4 Tech Innovations Worth The Investment For Your Startup

4 Tech Innovations Worth the Investment for Your Startup

No one has to tell you that technology has changed the way we do business. But knowing it and seeing it in action are two different things. If you have yet to fully join the digital revolution, your startup may be closer to bottoming out than you think.

Here are Five Tech Services and Products that You Can Afford to Overlook


If you’ve ever logged onto a website and almost instantly had an agent reach out asking if you needed help, you’ve interacted with a Chatbot. These are basically computer programs that have some human functionality.

Chatbots are beneficial to your business because they perform customer service and are available around the clock. If a customer has a simple question, your chatbot can be programmed to answer it. Clients don’t have to wait for a live agent and; in many cases, they’ll never even know they’re interacting with AI.

Mobile App

Mobile apps have some obvious advantages to your startup. As Hyperlink Info System explains, apps boost customer engagement tremendously. By putting your business right in front of your customers in the form of a button on their phone; they are less likely to wander the web when they are contemplating a purchase from you. You can digitize loyalty programs, build brand awareness, and tailor your customers’ experience to be as persuasive as possible, all in the form of this one simple investment.

Gone are the days when commissioning the creation of your own app was a multi-person, years-long effort. Today, developers can create custom mobile apps in days instead of years. And you don’t even have to have a team of experts; a freelance app developer can take care of you quickly and efficiently. These freelancers are an affordable option, and you can pick and choose who you want for your project based on their portfolio and expertise.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines pull content from the World Wide Web and deliver it to searchers based on an ever-changing hierarchy of factors. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of ethically and logically influencing how Google and other search engines rank the information on your website, which directs how strong your results are to people searching for your keywords.

Engaging SEO services, combined with strategic content and other marketing services, can help you stand out online. After all, the more search results you show up then, the more customers you can reach; and the more money you will make.

Neil Patel suggests once again looking to the freelance world for your SEO specialist and preparing a comprehensive list of strengths and weaknesses relating to your website. This way, you’ll have specific aspects you want the freelancer to address; and you can look for candidates with the right experience.

Workflow Software

Workflow software is the whiteboard of today. And having an Online Workflow Platform means that you can delegate tasks and see, in real-time, where these tasks are from anywhere in the world. The right program will help you manage your employees and track every project on the books.

One popular workflow management strategy is Kanban, which emphasizes a visual workflow and offers improved collaboration and an opportunity for ongoing feedback at all levels. Whatever you choose, PF Perfectforms recommends prioritizing your processes when implementing automated workflows for the best results.

You can also use the DeskTrack time tracker and productivity booster which can help you analyze team inefficiencies and improve work habits. This exciting tool can track the actual time your team spent on tasks; so you know where improvements need to be made.

Historically, these and other technological advancements have been pricey and impractical. But not anymore. The services and products listed above have gone mainstream, and they can help your startup succeed. Don’t be afraid to let these innovations work for you. You may find that they pay for themselves and are exactly what you need to boost your business to the next level.

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