Biggest Productivity Killers That Make Your Employee Unproductive

Biggest Productivity Killers That Make Your Employee Unproductive

All business owners want to achieve a high level of productivity and for that, each organization sets some goals. In the process of achieving those goals, they have to face many obstacles and distractions in the workplace and these distractions are the biggest problem in everyone’s life.

Employees spend half of their day working but have you ever thought how much actual time is spent on working. Distraction in the workplace can lower down productivity and degrade the team performance and affect the revenue generation of your business.

Distraction at the workplace is unavoidable but there are solutions. But first, you have to recognize the pain point and then resemble it and integrate it with an approach to solve it. Good communication and collaboration solutions can diminish the problem.

But before that, you need to understand yourself with the problem of workplace productivity killers. Here we will highlight some biggest productivity killer issues at the workplace that can make your employee unproductive and how you can exclude them:

Excessive Meetings

Try to make your meetings short and agendas of meetings should be clear before the discussion. Standing meetings or daily scrums can be good options for meetings. And ask your employees not to bring gadgets or any work in meetings for better results.

Social Networking Sites

You should prohibit the use of social media at the workplace or should allot a specific time duration for that. Create a policy to eliminate this issue.

Email Checking

Employees may have a habit of checking emails numerous times a day this leads to unproductiveness so they should have a habit of checking email at the start or end of the working day.

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Unwanted Talks

Employees waste hours gossiping. This can lead to office politics, workplace conflicts, and can ruin your workplace environment. Make sure you cut down on these gossip and chit chat time.

Employee Working on Different Directions

When all your team members are working on different directions this can decrease your workplace productivity. Make sure all your team members should be on the same page and should have a clear vision so they are working to achieve common objectives.

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Numerous of Task at a Time

Overloading a number of tasks to an employee at a time can be a productivity killer. This causes low-quality results and poor performance. Organize more constructively and prioritize tasks accordingly.

Productivity Monitoring Software can help to solve this problem as this offers communication and teamwork features that can reduce unproductivity from your workplace. This even reduces the communication gap between you and your employees. With the help of teamwork and fruitful communication, you can achieve your targets.

Give yourself time to know about the biggest productivity killers at the workplace that can help you not only know about workplace distractions but diminish them and avert them in the future.

3 thoughts on “Biggest Productivity Killers That Make Your Employee Unproductive

  1. Every employer & manager should have to tell their employees that they are doing monitoring & measuring their productivity in the working hours. It will help to make employees more productive & active during production hours.

    1. Thanks for the comment!!

      Yeah! it’s better to keep it clear and simple to your employees and aware of everything in the company.

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