How to register on DeskTrack – An Employee Monitoring System?

Information we need to start the DeskTrack Account Registration

  • Admin Email 
  • Company Name  
  • Phone Number
  • DeskTrack Version (Stealth or Tagger)

Quick steps to register the DeskTrack Account:

  • Open and click on Start Free Trial
  • Enter the required company details (email, company name, and phone number) and click on Sign Up

  • Choose the DeskTrack Plan
    • DeskTrack Stealth (Employee & Desktop monitoring system which runs in hidden mode)
    • DeskTrack Tagger (Employee & Desktop monitoring system which runs in viewer mode, also helps in the automated project time tracking)

For more information please check our FAQ Difference between DeskTrack Stealth and Tagger?

  • Click on Start Free Trial and you will be entered into the DeskTrack Dashboard

User Registration

  • Click on Add Users and create a user profile (Employee Profile)
    • Enter employee name
    • Enter email & password
  • Click on Download Section to find the DeskTrack Setup
  • Download & Install the setup to the employee system (the system which you are willing to track)

How to install DeskTrack Stealth App in User’s system

How to install DeskTrack Tagger App in User’s system


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