time Tracking

Experience DeskTrack - The Modern Project
Time Tracking Software

Experience the new way of invoicing, budgeting, project time tracking, team timers, and timesheet management with the best Project Time Tracking Software in India. DeskTrack syncs all the data on the cloud and manages workforce performance, and boosts productivity. Intuitive, detailed, and user-friendly especially built for businesses.

Set the Plan

Plan and prioritize projects, modules, and tasks in DeskTasker for the complete team under one console. So the managers can efficiently manage and track multiple projects of their complete workforce at the same time.

Project Based Proof of Work

Work insights to have a clear idea of the entire day's performance with screenshots, timesheets for projects, tasks, apps, and URLs.

Productivity Track of Project

Set the benchmarks for teams to track productivity and efficiency. Also, track extra activities done as per the task performed, apps and URLs opened.

Boost Business Profits

Reduce the business operation cost by identifying the less productive employees who do not meet deadlines on time, spend less time at work, and are always distracted.

Budget of Future Project

Get automated detailed project reports with zero manual errors. These insights evaluate the total cost spent on the project and get a budget for time and cost for future projects.

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What Will You Get From The DeskTrack
As a Project Time Tracker?

Best Project Time tracking is the solution for productive time management. So what will you get after installing a project time management software in india to deliver projects on time?

What Will You Get From The DeskTrack As a Project Time Tracker?

Project Timesheets

With the help of project timesheets, you can get a preferable idea of every project’s overall profitability, allowing you to structure high-value work across clients and estimate your clarity for accepting new projects.

Team Efforts

Deliver more precise proposals with ease, and dodge potential conflicts with exact logs of hours consumed and work performed.

Estimate on Cost

Quickly and effortlessly create invoices from your project timesheet for more structured and proper billing.

Calculation of Team's Time on Projects

Project time tracking system, Create transparency in relationships with your clients with full visibility over where your team’s time has been spent.

DeskTrack As a Project Time Tracker

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Integrate with Existing Tools to Get Everything
Under one Dashboard

Error-Free Payroll and Invoicing

DeskTrack project time tracking software can effortlessly generate invoices based on project timesheets, it easily integrates with payroll & invoicing tools.

100% Transparency on Timesheets & Activities Performed

Integrate DeskTrack with existing project management tools (like Jira, Asana, Trello, etc.), generate project timesheets & automated desktop activity logs with time.

Secure for Every Platform Mac, Windows, Linux

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Project Time Tracking Software Guide

(All size of organizations)

Managers can track employee activity and time spent on projects with project time tracking software. It helps in project management and allows teams to streamline the process for better workflow and direction. DeskTrack shows the work performance, skill gaps, struggles, overall progress, and productive and unproductive hours of employees while completing a task. Also, the real-time insights provide a clear picture that helps team leaders to make better decisions for a more profitable outcome.
Project time tracking allows admins/managers to track employee activity and time spent on each project and progress to monitor employee productivity. It helps in maintaining the deadlines over project delivery with real-time reports and sets a target to complete the remaining tasks. Also, it tracks the billable and non-billable hours for every user for error-free payroll.
Time tracking helps teams to plan the modules, manage the tasks, and complete projects while meeting deadlines, budgets, and client expectations. Managers and team leaders can evaluate the progress of individuals and promptly allocate resources. DeskTrack provides detailed insights based on the tracked data and helps improve workforce productivity.
  • 1. Remove Distractions
  • 2. Identify gaps
  • 3. Improve employee engagement
  • 4. Monitor teams
  • 5. Law Firms
  • 6. Helps in Project management
  • 7. Better budget
  • 8. Accomplish organizational goals