What is DeskTrack Attendance Report

It is an attendance report that gives you the detail of the First and the Last Activity time of a user on the system. This report will show you the following details.

  • First Activity 
  • Last Activity
  • Total Time (time tracked by the app in a day)
  • Desktop Time (actual working hours)
  • Idle Time (actual idle hours)
  • Productive Time (time spent on whitelisted apps)
  • Unproductive Time (time spent on apps that are not under the whitelisted apps & unproductive hours)
  • Productivity = 100 X (Actual Productive Time / Expected Productive time)

Company can also check the login logout pattern or a user by clicking on the Login/Logout Report Button. This report will show you the login logout pattern and average login and logout time of a user.



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