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Take your business one step ahead with the accurate & authenticate time logs of attendance, activities & tasks performed by using employee time tracking software in India.

  • Proof of Work Done
  • Smart Budgeting
  • Track of Billable Hours
  • Improve Productivity

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Time Tracking Software for Employees

Optimize Employee Time Tracking System to Get
The Best of The Day


Log every bit of the day with the time tracking software for employees & get paid for the actual efforts made. With the detailed logs, one can easily recognize the time spent on unproductive activities & utilize the time productively.


Time tracking software for HR tracks the actual login/logout, break & working time for the day which help HR's to manage accurate & authenticate timesheets, on the top of it also ease the payroll process with the automated timesheets.


With the help of a time tracking system to manage Time & data-driven insights help managers to perform workplace behavior analysis. Team's performance can be reviewed hence best performer, underutilized, inefficient team members can be easily identified and proper task distribution can be done.

DeskTrack - Utilization of Online Time Tracking Software For

One-stop employee time tracking solution with screenshots for every industry as it provides
complete transparency, access, and management for them.

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Project Timesheet Report
Data Analytics With Time Tracking Tool to Automate Business Operations

Automated Time Tracking

Time Tracking Software with screenshots is very crucial for companies to keep a log of employee's work time utilization over the computer's/laptop. An automated time tracking software helps to track attendance, actual working & idle hours which helps to determine the productivity insights of a team by identifying how work time is used, gaps at work, unproductive usage of time. It is a time-saving as well as money-saving tool. It helps managers and co-workers to focus on their work without any hassle.

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Automated Time Tracking
Activity Time Tracking

Activity Time Tracking

t's very difficult to track outcomes and inefficient practices from the team's work as they kept working all day but recognizing what they are actually over isn't easy. Activity time tracking software for remote employees helps with the work time utilization by tracking all activities performed the entire day like apps, web apps & files opened by the team with the total time they spent on these activities. These activity logs are further categorized to derive productivity insights and efforts v/s outcomes analysis.

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Project Time Tracking

Companies lost the count of actual billable hours over projects due to which it becomes difficult to track progress of project, invoicing/billing to clients & paying employees for their efforts. With a project time tracking solution, employees can easily manage the project timesheets, Employee time tracking software allows to track time on individual tasks and the project as a whole helps in the project planning, work estimation, billing to clients & work efficiency.

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Project Time Tracking
Any Time, Any Industry, One Solution
Automated Timesheets

Best way to track team's attendance automatically.


Automatic login/logout time for the day with no manual efforts.


Helps in generating salary/payroll on basis of productivity.

Calculate Productivity

Calculating in terms of time spent on Whitelist applications only.

Offline Tracking

Work with or without internet keep a track of each activity/tasks performed in a day.


Displays tracking data, time spent on desktop covers under different reports.

Secured data storage with Time Tracking Software on all platforms

Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

Dashboards which can be accessed from anywhere anytime with the secured data AWS data storage. Data is always stored in the encrypted format in the rest & transition both.

On-Premise Solution

On-Premise Solution

With the hybrid on-premise solution organisations takes next level of security by storing the data at their own data servers with the set of encryption policies but this involves extra cost & technical efforts.

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Track Employee Actual Working Time

A Time Tracking Software Guide

As indicated by current realities, on the off chance that the employees are not profitable, at that point this would influence the business development. The company needs precise and on-time reports of every employee by which it is simpler to discover how long misspend in significant activities. Following are the productive benefits:

  • 1. Accurate Planning
  • 2. Assigning Tasks
  • 3. Acknowledge Wasted Opportunity
  • 4. Record Keeping
For a more profitable, successful, and productive work environment, everything relies upon how you track, screen, and oversee time. There are some ways by which productivity can be calculated

  • 1. Identify Essential Tasks
  • 2. Productive and unproductive time
  • 3. Time Management
  • 4. Work Proof
Time Tracking Software brings various things enthusiastically, for example, effectiveness, timely execution, working assessment. Each second of the employee work being represented.
Employee's unmistakable work assists your employees with arranging their negative notions and this solution can make your practice easier. DeskTrack will help to grow your consideration regarding their endeavors and let them understand which task is taking how long. This will uphold their display and they will get familiar with their weak core interests.

By the below-mentioned way, the software helps the employee to enhance their productivity and learning that leads to the organization's profitability:

  • 1. Employees will surely like their freedom and space
  • 2. Tasks will Be More Reformed
  • 3. Your Inactive Employees Can’t Be Covered
  • 4. This will create a sheet of fairness in your organization.
  • 5. Deadlines Will Be More Organized & Achievable
  • You can track the following activities with user-friendly Employee monitoring software
  • 1. Total Tracking Time
  • 2. Desktop Time
  • 3. Idle Time
  • 4. Productive/Unproductive Time
  • 5. Log IN/OUT time
  • Desktop Time Tracking Software like DeskTrack helps the organization to ensure that the employees use their working hours effectively. This Productivity analyzer Software developed to make work more efficient for both Employer and Employee which helps the organization to produce a more profitable business.

  • Here are the five reasons why Time Tracking Software is important for Business

  • 1. Cost Reduction
  • 2. Quality Check
  • 3. Enhance the Productivity of your Employee
  • 4. Employees further Develop their Skills
  • 5. Manage your Project Easily
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