How can we add bulk users on DeskTrack in one step?

When we have a huge Team then it is not possible to add each and every user individually. Then DeskTrack has a better option. In DeskTrack you can simply import all of the users in one go.

Points to remember before importing the users

  • Email of each and every user should be different
  • If you don’t want to add Team and Department then leave the column blank
  • If you don’t want to add reporting email then leave the column
  • Maximum rows are allowed to import at once.
  • Column header must be on the top row.
  • Files with .csv extensions are allowed.
  • If you want to import users according to their Team and Department then enable the Team Department feature from Company Setting Page

How to import the users on DeskTrack Account

  • Login to DeskTrack Admin Account –> User List –> User import
  • Click on Download the Sample user list and fill in the following details and import the file on the web (make sure the file will save in .csv format)

  • Now enter all the below details in the sheet
    1. User First Name
    2. User Last Name
    3. User Email- Email through which the user will log in to the application and the web
    4. User Password- Password through which the user will log in to the application and the web
    5. Reporting Email- On this email, users will receive mail like forgot password mail, etc
    6. Team- in which Team you want to add the user
    7. Department-in which Department you want to add the user
  • After adding all the required detail save the file in .csv format now move to the web and click on browse and select a file that has the user’s data
  • Wait for some it will automatically move to the User List.
  • After importing the user you can install and login the application into the user’s system.

If you are facing any issue in importing the user then please contact the Support Team at

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