Employee Work From Home Monitoring Software

Whether you’re working in a hybrid or completely remote model, ensuring productivity is challenging in a home-office environment. DeskTrack's work from home monitoring software offers day-to-day activity tracking to boost your team’s overall growth. You get,

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Attendance Management
  • Screenshots
  • Billable Hours Tracking
  • Application And Url Tracking

Work From Home Monitoring Software

Featuring DeskTrack
Work From Home Application

  • Work from Home Team Attendance Management

    DeskTrack software for work from home teams to track the presence/absence records from log-in/log-out time, both auto & manual as per the selected plan.

  • Desktop Application, Website & File Tracking

    Work From Home Monitoring Software records the list of apps, websites, and files used by employees with the total time spent on documentation, communication, browsing, mailing, etc.

  • Work from Home User Activity Monitoring

    Work From Home Monitoring Software to monitor activities on computer & internet. Get the best teams/talents on a full or part-time basis across the globe and evaluate their performance.

  • Work from Home Workforce Analytics

    Get 100% visibility with DeskTrack Work From Home Productivity Tools, It helps to analyze the performance of teams, monitor productivity & track efforts v/s outcomes.

  • WFH Productivity Monitoring

    Remotely Monitor your Workforce and track if employees are wasting most of their time on distractions with work from home monitoring software. The activity reports help to see if the remote work employee is actively working on the allocated task.

  • WFH Project Time Tracking

    Keep your team focused, meet deadlines on time for projects, and get real insights using the best work from home software for Project Management.

  • Screenshot Monitoring

    Monitor your employees with screenshot monitoring software to understand how they spend their time at work, skill gaps, efforts, and struggles, and limit useless data access for better productivity.

  • Deployment

    DeskTrack is a cloud-based software that can be deployed on remote systems to manage your work from home team.

    If your organization is running on the hybrid model you can setup DeskTrack on-premise to monitor your in-office team.

    manage your work from home employees

    How DeskTrack Work From Home
    Application Benefits You?

    Remote Team View

    Manage remote and wfh teams and have a clear view of activities performed by them on a particular day with DeskTrack Work From Home Software.

    Best Remote Team View
     Track Resources and Time Utilization

    Track Resources and Time Utilization

    Ensure that you have a system in place for employee retention and track the total utilized time for each project. DeskTrack wfh monitoring software enables you to do both with better products in less time with minimal resources.

    ROI and Strategic Planning

    DeskTrack Work From Home Application helps plan organizational strategies by analyzing employee work performance and efficiency. Therefore it helps to calculate the ROI with ease.

    Best Team Work ROI and strategic planning
    Keeping remote employees accountable

    Keeping Employees Accountable

    Get real-time productivity reports of the employees with the Work From Home tool by tracking the time spent on their system and review their performance and their efforts provided on projects and tasks.

    Track on Billable Hours

    Identify employee working patterns with their daily performance graphs. Track activities as per the employee's functional nature to track efficiency as per the roles & responsibilities assigned.

    Track billable hours
     Balancing employee workloads

    Balancing Workloads

    Make your workforce function at its best potential with Software For Work From Home. Analyze employee activities to discover work gaps and remove them for efficient work culture and workload balance.

    Build Team Engagement for Better Production

    Ensure employee productivity with complete working hours. DeskTrack Work at Home Software helps you improve your team and build engagement for better production.

    Build Employee Engagement for Better Production

    Keep Track of your Progress, and Make Sure you Don't Miss
    Any Important Tasks

    One Solution For All Work From Home
    Team Operations


    Ease the payroll & performance reviewal process with Work From Home Surveillance Software by maintaining the records on the presence & absence of the team, timesheets, availability at work & productivity.

    Sales & Marketing Team

    Software For Work From Home helps classify communication, browsing, entertainment, etc., to track team engagement with efforts made on projects and manage the team's workload.


    QA Team

    Bring more visibility into the work system. DeskTrack work from home tool helps to get full control of all the operations actively running in the organization.


    Development Team

    DeskTrack work from home productivity monitoring software gives access to the team reports to their respective reporting managers by calculating the working hours of every employee.


    DeskTrack Work from home software provides the update about employee activities & working patterns with time utilization, performance, and skill gaps that help the team improve and boost productivity.

    Monitor your Employees' Work Productivity and Activities during their Work Time with Work-From-Home Monitoring Software.

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    Industries Benefited From Work From Home
    Monitoring Software

    1. IT Industry

    WFH employee monitoring software can assist you in keeping track of your team and how they spend their time and work hours.It will provide you with real-time insights into user performance so that you can identify the gaps, struggles, and under or over-utilized resources and help you earn the deserving profit for your business.

    2. Law Firms

    Law firms hold confidential data and information that needs to be secure. A violation from the firm can create multiple issues and imbalances in the market. So, the DeskTrack Work from Home Monitoring Software can help you keep your data safe in its cloud storage. Also, the software provides you the option to keep your data in the cloud or AWS.

    3. Staffing and Recruiting Industry

    DeskTrack Work from home application helps companies manage and maintain a better work culture by boosting employee productivity in every aspect by streamlining the tasks and projects as per the roles and responsibilities of the employees. Also, it helps the HR department to recruit the best fit for the organization by having the complete details of applicants as per the requirements of the company.

    4. Finance & Accounting

    Finance and accounting are related to money, and money has always been an essential aspect. Therefore, when companies get into a loss of money because of some really small mistakes leads to a big failure. So, tools like DeskTrack workforce management software can help in securing company info by providing real-time details with screenshots of the user system as proof of work done in a day.

    5. Architects

    DeskTrack assists architects by tracking their daily activities and providing a detailed breakdown of the time spent on work. These insights improve team efficiency, employee work performance, and allow you to more precisely plan future projects.

    6. Consultants

    DeskTrack WFH monitoring software allows you to track call time and log the number and duration of calls completed, received, and missed by the team. DeskTrack's MobiTrack assists in tracking time spent on mobile usage and applications opened by the team during work hours.

    7. Retail Industry

    Employees have been found to waste and steal time from their managers primarily in the retail industry. However, there are options that can reveal the truth about work completed in minutes. As a result, DeskTrack is a wfh monitoring software that can assist in tracking employees' work performance and efficiency by providing a clear picture of work insights in real time.

    8. Manufacturing

    Get real-time reporting insights to build an efficient team as per employees' performance. It improves employee engagement by fulfilling organizational goals up to the allotted deadline and helps deliver better outcomes to the workforce.

    9. Real Estate Industry

    Managing and monitoring the real estate industry team is difficult because it is involved in multiple projects with various clients. When you charge your client without tracking time, you risk losing a significant deal. As a result, employee monitoring software allows you to keep track of your team in no time.

    10. Telecom Industry

    DeskTrack Work From Home Monitoring Tools assists telecom industries by tracking call logs and employee login/logout times with DeskTrack's mobitrack mobile application. The application shows you the entire day's work, including productive and unproductive time spent on whole-day activities.

    Why We're The Best Work
    From Home Team Monitoring Tool

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    Employee productivity is critical to business growth, and underperformance can result in loss. As a result, it is critical to monitor and track employee productivity.

    Since 2010, DeskTrack Working From Home Application has been a SAAS-based software. It is a versatile tool that takes up little space and can be quickly implemented to track each employee's productivity and time spent at work. It includes features such as employee tracking system progress, login/logout, time, apps, and URLs, and generates real-time reports to help eliminate manual paperwork.

    Also, it provides customer support 24*7 with 100% data security as we can say it is a cost-effective tool that provides multiple benefits in improving employee engagement and focus on work and boost workplace productivity for the long run.

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    How Can I monitor work-from-home employees?

    To monitor work-from-home employees, you'll require software that keeps track of work status and logs the complete activity on each installed system. DeskTrack is the best work from home software that tracks work-from-home employees with real-time desktop screen capture, productivity tracking, performance evaluation, and more.

    Can employers see other devices when working from home?

    No, employers can not see your other devices as long as you're not installing the software locally on them and running. Work from home monitoring software is designed to track projects and productivity in real time. It can't track if you're using a second monitor or laptop.

    How can I see what my employees are doing on their computers?

    You can see what your employees are doing on their computers by introducing work from home software to your organization. Such tools are designed to capture the screen of your employees’ computers and log their activity details with every hour’s work status.

    How do I know if my remote employee is working?

    The best way to know whether your remote employee is productive enough or not is to run a work from home monitoring software on the system. This software tracks all your projects and stores the activity log of each employee. You can check productivity, track work progress, and perform a lot more tasks with minimal resources while using employee monitoring software.