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employee empowerment in the workplace
What is Employee Empowerment and its Role in the Workplace?

Employee empowerment helps you improve the process, build and operate techniques and handle smaller departments with higher-level leadership.

September 5, 2022
Why Upskilling is Important? Upskill Your Workforce for Better Outcomes

Why upskilling is important? Upskilling your workforce to take your business to the next stages. DeskTrack helps to find loopholes in your team & upskill them.

August 4, 2022
Effective Employee Management System
What is Effective Employee Management System? | Use, Benefits, Features

An effective employee management system is used to manage the work process and organizational responsibilities of human resources and other departments. It helps managers and employees to work together and accurately monitor, access, manage, and efficiently utilize the working hours for better business growth. Also, it helps in error-free payrolls that can be done on … Continue reading What is Effective Employee Management System? | Use, Benefits, Features

July 29, 2022
employee skill development activities
Best Employees Skill Development Activities that Leverage Employee With Confidence

Best employees skill development activities that will help your employees to learn new skills and to make your position top in the workplace.

July 6, 2022
Activities for employee engagement
Major Activities for Employee Engagement to Motivate your Workforce – Work From Home & in Office

Employee engagement is an important aspect for any organization to consider. The company’s growth completely depends on how well the employees are treated and made them feel good. The more engagement created, the more focused they are on online activities for employee engagement work from home, ultimately benefiting the company. According to the report from … Continue reading Major Activities for Employee Engagement to Motivate your Workforce – Work From Home & in Office

June 10, 2022
increase employee productivity
Top 10 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity 10x at Workplace

Increasing employee productivity has a direct relation to company success. Learn 10 tips for making your employees productive by 10x.

May 3, 2022
hybrid remote working model
Benefits of the Hybrid Working Model for Employees

Employees prefer a hybrid working model, but how do they balance the benefits of in-house and remote flexibility? Explore benefits of hybrid work models, challenges, and best practices.

April 28, 2022
importance of time management in the workplace
Ways of Time Management in the Workplace | DeskTrack

If you want to be more productive & less stressed in the workplace. In this blog, we are sharing some strategies to manage time effectively at the workplace

April 27, 2022
improve employee work efficiency
How To Improve Employee Efficiency & Productivity Of Work?

Always encourage things that improve employee efficiency. Efficiency leads to the way of productivity & productivity let you to the growth heights. Here are the best employee efficiency hacks for you

April 20, 2022
remote work productivity
Is Working Remotely Really Productive? Remote Work Productivity Guide

It is clear that remote work is rapidly growing and already getting more popular even before the global crisis. Our blog helps to understand is remote work productive or not?

April 19, 2022