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Why DeskTrack

  • Identify actual time spent on project and task

  • Boost productivity by analyzing the areas of improvement

  • 100% transparency between teams & managers

  • 40% improvement in employee's focus & productivity

  • Reduce business operation cost by 40%

  • Time spent on work, meetings & break

  • Get actual Logins & Logout for the day

  • Total time spent on work, meetings & break

Quick Demo of Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking Solution

  • Automated reporting system for the team's to manage 100% transparency at work

  • Calculate actual billable hours of the team

  • Boost productivity by analyzing the areas of improvement

  • Reduce business operation cost by 40%

  • Identify actual time spent on project and task

Automated Time Tracking

URL Tracking

File Name Tracking

Workforce Analyitcs

Productivity Tracking

Desktop Screenshots

Mobile Time Tracking

Application Tracking


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Hours Monitored

No worries your data is secure

  • 100% security of data
  • Do not record your keyloggs (login and credit card details)
  • Data is stored in an encrypted format
  • Follow industry standards and government policies

Automated Time Tracking

Cloud-based solution for attendance and timesheets tracking of employees without any human intervention. It keeps a record of employees log in & log out time, including their actual working, idle, meeting, productive and unproductive time during the day.

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Application & URL Tracking

With activity tracking, get the record of activities performed during the day, this can be achieved with the help of application & URL tracking. These logs are helpful for monitoring the productivity as important apps, URLs, files can be tracked and highlighted under productive & unproductive logs.

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Productivity Tracking

The ultimate goal of business is to evaluate or track productivity of indviduals this can be done by analyzing actual activtiy done with time versus expected outcomes from indviduals.

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