What is Unknown Activity and Undefined Process?

Unknown Activity:  Sometimes we are not able to get the app data then those activities are put into this category when you check the detailed report of the UNKNOWN ACTIVITY, details are available, it is a system-specific issue.

Undefined Process: It is the idle time and it has no relation with the PRODUCTIVE & UNPRODUCTIVE TIME

— When the user works on one profile and switches to the other profile without logging/signing off then the time moves to idle time into the undefined process, because that profile is active and the user started working on the other profile so both profiles get active. In case you switch profile by logging/signing off then time will calculate to the TNT App Close Time.

— Also in some cases when the system moves to SLEEP MODE or LOCK then the time tracks to idle time, under undefined process

You will get the detailed entry for the Undefined Process i.e. Start and End Time for every Undefined Time Interval.

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