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DeskTrack Remote Work Monitoring Software for a flexible & productive way of working with the best talent across the globe.

  • Proof of Work Done
  • Productivity Booster
  • Remote Workforce Analytics
  • Seamlessly Organise Project Deliveries
  • Real Time Access to Team's Work & Time

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Remote Work Monitoring Software

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Tracking work hours & attendance of remote teams is a challenge. Time tracking software helps with automated time logs from the time they start & end the day.



Activity monitoring solution to bring an end to end work proof with the list of applications, files, URLs, worked by the team to get into team’s work insights for finding work gaps.

work time utilization

Work Time Utilization

Organizations need to analyze how work time is utilized by the teams. Are they working efficiently on job’s assigned or simply investing time in meetings or the internet.

employee engagement

Employee Engagement

Classify apps, URLs according to their functional role for finding where teams are engaged to analyze their work habits, workload, performance & increase their focus time.



Remote working brings challenges like time on the internet, meetings, multi-tasking, etc. But it can be easily identified with time utilization & detailed activity insights to increase focus & engagement.

Track on Projects

Track on Projects

Timely deliveries are at risk when teams are remote, using project time tracking solution for real-time progress of team's work which helps in proper task allocation & workload management.

Remote Working - A New Normal

Previously 10% of business were working remotely but now 80% of business have shifted to remote or setup hybrid working model.

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Insights on work time utilization for finding.

  • Work gaps
  • Resource utlization
  • Over & under utlized teams
  • Team's behavior
  • Transparency on worktime Insights


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Remote Work Monitoring Software Leads to Successfully Managed Remote WFH Teams

  • DeskTrack's remote employee monitoring software outwardly records each activity that all remote users make. Indeed, even outsider merchants and outer project workers can be recorded utilizing remote work checking administrations. They can be on a nearby machine, remote space, servers, or terminal servers.

  • Remote employee monitoring software tracks all system objects including:

  • 1. URLs
  • 2. Apps
  • 3. Private Time
  • 4. Title & Path
  • Monitor work from home employees and uncover what users are up to both online and online. Each article can be designed to think about what should be observed or monitored. You can likewise control who approaches the observed records.
With DeskTrack, monitor work from home employees as well as those in the office. By following bellow mentiond metrixs you can Increase productivity:

  • 1 A breakdown of work-related vs. non-work-related tasks.
  • 2. Minute-to-minute trend graphs showing how much time is spent on specific task.
  • 3. Prioritize important task and ensure your team is focused on them.
  • 4. Use the various productivity reports to track progress and adjust tasks to ensure they meet their productivity goals.
With DeskTrack’s remote working monitoring software built-in Reporting Manager, office tasks can be automated or made efficient.
  • With DeskTrac’s Remot Work Monitorng / Work From Home Monitoring:

  • 1. Setup schedules and automatically track attendance, late shifts, absence etc.

  • 2. Track Employee time, cost for projects with remote contractors and hourly remote employees.

  • 3. Automatically identifying tasks based on employee apps and web usage.
  • Create your own KPIs and metrics to measure Work From Home employee engagement: how many hours are WFH Employee active? Maybe they’re spending too much time on social media because you are not there to see them?

  • Is Tasks preformed in right direction? You can analyze employees performance over time and see if there is a gap. Identify the cause of disengagement and then respectively address them.
  • The remote employee monitoring software can track employee's time like active time, idle time and so on. You can send notifications to remote workers if they are productive apprise them and if they are idle or unproductive give them warning.

  • With Activity category breakdown, you can build an exact estimate of which type of work takes how much time. You can then set your team’s deliverables accordingly and reduce overtime.

  • Using the remote work monitoring software’s monitoring feature, you can implement policies.
  • Using the remote work monitoring software you can save time. Remote users identify and track what tasks they’re working on.

  • Use built-in scheduler to track attendance. With remote work monitoring you’ll receive daily login/logout and track when users deviate from their scheduled work hours.
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