How to register on DeskTrack – An Employee Monitoring System?

Information we need to start the DeskTrack Account Registration

  • Admin Email 
  • Company Name  
  • Phone Number
  • DeskTrack Version (Stealth or Tagger)

Quick steps to register the DeskTrack Account:

  • Open and click on Start Free Trial
  • Enter the required company details (email, company name and phone number) and click on Sign UpHow to register account on DeskTrack?


  • Choose the DeskTrack Plan
    • DeskTrack Stealth (Employee & Desktop monitoring system which runs in hidden mode)
    • DeskTrack Tagger (Employee & Desktop monitoring system which runs in viewer mode, also helps in the automated project time tracking)
  • Click on Start Free Trial and you will be entered to the DeskTrack Dashboard

How to register account on DeskTrack?


User Registration

  • Click on Add Users and create a user profile (Employee Profile)
    • Enter employee name
    • Enter email & password
  • Click on Download Section to find the DeskTrack Setup
  • Download & Install the setup to the employee system (the system which you are willing to track)

Stealth App Installation (it works in invisible mode):

Tagger App Installation (it works in viewer mode, it’s icon is found in the System Tray)

Note:  After the installation please pass the app from window defender or antivirus.


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