How DeskTrack is Different from Other Applications?

There is much reason why DeskTrack is best in the list of Employee Monitoring Software;

1-File Path and URL Tracking:-DeskTrack helps you to track file path and URL brows by the user on a particular day

2-Mobile Application tracking:-DeskTrak mobile Application track all the activity done by the user. It will help you to monitor the mobile Activity of the user.

3-Private Time:-Sometime the user wants some private time in-office time to decreased workload. Desktrack provides the feature of private time for relaxation and decreases workload form the user. The user can pause the application when they are using the system for there personal use or, in between the work

4-Tracking in Real Time:-Desktrack tracks the user in real-time and fully automatic. No manual tracking. It maintains the transparency between the Employer and employees.

5-Productivity Calculator:- DeskTrack automatically calculates the productivity as per the tracked data of the user. The method of calculating productivity is productive time/Office Time x100.

6-Methods of confirming tracking in Real-Time:-DeskTrack provides many features to ensure the time tracked in RealTime like Screenshots, and if there is no activity of keyboard and mouse for five minutes then the data will be tracked as Idle.

7-Automatic Calculate BreakTime:-DeskTrack automatic stop tracking when you leave the computer Because some time user forgot to enable again application. When there is no Activity of Mouse and Keyboard the application automatically calculates BreakTime

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