Best Employee Time Tracking Software: Manage Time at Work

Calculate the actual working time of your workforce with the best time tracking software and find the actual task performers. It helps to identify how much time your employees spend on different tasks and know their real-time productivity.

  • Calculate Working Hours
  • Smart Budgeting
  • Manage Project Costs
  • Improve Productivity

Best Time Tracking Software for Employees

Features of Employee Time Tracking
Software - DeskTrack

Automated Timesheets

Get rid of manual time reporting using an employee time tracker with automatic timesheet reporting. It analyzes employees' work hours by date and project.

Login and logout Time

Automatic storage of login and logout details of employees. A desktop time tracker that tracks employees time for the day with no manual effort.

Monitor Employees Screen

DeskTrack screen monitoring software that helps in generating accurate payroll and invoices based on employees productivity and work hours.

Best Software for Tracking Work Time

Track Employees Time and Attendance

A time tracking software for employees that alerts you late arrivals and early departures to maintain accurate employee attendance records.

Track Offline Activities of Employees

An employee time tracker that keeps track of each activity and task performed during the day with or without an internet connection.

Best Software for Tracking Employee Time

Provide Pomodoro Timer to Employees

The Pomodoro timer is the best feature of this work time tracking software for employees that helps to stay focused during tasks and take breaks when necessary.

Employee Time Tracking Software for Small Business

Generate Automated Bills

DeskTrack helps organizations segregate their employee's billable and non-billable hours separately. This is useful to generate accurate bills for different clients and proceed with employees payroll at the same time.

Employee Time Tracking System for Small Businessa

Track Employee Hours

An employee time tracker that learns how long your employees take to complete a task and keeps track of their every work hour.

Calculate Real-time Productivity of Workforce

A simple time tracking software for employees to calculate the real-time productivity by analyzing the time spent on whitelisted applications only.

Key Advantages of Employee Time Tracking
Software for Business

Work Time Tracking of Employees with an Advanced Time Tracker

Calculate the exact work hours and identify the efforts of your workforce with DeskTrack.

Loved and Trusted by 1000+ Clients with DeskTrack.

DeskTrack: A Time Tracking Tool for Accurate Tracking

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What Do You Get When You Choose Time Tracking Software?


DeskTrack is the best employee time tracking software for HR. Many administrative professionals aren't able to cannot log their own time, especially if they work on different projects. Employees should seek out software that enables time tracking accuracy by integrating third-party apps and being easy to use.


DeskTrack helps those managers who don’t monitor their employees in person. With the best time tracking software for managers, time monitoring has now become easier than ever before. The demand reporting feature helps organizations organize their team’s time in a revolutionary way.


DeskTrack helps employees to see and control how employees spend their working time. The best time tracking software for employers makes time tracking simple and convenient. It manages the time of employees and optimizes business processes in general.

Access Data Analytics with DeskTrack and
Automate Business Operations

Find our time tracking system for employees to gather accurate data and automate your business operations by
making strong, imperative data-driven decisions.

DeskTrack: A Time Tracker that Promotes
Employee Management

We are a one-stop online time tracking software for employees that provides screen recording options for every industry.
We offer complete transparency that helps in managing employees with better strategies.

Architects & Engineers


Construction Workers


Employee Time Tracking Software


E-commerce Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Business Professionals

A Time Tracker that Manages Your Business

Time Tracking Solution for Small Business

Track remote and hybrid workforce including time tracking, payroll generation & employee monitoring, and streamlining business processes.

Best Time Tracking Software for Professional Services

Record the field force’s accurate clock-in and clock-out timing, schedule jobs, optimize travel routes, and find where your workforce is during working hours with our employee time tracking system.

Best Time Tracking Software for Lawyers

Manage outsourcing more effectively with our time tracking tool. It crafts detailed timesheets, measures productivity, and generates payments accurately.

Employee Time Tracking Software for Small Business

Get ensured profitability with automatic timesheets, and cost-effective project budgets with the best time tracking software for emplyees.

Employee Time Tracking Software for Big Organization

- Make billing and invoicing simplified with a time tracker that tracks your billable and non-billable hours for each client, sets project budgets, and generates automated invoices.

Employee Time Tracking Software for Small Business

How to Use Employee Time Tracking Software?

Step 1: Download and Install DeskTrack Time Tracking Software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS apps.

Step 2: Set up an Employee ID and password in the work time tracking software.

Step 3: Add Employees whose idle and work hours you want to track.

Step 4: Use the “Automated Time Entry Settings” screen to configure how time is entered into your systems i.e. manual, automatic, or through the employee time tracker app.

Step 5: Enter your employees’ names and select the projects they will work on.

Step 6: Start Tracking

What Else We Offer to Employees

Any Time, Any Industry - One Solution: DeskTrack

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Secured Your Data Storage with DeskTrack
Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking System with Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

Dashboards which can be accessed from anywhere anytime with the secured data AWS data storage. Data is always stored in the encrypted format in the rest & transition both.

Tracking Work TIme

On-Premise Solution

With the hybrid on-premise solution organisations takes next level of security by storing the data at their own data servers with the set of encryption policies but this involves extra cost & technical efforts.

DeskTrack is Available For



















Remote Server

Remote Server

Terminal Server

Terminal Server

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Overall a very good software at good pricing. Very user-friendly and good analytical analysis. Customer support u would
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Wonderful experience, the software has reduced the manual workload. Great software!! We are happy to share feedback
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Good Time tracking And Monitoring software. I am using nearly 1 year. support is good, Cost is normal for users
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The overall experience with the Desktrack was excellent. Faced some issues in the starting but then after resolution,
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DeskTrack Employee Time Tracker

Know About Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software is helpful software that gives users opportunities to track and record the time spent completing a task. The employee time tracker comprises applications and programs that offer industry-specific utility. It helps companies who want to know about their freelancers, people working hourly, or on a remote working methodology. The best employee time tracking system tracks every moment utilized by employees while accomplishing their tasks.

Interestingly, the employee time tracker works generally on automation. It records all activities performed by an individual during stipulated times while a person does something on a computer.

It is useful in determining the amount of time needed by an employee to complete a task. Thus, the payment is made accordingly. Also, while disbursing the salary, an automated time tracker helps in making justified decisions.

Why Do You Need Time Tracking Software for Employees?

employee time tracking software is needed so that the tasks of all users can be monitored to see whether they are being done correctly and on time. Also, the employee work hour tracker helps in verifying whether the task assigned to employees is on the correct track or not. That’s vital to getting the best outcome. Not just that, the employee time monitoring software aids in training the same employees and others on the importance of time management and how to work on accuracy while handling a project for the client's satisfaction.

  • Receive Quick and Unbiased Feedback: Employees have the benefit of receiving timely feedback from their bosses regarding their work using the best employee monitoring software. Also, it helps to know the performance of an employee. Thus, the possibility of improvement is always on the cards. The swift response helps in addressing problems quickly. Hence, a team of employees can rearrange their working methods and self-assess while taking better steps toward functionality.
  • Aids in Meeting Deadlines: The real-time feedback through the employee time tracking solution helps in meeting essential deadlines. It allows for knowing the work's progress, its quality, and the result required by clients. So, the cycle of continuous improvement through subsequent learning on the spot enables businesses to churn out desired requirements.
  • Goals are Met: Once the improvement continues, effectiveness and efficiency will improve over an extended period of time. Thus, goals are met simultaneously for businesses. Also, the best employee time tracking software for small businesses helps set unprecedented goals for future employees.

How to Implement the DeskTrack Time Tracker?

The DeskTrack employee time tracker is the best time management app available on the market. So, implementing it in a company requires that every employee be taken into consideration and their questions be addressed by the owner. That helps in laying the groundwork for unanimous agreements once the qualities and advantages of the DeskTrack employee time tracking system are listed. Here are a few things organizations must do before implementation:

  • Explaining the importance of implementing this best work time tracking software to all employees.

  • All employees must be trained on employee time tracking software free.

  • The value of the employee time tracker app must be explained with illustrations.

  • Telling them how to monitor all their small and big activities regularly.

  • Communicating the need for monitoring the time spent on every project.

  • A time reporting tool must be assigned to managers for seamless operations.

  • It must be explained that work from home monitoring software for tracking work time helps in enhancing their productivity as well.

  • The company's work monitoring rules must be adhered to during implementations.

How Does DeskTrack Time Tracker Help You Manage Work Hours on Time?

We live in the digital era, where time management is important. DeskTrack work time tracker helps streamline all your projects and tasks with various features ingrained in it. It assists in uncomplicating the working patterns of an employee.

Interestingly, employee time tracker aids administrators, managers, and business owners to monitor the productivity of the day and offers them the opportunity to guide an employee, which translates into better time management.

This work time tracker app keeps an employee on their toes and reminds them to take fewer breaks and do more work through the timesheet and logs created on it. The online time tracking software in India helps all remote workforce and hybrid workers manage their time devoted to each task.

So, an employee can also know which tasks he or she is devoting much or less time than required.Thus, adjustments can be made accordingly based on the DeskTrack app. Hence, the process created using the remote work monitoring software enhances work productivity.

How Can DeskTrack Work Time Tracking Data Help to Improve Employee Productivity?

The Desktrack tracking work time app, the best productivity measurement software aids in addressing all bottlenecks with a proactive approach. It helps companies anticipate the future by assessing the demands, requirements, and resources.

Best employee time trackers can help in managing phone calls, timesheets, impromptu meetings, organizing emails, and creating an environment of free-flowing work progress. So, it saves time in managing scheduling activities and improves employee productivity. Moreover, an employee time tracking solution aids in streamlining production by focusing on identifying additional resources.

  • Knowing About Organizational Goals and Disciplines The work ethic gets better by using employee time tracking software. It creates accountability for an employee by making them realize the importance of their tasks. A sense of discipline is restored in an employee by dedicating proper timing to every task. So, once that’s realized, performance gets better. The software improves the efficiency and potential of a person.
  • Transparency: Managers or seniors have the luxury of work time tracking software with screenshots. So, when any employee falters, it is explained by providing screenshots. Thus, transparency is established. Issues can be spotted while employees perform tasks.So, the culture of openness is restored.
  • Quick Decision-Making: The employee time tracking system provides valuable insights into how tasks are happening and getting accomplished. So, decisions can be taken quickly if there is a need for them in any project based on work time tracking. It also allows remote employee time tracking. Hence, decisions can be made on their performance as well, equivalent to those made by those working in the office.
  • Enhance Employee Engagement: This innovative time tracking app provides bespoke solutions to businesses, which creates engagement for employees as their abilities are challenged through it by acknowledging their effectiveness. So, their learning process keeps spiraling every day. Thus, it works as an elixir by offering remote employee time tracking features.

Who Can Use the DeskTrack Time Tracker App?

DeskTrack is the best employee time tracker that can be used by anyone, irrespective of the user interface, operating system, or devices. The best employee time tracking software can be used by various organizations and companies for different purposes.

  • The work time tracker app is useful for the staffing and recruitment industries.

  • It can be used by accounting and finance firms.

  • The real estate industry can use it for their projects.

  • It can be used by architects.

  • The time tracking app can be used in the manufacturing sector.

  • Employees in the telecom industry can use automated time tracker.

  • It is good for law firms.

  • Consultants can use desktop screen time trackers to their advantage.

  • People in the IT field can utilize it for its benefits.

  • Managers, company owners, and those at the top of the hierarchy can use Windows screen time tracker to improve the productivity of their employees through transparency in monitoring.

Time Tracking Software FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Time Tracking Software?

A time tracking software enables all companies and managers to keep an eye on their employees and help them guide them subsequently while monitoring their tasks over a system. Thus, saving a lot of hours invested in a project.

What do I get from time tracking software?

The time-tracking software gives you an assurance that your company’s tasks are on track. It is due to the transparency it offers everyone. Thus, while improving the efficiency of an employee, it guarantees improvement in the quality of tasks performed.

How Does the Idle Time Tracking Feature Work?

This feature tracks the unproductive hours of an employee. It notices the periods when a person is not working and the system is in idle mode. It calculates the user’s inactivity when the computer is not switched off.

How Do I Choose Employee Time Tracking Software?

You can follow the following parameters, mentioned below while choosing the employee time tracking software:

  •     Look after the needs of a company.
  •     Know about the compatibility and features.
  •     Considering its use for your employees.
  •     Look out for the security feature while choosing.
  •     Tracking of the team’s tasks.
  •     Consider the ease of use and interface.
  •     Find support in it.

What are The Pros and Cons of Employee Time Tracking Software?

Advantages of Time Tracking Software for Employee

  •     It helps increase the productivity of a company.
  •     It aids in providing better transparency in task management.
  •     The software helps improve the efficiency of an employee.
  •     Live tracking assists in better remote guidance for employees.
  •     Real time tracking.
  •     Avoids overbilling.
  •     Shift scheduling.
  •     Track time from anywhere.

Some Disadvantages of Time Tracking Software for Employee

  •     If not used smartly, it can lead to micromanagement, which may hamper tasks.
  •     If the company does not figure out the outcome, then it may offer inaccurate data.
How Much Does Time Tracking Software Cost?

The cost of time tracking software depends on the utility required by a company. For a huge team, the cost may be higher, but for a smaller one, it may be a little less. Also, every additional feature has its own price. Thus, only after considering the requirement must a company place an order. Precisely, one may have to spend between USD 2.99 and USD 7.99 for the software per month for a user, which is minimal.

Do I Need Separate Time Tracking Apps for Desktop and Mobile Devices?

No, you don’t need to buy or have different time tracking apps for desktop and mobile devices. Irrespective of the platform, this software is based on the internet's functioning. Thus, wherever the internet connection is smooth, it will work fine. So, a single app is capable of doing the tasks needed by a company.

Which Tools Can You Integrate with DeskTrack?

You can integrate multiple tools with DeskTrack time tracking software, ranging from the budgeting and accounting tools that comprise Quickbooks and Xero to project management tools such as Clickup, Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Jira, Zoho, etc.

Can We Use DeskTrack's Time Tracker for Remote and Hybrid workplaces?

Absolutely. This DeskTrack time tracker is made to track all types of tasks in different places, including remote work or hybrid workplace modes. Hence, it is multi-utility software for companies to organize and view their tasks in real time.

How Does the Pomodoro Timer Work in the DeskTrack Employee Time Tracker?

You can set a timer on the Pomodoro Timer while monitoring a task and see the number of projects completed by an employee during the time frame and record it for providing training if required. So, the feedback can be given on a recorded timeline using Pomodoro with time tracking software.

How Desktrack Employee Time Tracking help for Growing Businesses?

Desktrack is a comprehensive tool when it comes to employee time tracking for growing business. Below are its incomparable features that makes it a suitable tool for growing business:

  • User Productivity Report - It provides complete data on employees’ productivity in a graphical presentation.
  • Login & Logout Report - It provides login/logout summary of employees in daily basis.
  • Application Usage Report - It provides a detailed analysis of applications/URLs accessed by employees in their regular timetable.
  • Cost Report - It provides a daily costing of each employee working for the organization.
  • Attendance Report - It provides attendance report with extra time, overtime worked by the employee.
  • Location Tracking - It tracks location of on field- employees.

How Does DeskTrack Track Working Time?

The DeskTrack employee time tracker starts functioning the moment you switch on your device, tracks your functionality, and stops when you take some time off or switch it off. It automatically looks after productivity and does not require any manual data entries to function.

Does DeskTrack Track Working Time When There's No Internet?

Yes, the DeskTrack time tracker for employees works offline as well and tracks all the tasks even when internet connectivity gets disabled for some reason. However, once the internet is restored, it synchronizes all data with online tracking.