Will DeskTrack track work on the system where multi-user logins?

Steps for the app configuration in the shared PC:

In Windows

  • Install the application in the admin’s PC or server 
  • Now make users profiles for employees in PC
  • Now give the permission to the user on the app folder
  • Now switch to the user’s window (which you want to track) and login to the TNT Tagger app
  • After 1 -2 minutes check the data on the DeskTrack Dashboard Panel

Points to remember:

The user has to log off first then shut down the PC otherwise the data will not be recorded properly.

In Mac

  • Install the application in Admin PC
  • Go to the user which you want to track (if you want to track Admin PC then log in to the application)
  • Click on Go-> Application-> TNTTagger
  • Login the app 

The app is installed and after a few seconds the data start coming on DeskTrack Dashboard panel

You may check the video for the steps to be done:

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