Amazing Features

Daily Report

Application / URL Tracking

Monitor and records the actual time spent on the application and the browsed URLs on the system.

Gmail Tracking

Track the emails (receiver’s email) and the time spent on composing the mail over Gmail

Daily Report
Daily Report

Auto Time Sheets

Fully Automatic Tracking, without any manual entry of data.

Actual Productive and Unproductive Hours with idle time recording.

Daily Report

Productive and Unproductive Apps/URLs

White List the applications thus the time spent on them will be recorded into productive hours and the apps are productive and rest apps are unproductive apps.

Daily Report

Mobile App Time Tracking

Monitor time spent on mobile apps hence record actual time spent on mobile. Whitelist the productive apps hence record the user actual productivity.

Daily Report

Track Projects in Real-Time

Auto recording of actual hours spent on each activity thus counts time spent on each project

Daily Report

Real-Time Reporting

Activity reports are available in real-time thus can be exported for analyzing the employee performance which helps in measuring the productivity of the individuals.

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