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Take your business one step ahead with the accurate & authenticate time logs of attendance, activities & tasks performed by using the best time tracking software for employees in India.

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  • Track of Billable Hours
  • Improve Productivity

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Time Tracking Software for Employees

Optimize Employee Time Tracking System to Get
The Best of The Day


Log every bit of the day with the Best time tracking software for employees & get paid for the actual efforts made. With the detailed logs, one can easily recognize the time spent on unproductive activities & utilize the time productively.


Best Time tracking software for HR tracks the actual login/logout, break & working time for the day which help HR's to manage accurate & authenticate timesheets, on the top of it also ease the payroll process with the automated timesheets.


Managers can analyze workplace behavior using a time-tracking system & data-driven insights. Performance reviews can identify the team's top performers, underutilized, inefficient team members, and assist with task distribution.

DeskTrack - Utilization of Online Time Tracking Software For

One-stop employee time tracking solution with screenshots for every industry as it provides
complete transparency, access, and management for them.

Employment Management

Utilization of Online Time Tracking Softwarel





Features of time tracking software for managing employees

How to use automated time tracking software


To track their work hours, users can download and install DeskTrack's software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS apps.


Set up an employee ID and password. You may want to create an employee ID, which will allow your employees to log in and track their hours. Your company may also have a system that allows you to create a password for each employee so that no one person can access the system without permission from the manager or owner of the account.


Add any employees that you want to track their time


Use the “Automated Time Entry Settings” screen to configure how time is entered into your system (i.e., if it should be entered manually, automatically or through the app)


Enter your employees’ names and select the projects they will work on (if applicable)


Start tracking time!

Features of Time Tracking
Software - Desktrack

Automated Timesheets

Best way to track team's attendance automatically.


Automatic login/logout time for the day with no manual efforts.


Helps in generating salary/payroll on basis of productivity.

Calculate Productivity

Calculating in terms of time spent on Whitelist applications only.

Offline Tracking

Work with or without internet keep a track of each activity/tasks performed in a day.


Displays tracking data, time spent on desktop covers under different reports.

Track Employee Actual Working Time - DeskTrack

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Advance Features of time tracking software
for managing employees

Tracker for employee hours

Time tracking for employees. Learn how long it takes to complete tasks by keeping track of every minute. With the employee stopwatch, it's easy to track time with just one click.

Automated timesheets

Create timesheets automatically using time entries. Analyze employee hours by date, client, and project. One-stop timesheet review, approval, and rejection.

Manual time entries

The fact that someone forgets to record time doesn't matter. We provide time-tracking software that allows you to manually enter time entries to ensure that all time tasks are recorded.

Time tracking apps

Track employee time with a time-tracking app for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS. Time can be tracked from anywhere, no matter what device people own

Easy clock-in and clock-out

You don't need special training to use this timer - you just need to click a button and the timer will begin and stop.

Employee time and attendance

Schedule employee shifts and manage them. Automated attendance tracking alerts you when staff members arrive late, leave early, or miss their shifts.

Offline time tracking

Track your time records offline, time tracking software allows you to time track without Internet connection and synchronizes the data once you are back online.

Pomodoro timer

Improve your productivity while you are working. The Pomodoro timer helps you focus on one task and get the job done.

Benefits of using Employee time
tracking software

Web Time Tracker

RealTime Reports

Avoids Overbilling

Accurate Time Tracking

Reduced Paperwork

Cost Effective

Data Analytics With Time Tracking Tool to
Automate Business Operations

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You see what you get when you choose
time tracking software for


Many administrative professionals aren't able to log their own time, especially if they work on projects. Employees should seek out software that enables time-tracking accuracy by integrating third-party apps and being easy to use.


Managers who don't monitor their employees' time should consider time-tracking software. Time tracking is now easier than ever with our on-demand reporting feature. Organize your team's time in a revolutionary way!


Time tracking software for employers. With DeskTrack you can see and control how your employees spend the company's time. TimeClock is a simple and convenient way to manage the work time of your employees and optimize your business processes in general.

Any Time, Any Industry, One Solution

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Secured data storage with Time Tracking Software
on all platforms

Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

Dashboards which can be accessed from anywhere anytime with the secured data AWS data storage. Data is always stored in the encrypted format in the rest & transition both.

On-Premise Solution

On-Premise Solution

With the hybrid on-premise solution organisations takes next level of security by storing the data at their own data servers with the set of encryption policies but this involves extra cost & technical efforts.

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Overall a very good software at good pricing. Very user-friendly and good analytical analysis. Customer support u would
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Wonderful experience, the software has reduced the manual workload. Great software!! We are happy to share feedback
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Good Time tracking And Monitoring software. I am using nearly 1 year. support is good, Cost is normal for users
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The overall experience with the Desktrack was excellent. Faced some issues in the starting but then after resolution,
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Time Tracking Software FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions.

A time tracking software can help you to be more effective and focused in your work, measure the results and bill your clients accordingly. Also time tracking software does many things such as automatically creating reports, setting up a recurring task and storing data.
Time tracking software is important because it helps you to easily track the time spent on your work as well as it helps you to identify pain-points in your processes. Time tracking software also allows you to analyse how many hours a particular task takes, how much effort has been put into that task and makes better decisions about hiring new employees, scheduling meetings and analyzing results.
The employee timesheet management system is important because it helps you to manage your employees and ensure that they are productive at all times. With this system, you can limit the number of hours per week and days worked by your employees and keep track of their performance for each timeline.
Employee time tracker software is designed to give you and your managers a clear snapshot of how long each employee is spending on different projects throughout the day. You can see exactly where your team spends its time, and what kinds of tasks they are doing. Employee time tracking records will provide you with a detailed breakdown of how much time was spent in each area, so now you can make more informed decisions about your employees' workloads.
You can save time and manage your work better with DeskTrack. It is fully customizable, easy to use and configurable for all kind of businesses: big or small.
As you can see, timesheets can be extremely valuable when used correctly. This is particularly true if you have a very large project with several members of your team. Just keep in mind that as useful as timesheets are, it's possible for them to be misused and even abused, so don't let the mistakes of others influence how you use them on your own projects.