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Get an Engaged Workforce for 100% Work Time Utilization

Ensure the job is done

Remote teams & freelancers help organizations to grow smartly with top-notch quality. While working remotely only issue work time utilization come but that can be solved with the solutions of employee monitoring software, time tracking & activity monitoring.

Are office teams efficient?

Traditional way of working when teams are 100% utilized & work efficiently but it is not so, they keep struggling with typical work habits like unplanned meetings or stuck to finish task or being idle & unproductive. Bad work habits can be analyzed with time tracking software, so they can work over skill gaps & bring focus.

Hybrid teams effective one’s

Adopting a hybrid workforce was difficult issues like visibility, employee engagement, work status, etc. started emerging. To bring 100% visibility it is better to understand how work time is utilized which further helps to analyze on team's efforts v/s outcome, goals & performance.

Why Business's Needs DeskTrack’s Workforce Analytics

Empower your business with DeskTrack’s efficient workforce analytics to generate extreme results

Workforce analytics generates detailed reports that help businesses in analyzing the skill gaps in their workforce and take appropriate action to set the sail in the right direction. Businesses can get detailed reports with result-oriented parameters and graphic representations of the employees’ data to understand the working flow better.

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Assess, Measure & Optimize Time

  • Efficient use of time is the key for success get to the team work habits by analyzing where they spent most of their work time.
  • Evaluate where team is investing time are they highly skilled for tasks they are performing or simply learning, this helps to assign jobs according to skills& use time effectively.
  • Identify over & under utilized resources with time tracking software for avoiding chances of employee burnout & delayed deliveries. Automated timesheets help in equal distribution of work.
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Classification for Team Engagement

  • Classify website & apps as per the functional nature to find team management on all day to day activities for workplace analytics.
  • Activity classification to highlight distractions caused due to internet, unplanned meetings, multitasking, etc.
  • Get on to team's work habits from the activity engagement to set workplace policies for remote, hybrid, and office employees for comparing productivity insights.
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OS & Devices Focus



















Remote Server

Remote Server

Terminal Server

Terminal Server

Insights on Technology Investment

  • Detailed insights on application & website usage to focus on what is used for the work by team & get avail them with right solutions.
  • Optimize overall operational expenses by 40% & invest at right solution for better workplace to remote & hybrid workforce.
  • Streamline workflow by avoiding things manually, start use of proper technology tools which can automate the work with 0 errors & perform proper analysis to find gaps for improvisation.
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Productivity Trends from Worktime Utilization

  • Analyze team's work patterns to compute productivity at workplace, this also helps to derive team's success & areas of improvement.
  • Collect a list of programs used to check their involvement are working as per the functional role to bring productivity.
  • Work over skill gaps to stop struggling & improve work time to finish the task for utilizing 100% of the day.
  • Analyze activities performed during the day with time to identify distractions caused due to internet, unplanned meetings, multitasking.
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Unified Logins for the Transparent Work View

Admin View

Work time analytics for productivity trends & taking fact based decisions by accessing team's activity logs & timesheet.

Manager Level View

Team wise analytical report for finding the gaps & helping individual to overcome, planning & designing workflow, performance evaluation.

User End Report View

Self assessment board to rate yourself at work. Activity analytics to help where you spent the day, highlighting & eliminating bad work habits to improve efficiency.

Leverage the Capabilities of Advanced Technology

An Efficient & Focused Workforce
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Advantages of DeskTrack’s Workforce Analytics

Avoid distractions to stay ultra-productive to make the most of your workforce’s time

Get the timesheets

Automated & manual login/logout options for virtual attendance system which further integrate with biometric reports for 100% accurate
attendance & availability.

Measure the utilization

Work time utilization to identify the highly occupied resource for avoiding the causes of employee burnout & do equal distribution of work.

Actionable insights

Compute the team’s efforts in accordance to the app, file & URLs usage to finish a task and take action to obtain the expected outcomes.

Access to teams

All the office & remote teams under one login to stay connected & updated with real-time work insights. Get on to the flexible work culture.

Quality work

Make a friendly work culture, enjoy working remotely with the best teams across the globe, get highly productive & free mindsets for quality work.

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