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DeskTrack is the best productivity monitoring software. Productivity is the evaluation of employee work efficiency and activity output provided during a specific period by fulfilling business expectations.

  • Work Behavior Analysis
  • Set Clear Objectives
  • Work Life Balance
  • Productivity Trend

Factors Influencing Remote Employee Performance
Tracking Software


Get an accurate and automated report of employees' actual working and idle hours with an employee productivity monitoring software. Conduct behavior analysis on their work time availability. Moreover, get access to their daily work routines.


Get on to the team's punctuality towards work with no manual effort and errors with the best remote employee productivity monitoring.

Activity Insights

Get activities performed by the team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to ensure they are working as per their roles and responsibilities or distracted. Also, find productive and unproductive activities through an employee productivity monitoring software.

Employee Engagement

Monitor how employees are completing their work, how firmly they are engaged with the company's utility, and their eagerness to collaborate and work as a team. It is about how much employees are engaged in their job.

Work Behavior

Get on to the users working style and pattern, with timesheets and activity insights and analyze at which hour they need a break, their distractions, what kind of activities they are working over their engagement.


Automated and insightful reports to all hierarchy levels helps in making fact based decisions, productivity evaluation and specify opportunities for progress and positive utilization of the team.

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Measure Online/Offline Tracking with DeskTrack -

DeskTrack, a perfect productivity monitoring software to help you measure both online and offline tracking of your employees. The features like productivity tracker, attendance recording, tracking actual location along with mobile location helps in getting the real-insights into your employees productivity.

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Productivity Metrics & KPI's that Matter

Boost productivity advancement, significance, efficiency, and suitable classes of internal
management with Productivity metrics.

Projects Completed

Calculate your job performance with a simple counting exercise and know how many jobs the company completes in a given time. The target number will vary with the complexity of the task and output.

Sales Growth

Sales are the most essential measure of any business's strength to stand amid of the market. Therefore, grow your sales by knowing how you are doing compared to past years.

Revenue Per Employee

Compare your all-over business and profit with other industries to know about the actual cost and revenue per employee with productivity metrics.

Recruiting Conversion Rate

With productivity metrics, you can easily know the position of recruitment and hiring in your organization with the insights of competitor companies and why they have better recruitment and applicants to hire.

Overtime Hours

Track overtime and know the productivity metrics. It helps keep costs down, and bill for projects more accurately. Track working hours in real-time with the allotted projects helps you to balance employee workloads to reduce overtime.

Turnover Rate

Know the ratio of employees who quit the organization in a specific time with productivity metrics, including all full-time employees, part-time employees, or interns, and identify the top performers of your company.

The Total Cost of The Workforce

Calculate company personnel-related costs: all salaries paid to the workforce, benefits, taxes, vacation pay, overtime, recruiting, and any costs paid on behalf of employees or instantly.

Reasons for Low Productivity in
your Organization

  • Poor Supervision and Management
  • Workplace Stress
  • Multitasking
  • Distractions because of internet or social media
  • Teams are not working as per roles and responsibilities
  • Unplanned day or getting into unscheduled meetings

Productivity monitoring software for Employees

Evaluate Productivity with Productivity
Monitoring Software

Productivity Tracker

Transparency means more trust among management and employees. Employee productivity monitoring software for work from home helps you set clear goals, improve communication gaps, and increase employee engagement and dedication to the workplace.

2Productive/Unproductive Hours

Employee productivity monitoring Software classifies activities (websites & desktop apps) during working hours as per employees' functional nature into blacklist & whitelist also set time limits to track productive and unproductive hours.

3Team Engagement

Classify team engagement as per their functional nature and working patterns by categorizing them in different aspects like meeting, communication, development, browser, entertainment, etc.

4Findings on Availability and Punctuality

Employee availability and punctuality can be tracked by employee productivity monitoring software and their login/logout time It can be measured by keeping a track of their work status, if they perform for the full day, half-day, or incomplete working hours.

5Break Time Analysis

Set time estimates to accomplish company goals before deadlines and analyze the break time of each employee through employee productivity monitoring software when they are away from their system.

6Cost Analysis Report

HR or managers can generate the actual cost report by calculating the work time availability & productivity management of each employee by using employee productivity monitoring software.

Hierarchy Based Reporting

Set up a hierarchy with transparency to monitor and check regular gaps and strugglings of all the employees. Also, generate real-time reports of each team member by which you can calculate the complete workforce productivity.

Admin Login

Admins can access complete data insights and keep a tab on the working routines of their workforce.

Manager Login

Managers can schedule upcoming goals for their teams and help to fill the skill gaps of employees, if they are wasting their time or struggling with their work.

User Login

Users can only see their functioning and self assists themselves to improve their work patterns and daily activities.

Employee Productivity Tracker
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Calculate Employee Productivity Tracker

Measure business productivity on the basis of efforts made, set your expectations & get a systematic outlet of work time utilization.

User Wise

Users can analyze the productivity trend by their activity performance which helps them stay focused and efficient at work by finding gaps and inefficient practices.

Team and Department Wise

Analyze the team productivity and get detailed information about the working progress, functioning imperfections, and performance of each department.

Company Wise

Improve work quality and make it effortless for employees to successfully recover the unproductivity of the workforce.

Benefits of Productivity Monitoring Software

Advantages of Productivity Monitoring Software

Employee productivity monitoring software insights give you the complete working data of the employees on unproductive tasks. Also, guide the employees for schematic working to enhance the productive hours that are useful for the overall growth of the organization.

Easy Evaluation

Admins can easily monitor less productive employees by evaluating efforts in real-time. It helps them to make better decisions during their working hours and improve work quality to meet the deadlines of company goals.

Time Management

Process transparency and insights in real-time to deliver the productive, unproductive, and idle time spent on the system, by the employees in their total working hours.

Employee Working Management

Get detailed reports of activities with the time and file logging to check where the team is working. Meet the project timelines and convert their ineffective procedures to effective ones.

Payroll as Per User Behavior Analysis

Managers/HR can easily keep track of employee work routines/performance and this can be used to perk the higher performers while mentoring the underperforming team members.

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Generate Custom Reports/Dashboard
with DeskTrack

DeskTrack helps businesses generate custom reports and dashboards relying on actual facts and data. With these data-driven reports, managers can easily identify ways to improve productivity and profitability in business. With DeskTrack, you can also retain employees and promote employee engagement.

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DeskTrack records the functionality and tasks of your remote employees, office team, and WFH employees with a comprehensive array of monitoring productivity solutions and detailed insights that you can access from anywhere and anytime.

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Increase Employees Productivity with Powerful Features
DeskTrack Offers

employee productivity tracking software

DeskTrack offers a unique feature of desktop activity logs to perform performance monitoring in organizations. Other crucial features of DeskTrack that help in improving employee monitoring are activity tracking, time tracking and productivity calculation.

 Productivity Calculator

DeskTrack is an effective productivity calculator that measures employee productivity. This software helps business owners to find their most productive employees and identify the lazy bees. This helps in optimal resource utilization at the workplace and prevents people from extra costing.

Online/Offline tracking

Want a tool to track both online and offline employee tracking software? DeskTrack is an efficient tool that not only measures employee productivity of people present in offices, but it also measures activities of people working online as well. With this software tracking remotely working employees has become simple.

 Department and team wise analytics

Are you looking for a productivity software that measures employees productivity department and team wise analytics? DeskTrack is a software that helps you get real insights on department and wise analytics. With such crucial data business can effectively make strong decisions to attract profits and improve productivity.

Organizational Hierarchy mapping

Want a tracking tool that offers organizational hierarchy mapping? DeskTrack is the most suitable tool that not only offers employee productivity tracking but also has a feature to represent organizational hierarchy mapping to teams.

Working and Idle hour

DeskTrack is a productivity management software that detects employees’ working and idle hours effectively. This gives an insight into what your employees exactly do in their working hours. Also, detection of idle and working hours helps employers calculate the actual productivity of their employees and find the least performing and most productive employees.

OS & Devices Focus


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Productivity Monitoring Software: The Key to Accessing Your Team's Full Potential

Are your staff really superheroes hiding in plain sight, as their productivity seems to be locked down? Not to worry! Since we have your back! Introducing the key to releasing their full potential and averting disaster : Productivity Monitoring Software!

Have you ever wondered where the valuable workday hours go? With productivity monitoring software, you can see inside the tasks being performed by your team with X-ray vision, revealing time-consuming bottlenecks and eliminating delays. Our cutting-edge employee productivity monitoring software will fundamentally change the way you manage your team and projects.

Why You Need Productivity Monitoring Software for Your Business?

A strategic approach to personnel management is necessary to keep ahead of the competition in today's fast-paced corporate environment. A productivity monitoring tool is now an essential tool for organizations to succeed and is no longer considered a luxury.

In order to empower your team to be more effective, engaged, and successful, productivity monitoring software is not about surveillance or micromanagement. By using the power of data, your business may reach its full potential, deliver remarkable outcomes, and prosper in the present competitive market.

Compelling reasons for why your business needs productivity monitoring software include the ones listed below:

  • Enhanced Performance and Efficiency: - Employee productivity monitoring software can give you real-time insights into your team's work habits, allowing you to identify inefficiencies and streamline procedures for increased productivity.

  • Identify and Address Bottlenecks: - Identify obstacles hindering progress and remove them promptly. Determine the causes of delays and allocate the necessary resources. Use employee productivity monitoring software for real-time insights and streamlined procedures towards increased productivity.

  • Supporting the well-being of employees: - Employee performance tracking software can also help in the identification of overwork or burnout. Employee happiness and productivity are increased when these issues are identified and addressed.

  • Management for remote work: - It might be challenging to lead distributed teams as remote work becomes increasingly prevalent. To ensure sure remote workforce stay connected and on target, you can track their progress using employee productivity monitoring software.

  • Change in the Work Environment: -The modern workforce is adopting flexible work schedules more and more. Regardless of where you operate, you can effectively manage remote teams and maintain production levels by using an employee productivity monitoring software.

How does Productivity Monitoring Software work?

To gain insights into an employee's productivity and efficiency, productivity monitoring software tracks and analyzes a variety of work-related actions and KPIs. Here is a general summary of how productivity monitoring software normally works.

  • Activity Monitoring: - While utilizing their computers or mobile devices for work, employees' activities are recorded by the software. This means monitoring the apps they use, and the websites they visit, how long they spend on each activity. The software also calculates breaks they take and time free when no work is done.

  • Time management: - Employee productivity tracker records the amount of time spent on particular assignments, initiatives, or activities. It offers precise information on how much time people spend on various tasks, assisting managers in understanding how time is spent at work.

  • Task and Project Monitoring: - Project and task management capabilities are frequently found in productivity monitoring software. Employees can track their work on certain projects or tasks, which enables supervisors to keep track of progress, establish deadlines, and guarantee prompt completion.

  • Analytics and Reporting: - Reports and analyses are produced using the processed and gathered data. Dashboards and in-depth reports are available to managers and business owners who want to learn more about staff productivity, work habits, and performance trends.

  • Notifications and Alerts: - The employee productivity monitoring software provide notifications and alerts in order to encourage transparency and solve possible problems. It may notify employees, for example, when they spend excessive time on websites unrelated to their work or when they complete a task faster than anticipated.

Why Choose DeskTrack’s Productivity Monitoring Software?

Looking for the best way to boost the productivity of your team? The innovative Productivity Monitoring Software from DeskTrack is the solution. Here are a few reasons DeskTrack stands apart from the competition with a reputation for quality and a history of inspiring businesses globally:

  • Drive Decisions with Data: - Business success is fueled by data. Real-time analytics and useful insights are provided by our software. Make sure that choices are carefully considered, that resources are utilized effectively, and that it results in productivity.

  • Encourage an accountability-oriented culture: - Ensure that everyone on your team feels a sense of ownership and accountability. By providing personal performance indicators, our productivity monitoring software encourages team members to take pleasure in their work and push themselves.

  • Detailed Activity Monitoring: - DeskTrack takes a comprehensive approach to employee monitoring software and provides you with in-depth knowledge about the work habits of your employees. You receive a 360-degree perspective of your team's productivity, including tracking website usage, application usage, and document activity.

  • Promote Seamless Collaboration: - With the help of our collaborative features, dismantle silos and improve teamwork. Our best employee productivity monitoring software enables a virtual workspace where your team can easily collaborate, with shared task boards and instant messaging.

  • Flexible Work, Maximum Results: - Accept flexible work schedules without sacrificing effectiveness. With the help of our software, team members can operate remotely while keeping you informed of their progress.

  • Data Security You Can Trust: - We recognize how crucial it is to protect your private information. Your information is always protected thanks to the industry-leading security measures followed by our productivity monitoring software.


What is productivity monitoring software?

Productivity monitoring software is revolutionary. It offers insightful information about how work is done, enabling well-informed decisions, streamlined processes, and higher productivity. This tool helps managers make data-driven decisions to increase workflow and efficiency while also revealing insights into employee productivity and pinpointing areas for development.

How do you track remote employee productivity?

Productivity monitoring software analyzes the computer or device activity of the employee, collecting information on program usage, websites visited, and time spent on activities in order to track remote employee productivity. Managers can evaluate production levels and spot potential problems thanks to the real-time analytics and data provided by this system.

How can productivity monitoring software improve productivity?

Productivity monitoring software tracks employee productivity and helps businesses make wise decisions, encourage accountability, manage time more effectively, and develop cooperation, all of which significantly increase total productivity.

Why do employers use employee productivity tracking software?

Employers can track the progress of activities and projects using employee productivity monitoring software. Employers can effectively evaluate employees' performance using the objective data that productivity tracking software gives about their job activities. It aids in the identification of both high-performing workers and those who might want more support or training.

How does DeskTrack work as an productivity monitoring software?

DeskTrack employee productivity tracker keeps track of computer usage, apps, websites visited, and the amount of time spent on various tasks. Employers can assess employee productivity, discover efficient procedures, and rectify any inefficiencies thanks to the rich reports and real-time information it offers. DeskTrack optimizes total team performance by facilitating time management, fostering collaboration, and empowering data-driven decision-making.

How can DeskTrack track employee workloads?

DeskTrack is productivity monitoring software that keeps track of employee workloads by keeping track of how much time is spent on various jobs and projects during the working day. DeskTrack analyzes this data to provide companies with insights into how workers divide their workload, assisting them in ensuring equitable workload distribution and maximizing efficiency.

How can Desktrack improve employee productivity?

By giving employees real-time insights into their work activities and assisting them in better time management, DeskTrack can increase employee productivity. It shows inefficient areas and aids in maintaining task accountability and employee concentration. DeskTrack equips employees to maximize productivity and provide better results through data-driven decision-making and optimized workflows.

What are employee productivity metrics?

Employee productivity metrics are numerical measurements that are used to evaluate an employee's effectiveness and performance at work. Employers can measure these metrics to get insight into team and individual productivity levels, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance workflow and meet corporate objectives.

How does DeskTrack analyze employee productivity?

DeskTrack monitors and records computer activity from users, including the use of applications, websites visited, and time spent on tasks, to measure employee productivity. It aggregates this data into thorough reports and in-the-moment analytics to provide insights into both team and individual performance.

What is the concept of employee productivity?

As an employee, productivity is key to success. The key is to be effective and do tasks on schedule. To contribute to the success of the company, evaluate production and maximize efforts. Accept responsibility and work to increase output.

What are the main factors affecting employee productivity?

The following elements can affect how productive employees are:

  •     Workplace Environment
  •     Workload and Task Complexity
  •     Training and skills of employees
  •     Employee Motivation and Engagement

How Desktrack can solve employee productivity problems?

DeskTrack offers insightful data on group and individual work patterns to address concerns about employee productivity. Employers may use it to spot inefficiencies and productivity bottlenecks and take proactive steps to resolve them.