How to get reporting as per Department and Team in DeskTack

In DeskTrack you can mark Employees as per their Department and Teams. To get the reports as per Department and Team you have to create Team and Department and then assign the users in the respective Department and Team.

How to Create Department and Team for the Employees

  • Login to Admin Account and Click on Company Name–> Company Setting Page and Enable Team and Department Reporting Option

  • Now Click on User –> Tag Manager–> Click on Add Tags

  • Enter the Tag name and Select the Tag, like if you are creating the Tag of Department then select Department

How to add Employees in Department and Team

  • Login Admin Account and Click on User then User List
  • Click on the Hierarchy button to add employees to there Department and Team

  • Now Click on Assign Team/Department Button –> enter the name of Team and Department and click on Add

Note: For adding Department enter the Department name with “#” sign like #Marketing and for Team enter the Team name with “$” sign like $Product Marketing.

How to check Employees report as per Department and Team

  • Login Admin Account and Go to User Report then open the reports which you want to check as per the Department and Team
  • Enter the Tag of Team or Department and Click on Search. Now check the reports as per the selected Team or Department

If you are facing any issues while creating or mapping the Team then please reach us at


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