Work From Home Monitoring Software

Whether you’re working in a hybrid or completely remote model, ensuring productivity is challenging in a home-office environment. DeskTrack's work from home monitoring software offers day-to-day activity tracking to boost your team’s overall growth. You get,

  • ROI and strategic planning
  • Keeping employees accountable
  • Reward exceptional performances
  • Track on billable hours
  • Balancing workloads
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Work From Home Monitoring Software

DeskTrack Work from Home monitoring Software -
One Solution for All Operations

employee working remotely


Irrespective of the sector, if you're working remotely and it involves a computer, you can use DeskTrack work from home monitoring software to keep a complete record of working hours, including what activities you're performing.

freelancers working at an hourly


All freelancers working at an hourly rate can use employee work from home tracking software to get billable hours, manage multiple projects & transparency with every client by giving real-time work updates from mobile & web reporting dashboards.

HR operations for remote teams

HR Personnel

Running HR operations for remote teams has never been this easy before. HR can easily track attendance, timesheets, manage payroll, evaluate employee performance, prepare an appraisal with work from home monitoring software.

Manager & Employers

Manager & Employers

Those days are gone now when maintaining the hierarchy in a remote or hybrid model was next to impossible. Map organization structure to work from home software for tracking every manager and their team’s complete work.

keep track of your progress, and make sure you don't miss
any important tasks

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Use the Best Work from Home tracking Software
to Improve Overall Workflow

42% of remote organizations have seen improvement in overall workflow after introducing top employee work from home software into the system. While using one, you get to track the exact problem within your system that’s slowing down your organization’s growth

360° view of team's working from home or anywhere

If there is no transparency in the ongoing work processes, the complete workflow will be interrupted. Resolve this problem by bringing more visibility into the work system. DeskTrack work from home employee tracking software helps to get full control of all the operations running in the organization.

  • Map organization structure to the work from home monitoring software and give access to the team’s reports to their respective reporting managers

  • Automated timesheets for HR to run payroll smoothly by accessing the working hours of every employee.

  • Managers get a real-time view of the team's work with desktop activity logs.

360° view of team's working from home or anywhere

Track Resources and Time Utilization

For all startups and SMEs, optimized resources and time utilization are important to grow big. You can only ensure that when you have a system in place for employee retention. Also, it’s important to have a track of the total utilized time for each project. DeskTrack wfh monitoring software enables you to do both and ensures better products in less time with minimal resources. You get,

  • Get an automated attendance report with exact log-in and log-out time and also

  • Set benchmarks on the user's shift time to track early/late login/logout.

  • Team's availability at work with trend on employee actual working & idle time

  • Team’s activity & work time analysis to identify over & under utilized resources

Track Resources and Time Utilization

Improve Inefficient Workflow of All Departments

When you want rapid growth, it’s important that all of the departments in your business function at their best potential. Even if a single employee is not providing the expected productivity, it can cause inefficient workflow in the whole organization. By using DeskTrack wfh employee monitoring software, you can improve inefficient workflow as it offers:

  • Identify the team’s working pattern with day-to-day performance graphs of every employee.

  • Map activities as per the employee's functional nature to track efficiency as per the roles & responsibilities assigned.

  • Activity analysis to discover work gaps and remove them for efficient workflow.

Improve Inefficient Workflow of All Departments

Build Team Engagement for Better Production

When you make the best use of the human resource available to you, your production ought to get better. You can do that by ensuring every employee is productive throughout the whole working hours. And building team engagement is important for that. DeskTrack productivity tool for work from home helps you improve your team through the below solutions:

  • Activity classifications into communication, browsing, entertainment etc. in order to track team's engagement.

  • Get into the time spent on the internet by classifying the apps to the browser category & access the websites used.

  • Track efforts made on projects with the project time tracking and manage the team's workload.

Build Team Engagement for Better Production

Productivity Loss Tracking for Cost-Cutting

It’s important for every business to ensure good productivity at all levels. Even if a single component of your business is not functioning properly, you may face losses. Since micromanagement is not something worth investing time, the best productivity tools for work from home, brings you everything you need to track productivity loss and take cost-cutting measures.

  • Analyze team's work patterns to compute productivity at workplace, this also helps to derive team's success & areas of improvement.

  • Activity classification as per employee work nature or task assigned for productivity trend of employee, team & department

  • Comparative analytics for teams and departments to find out who is performing well and where efforts need to be made for better productivity.

Productivity Loss Tracking for Cost-Cutting

Get Security & Compliance at One Place

All organizations follow certain security practices to protect company assets. Employees should comply with that to preserve both the company’s and their own interests. DeskTrack work from home software helps you keep a tab on every system to stay aware of the security and compliance vulnerabilities beforehand.

  • Track suspicious activities with real-time desktop screenshots.

  • Make sure all employees are in compliance with your organization’s work process.

  • Detect the unnecessary apps used on each employee’s system to stay aware of the potential threats.

  • You can also add multiple admins to keep a check on each employee’s activity for better security and maximum retention.

Build Team Engagement for Better Production


DeskTrack is a cloud-based software that can be deployed on remote systems to manage your work from home team.

If your organization is running on the hybrid model you can setup DeskTrack on-premise to monitor your in-office team.

manage your work from home team.

Manage Your Work from Home Team Like a Pro!

With work from home monitoring tools, bridge all the gaps for remote teams. DeskTrack allows seamless integrations with existing solutions used in the organization for best team management & easy onboarding.

  • Onboard teams quickly to manage remote & on-site teams by mapping active directory users on work from home monitoring software. Also manage automated & host bases logins.

  • Remote & bulk installations of DeskTrack work from home monitoring apps by integrating tools like Symphony AI, Manage Engine etc.

  • End to end payroll management by integrating automated timesheets for work from home teams with existing HRMS systems.

  • Integrate with project management tools like Jira, Asana, ClickUp, Slack, etc., for better productivity analysis by analyzing efforts made & outcomes on real-time insights.

Build Team Engagement for Better Production

Monitor your employees' work productivity and activities during their work time with work-from-home monitoring software.

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Ensure Productivity with Remote Work from Home Software

A work from home monitoring software adds transparency as a work culture to your system. You can integrate it at any level of your business to ensure the best productivity from your remote team. DeskTrack work from home tracking software has been tested to increase productivity upto 34% and more at times with strict compliance.


To monitor work-from-home employees, you'll require software that keeps track of work status and logs the complete activity on each installed system. DeskTrack is the best work from home software that tracks work-from-home employees with real-time desktop screen capture, productivity tracking, performance evaluation, and more.
No, employers can not see your other devices as long as you're not installing the software locally on them and running. Work from home monitoring software is designed to track projects and productivity in real time. It can't track if you're using a second monitor or laptop.
You can see what your employees are doing on their computers by introducing work from home software to your organization. Such tools are designed to capture the screen of your employees’ computers and log their activity details with every hour’s work status.
The best way to know whether your remote employee is productive enough or not is to run a work from home monitoring software on the system. This software tracks all your projects and stores the activity log of each employee. You can check productivity, track work progress, and perform a lot more tasks with minimal resources while using employee monitoring software.