How to install DeskTrack in Linux – Debian Package

  1. Log in with your DeskTrack Id and Password.
  2. Go to Downloads and Download the Linux Setup.
  3. Open Terminal and run the following command.
  •    cd Downloads(enter)
  •    ls(enter)
  •    sudo su(enter)
  •    PC password
  •    sudo dpkg -i DeskTrack(Tab)(enter)
  •    cd /opt/(enter)
  •    ls(enter)
  •    cd TNTTagger/(enter)
  •    ls(enter)
  •    dpkg -i libxdo3_3.20160805.1-4_amd64.deb (enter)
  •    dpkg -i xdotool_3.20130111.1-3.1_amb64.deb (enter)

Go to the application and launch TNTTagger


Open Files –> Other Location–> Computer–> opt –> TNTTagger folder and click on the application.

Login DeskTrack with the user(employee) DeskTrack Id and password.

After the app installation, it starts working in the background & you can view the data DeskTrack Dashboard and Analytic App. Login them with the DeskTrack Admin Credentials

Note – For tagger users, they have to install Mate GUI because in GNOME version the system tray function is removed. To install Mate GUI follow the command

  • sudo su
  • PC password
  • sudo apt install -y ubuntu-mate-desktop
  • sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

Restart the system and select the Mate GUI at the lock screen

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