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Is 2 Hours 53 Minutes
an Ideal Workday? DeskTrack Knows.

Consolidated Data from Multiple Devices.

Better Project Estimations.

Data that Empowers to Trust.

Identify Time and Money Leakages.

Better Employee Engagement & Retention.

What You Get with DeskTrack

Timely Decision-Making

Make quick decisions based on Real-time up-to-date data. Optimize resource allocation, streamline operations, and get a competitive edge by leveraging real time data. Say Goodbye to manual tracking and say hello to real-time reporting. Effortlessly record the time spent on each task which ensures accurate billing and provides valuable insights into employees’ efficiency. Managers can make actionable decisions based on these reports on the spot, conducting a smoother workflow with our time tracking software.

Timely Decision-Making

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Automated attendance tracking can get rid of fake time records, time thefts, and wrong punch-in and punch-outs. Record and Store authorized attendance history and manage office time efficiency. Managers and HRs can keep a record of top performers, latecomers, overtime-taking employees, and those who are giving you the most productive return on investment from a single online dashboard with our time-tracking software.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Efficient Project Deliverables

No more late deadlines and unprofitable Projects. Employees can optimally manage their work time utilization on projects with quick scheduling and task assignment to timelines. Easily estimate project costs and give a Birds Eye view of every project with Project Management. Get your clients on board with our employee monitoring software. Your clients can easily view the project progress and work reports, establishing 100% transparency and trust.

Efficient Project Deliverables

Accurate Timesheets

Daily automated timesheet report provides a summary of the time worked by employees or teams. A project, task, and date-wise view of an employee on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and custom date range view basis is accessible. Effortlessly create invoices with the click of a button from timesheets and send them for payments. Stay away from the fault of underbilling and overbilling your clients with our time tracking software.

Accurate Timesheets

Unified Time Analyzer & Productivity Booster

Unified Time Analyzer & Productivity Booster
Online or Offline: DeskTrack Works All the Time

DeskTrack Trending Features

Employee Productivity Apps

DeskTrack works across many devices, offline and online, with online data syncing. With our Employee Productivity Software, tracking only stops after work hours.

DeskTasker Desktop app Windows macOS Linux Android iOS

DeskTasker Desktop app

Windows macOS Linux
DeskTasker Desktop app Windows macOS Linux Android iOS

MobiTrack Mobile

Android iOS
DeskTasker Desktop app Windows macOS Linux Android iOS

DeskTrack Web

Edge Chrome Opera Safari Firefox

Trusted by Thousands of Users Worldwide

In this emerging era of technology, productivity is increasingly monitered with time tracking softwares. Having a tacking tool is like you have a personal "productivity detective" investigating! It's a handy little gadget that keeps an eye on the actions of your team while they work their magic.
DeskTrack gives you essential insights into the output of your team, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that will increase productivity and improve results. It is a cutting-edge employee monitoring software crafted to provide businesses with the power to monitor employee activity while promoting an open and productive workplace.

Trusted by Thousands of Users Worldwide
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Boost Productivity To the Next Level
Shailendra Revankar
Todd Bavol
Keith Corrigan
Shailendra Revankar
Keith Corrigan

What Clients Say

With DeskTrack, project management is easy now. We are able to reach a timeline within the delivery dates and produce productivity employee wise. Our Project management process has become smoother and aligned. Projects and Employees are more planned .

Keith Corrigan

CEO at small business

Automated project time tracking helps rectify lags in time deliverables and imitate what is going wrong. Employees are more focused towards work and self analysis is helping them analyze distractions and efficient time management.

Shailendra Revankar

Owner at small business

Great tool to maintain a balance between office and work from home employees. We get a clearer picture of what has been worked upon and how efficient we are at work. Being a manager I can get a clear picture of what is going on in just a few seconds.


Managing Director at small business

DeskTrack gave us a one stop solution regarding login and logout times of employees. It enables the visibility of productivity by telling who is “Working Late” instead of “Staying late”. It has great dashboards and awesome real time reports.

Todd Bavol

Managing Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the DeskTrack.

DeskTrack is an AI-enabled time-tracking software that automates attendance management, activity tracking, and productivity mapping.
With DeskTrack, the teams can track the activities in real-time, organize their tasks, and categorize the work per the project’s demand. In addition, the user can also track the activities in real time without intervening. Some of the notable feature of DeskTrack that differentiate it from others are:

With DeskTrack time tracking, you can be assured of the confidentiality of the information. The app comes with an active and private mode. Thus empowering the user to switch their work mode as per the requirement.

DeskTrack is a highly agile and flexible tool offering comprehensive time-tracking solutions. Its host of features like online attendance, productivity tracking, sim, and WhatsApp call tracking, along with other features, makes it one of the best choices for different industries. Some of the key industries that have benefited from DeskTrack time tracking solutions are:

Some of the companies that maximized their productivity are:
  • Gravitas Legal saves 37 minutes per day by using DeskTrack’s Automated Timesheets
  • Digite Tied up with DeskTrack to Boost Workforce-Transparency & Productivity by 21%
  • Zobble Achieved a 23% Increase in Team Efficiency and Enhanced Work Transparency through DeskTrack

DeskTrack time tracking is easy to use. You can download it on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. After installing it, you can log in using the user ID and password. Once installed, you can add tasks, work schedules, and other details and start using this time-tracking app.

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