How An Employee Time Tracking Tool Can Help In Staffing Agencies’ Growth?

employee monitoring software in staffing agency

One of the most challenging and competitive areas in the market is staffing agencies because they have to compete with each other. Some of the reasons why they need to be competitive include additional value they make to their customers, impressive customer experience, and more innovative ways to match people with the right job.

Today’s age is the era of Digital. Technology plays a vital role in business growth and success in almost every industry. In the past, the idea of remote work or working from home was considered impossible to implement, nowadays companies are enthusiastically allowing their workforce the comfort of working from home. This can happen only with the help of an employee time tracking tool in staffing agencies.

The businesses are looking for growth, and new innovative ideas and strategies are being part of operational processes. Many companies are looking for ad hoc(or remote) employees to fill the requirement of the increasing need for technical and skilled expertise. These temporary requirements are generally completed through the recruitment agency timesheet software. In this article, we understand how time tracking tool helps agencies

Need of Time Tracking Tool in Staffing Agencies

The staffing desk & recruiting agencies find the most capable expertise from remote locations and employ them in various partner organizations for their particular roles. As staffing agencies play the role of mediator between organizations and employees it’s their own vital responsibility to make sure that the employees working from remote locations are performing their job methodically and expertly. Therefore timesheet software for recruitment agencies is widely used. 

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It is also essential for staffing agencies to keep a regular check on remote employees’ attendance, working & idle hours, and overtime. So they can be able to generate more accurate and error-free payrolls at the end of the month. Payrolls are basically done through punch cards and paper timesheets that include a lot of human blunders, and poor and forged recordings, and these errors lead to inaccurate and wide-of-the-mark payrolls.

Doesn’t matter that your staffing agency has five or five hundred remote employees, it’s important to learn how to manage them effectively. Staffing company payroll software is the one-stop solution for all payroll-related problems. It replaces the traditional punchcards technique and applies a new ecosystem for payroll distribution. 

Here are measures to be taken

  • Fix working Hours
  • Plan the work and Set Clear Expectations
  • Track the performance on a regular basis
  • Regular meetings (phone or video calls)
  • Calculate Project Hours
  • Manage Timesheets
  • Analyze Distractions

Time to use the technology. Automate the process by Implementing Automated Time Tracking Software for agencies, which makes it easy for your staffing agency to manage employees more effectively.

How does Employee Time Tracking Tool help in Staffing Agency Growth?

Eliminate Paperwork

Paper Timesheets is the main reason behind the multiple errors and mistakes in the payroll process. In this digital era, where businesses are moving to new technology solutions, paper timesheets have become an insufficient and lousy method of time tracking and attendance recording. A Time tracking tool helps staffing agencies to automate all the processes of time and attendance recording and improve the payroll process with the utmost accuracy.

Productive Time Calculation

Employee Time Tracking Software helps staffing agencies to measure the actual productivity of each employee by recording the total productive time against their office working hours. Productive time can be calculated easily by recording the actual time spent on productive apps and URLs. Thus, it will further make the payroll process more efficient and helps management to provide the right invoices to remote employees.

Automate Billing Process

DeskTrack is an affordable staffing agency’s time tracker. It automates billing processes and generates invoices in a few seconds. The timesheets will allow you to bill accurately, saving your employees a lot of time for filling out timesheets. Clients will also receive their invoices on time. You can take a backup of your invoices & timesheets with screenshots. The software eliminates all errors that occur during manual timesheets. It supports mac, windows, & Linux.

Accurate Time Tracking

Desktrack makes time tracking easier for staffing companies. DeskTrack has an efficient time tracking feature that tracks employee time whether they are working in your office, the client’s office, or remotely. By
By Logging in to the employee portal, they can check how much time each employee spend on specific project & tasks.
Add an hourly rate for employees to track costing. You won’t have to guess how much you’ve made in order to properly manage your finances.

Activity Tracking with Screenshots

Time tracking software can help business owners to know about employees’ current activity by taking screenshots of their systems at random time periods. These screenshots are saved on the company server. Through the screenshots feature employers can track the activities of employees with ease.


The ultimate goal of any organization is to grow and be better. DeskTrack reminds management and employees to stay focused, ignore distractions, and be more efficient and effective. By monitoring employees effectively every organization can reach top heights of growth.
DeskTrack is considered one of the Best Time Tracking tool for staffing agencies to maximize revenue and overall business growth. To solve business problems through DeskTrack, you can directly reach us:

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