What is Idle Time?

When there is no activity on the user system with the mouse and keyboard for 5 min then the application will start calculating the time as Idle.  The defined criteria from idle time can be changed from the company setting page on Admin Account.

There are some other cases in which data is also counted as Idle Time

  • TNT Application Close– This entry create in the following cases. 
    — When the system reboots/shutdown twice or more in a day
    — TNT Tagger process killed from Task Manager
    — DeskTrack Team do auto-updates from the back end
    — When the user works on one profile and switches to the other profile by logging/sign in
  • System Sleep Mode- Whenever the system is on sleep mode then time will be count in System mode.
  • Lock Screen- When users left the system on Lock Screen then also time will count in Idle Time in the entry name as LockApp.exe.
  • Unknown Activity-  Sometimes we are not able to get the app data then those activities are put into this category when you check the detailed report of the UNKNOWN ACTIVITY, details are available, it is a system-specific issue.
  • Undefined Activity- When the user works on one profile and switches to the other profile without logging/signing off then the time moves to idle time into the undefined process, because that profile is active and the user started working on the other profile so both profiles get active.
    To know more about the Undefined process. Click Here.
  • TNT Application Pause- If the user pauses the app, then time will start counting as Idle and that time will be shown in TNT Application Pause
  • Passive Time: In application v3.0 and above the entry of system shut down, system lock, in some cases System Sleep, TNT Application close & application not tracking data will display as Passive time.

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