Top 10 Employee Shift Scheduling Software for Businesses in 2024

Employee Scheduling Software

Are you looking for employee scheduling software for your business in 2024? Probably, a good one? Then, my friend, continue reading. Today, I will try my best to help you choose the best tool to assist you with the job.

Staff scheduling software are tools, which assist you in automating scheduling. Thus, it takes the heavy burden of manually assigning tasks to employees off your shoulders. The best part, which I find very helpful is that the software is 100% customizable to fit you and your business’s needs.

Choosing the best employee scheduling software 2024 to fulfill all your requirements can be a daunting task. However, I have got that covered for you as well. So, let’s get right into it.

How to Choose the Best Employee Shift Scheduling Software in 2024?

How to Choose the Best Employee Scheduling Software in 2024

From the user interface to ease of use, you need to consider various factors before choosing the best hourly staff scheduling app for your team. Here is what you must check:

Ease of Use

If you are looking for free employee scheduling software to automate the tasks of employee work schedules, then it should first be easy to use. I know what you are thinking. Why? It’s only a scheduling tool. However, these software work differently than your usual applications. Hence, the ease of use is an essential factor.

User Interface

Similarly, good employee scheduling software must also be user-friendly. Since there may be many features available, if all of them are not properly arranged and accessible, then it can overwhelm users, which, let me tell you, is not a good thing for your company. Since it’s already making the situation worse than it already is.

Seamless Integration

When choosing a team scheduling app, we are not only looking for one scheduling feature but also other features. However, you won’t buy many tools for the same, will you? Instead, I recommend checking whether the software solution can integrate with the other tools you are using or not.

Easy Collaboration

The last thing you want to check before finalizing your employee schedule management software is the collaboration function. Although I generally use this feature to communicate with my remote and on-field teams, it is also good for optimizing in-office staff communication in your organization.

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What Does Employee Scheduling Software Cost in 2024?

So, now you know the first half about selecting the right staff shift scheduling software, let’s discuss the second half. The other aspect you need to consider is the expense involved.

How much does it cost? Free staff management software may be available for this job. However, you may not get all the features and functionalities you may need. For paid applications, you need to weigh against your requirements.

  • Does it have all the features you need?
  • Is it flexible and customizable?
  • Does it comply with the work culture, policies, and employee monitoring rules of your company?

If all these conditions are met, then you can set a budget. Typically, an employee scheduling software will cost $2-8/month on average. However, as per my knowledge, I can tell that this may vary based on the pricing plans. A rule of thumb is that the higher the cost, the more features you get. However, as I mentioned before, your priorities always come first.



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Top 10 Employee Scheduling Software in 2024

Now, let’s get started selecting the best-fit employee scheduling software for your business. Based on my knowledge and experience, I have listed the top software for 2024 based on their features and prices. Plus, I have also mentioned the pros and cons to help you better shortlist your options.

  • DeskTrack (The best all-in-one tool).
  • ScheduleAnywhere (Best for static shift scheduling).
  • Paycor (Good choice for HR managers).
  • Humanity (AI-based employee scheduling solution).
  • WorkSchedule.Net (Best staff scheduling software for automating business processes).
  • QuickBooks Time (Best for time tracking).
  • Deputy (Best for saving time and costs).
  • Planday ( Good for simplifying communication).
  • Workforce (workforce management tool that also offers time and attendance features). 
  • Clockify (A free software for employee scheduling and time-tracking).


DeskTrack is the best employee scheduling software available in the market. The tool offers a multitude of productivity-boosting features and functionalities including URL Tracking, screenshot monitoring, app usage logs, and more to assist you in proper task management, monitoring, and time tracking for a smoother workflow and work time utilization for on-site, remote, and in-office use. 

Furthermore, this employee work schedule software is easily integrable with any tool you prefer including accounting and payroll applications for added functionality, ease of use, and seamless operations. Overall, it’s the top all-in-one efficiency-improvement software for your organization.

Price: Basic plan starts at $2.99/user/month.


  • Real-time Employee monitoring to increase engagement and boost productivity.
  • Workforce analytics for data-driven impactful decision making.
  • App-Url tracking and daily activity log.


  • Not dedicated to employee scheduling.

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Schedule Anywhere

Schedule Anywhere as the name suggests is an employee work schedule management tool by TCP Software Solutions. The tool is dedicated to aiding you in managing static schedules anywhere and anytime. Manage shifts and view the coverage count with a simple solution.

Furthermore, the software application also offers a mobile application available for iOS and Android, or use the mobile website for ease of access. You can use the tool to manage shifts from any mobile device, view details, and make last minute changes. Overall, the employee work schedule management tool is the best fit for small teams and organizations.

Price: Available at as low as 2 USD/user/month.


  • Comes with Cross-platform support.
  • Light-weight mobile app for on-the-go scheduling.
  • Pocket-friendly pricing.


  • No trial plans for the monthly users.
  • Lacks essential time-tracking features.


Paycor is an employee scheduling software, which is a good tool in assisting HRs to simplify their various processes. This includes onboarding, payroll, expenses, talent development, and more. The software is used by organizations from many industries including healthcare, technology, food, and construction,

The above makes the staff management software customizable and adaptable to your organization’s objectives and requirements. The entire focus is to help managers build and empower powerful teams. This overall can lead to improved workflows and optimized management.

Price: Starts at $1/user/month.


  • AI-powered tools for automatic repeat task delegation.
  • Salient time tracking and employee monitoring features.
  • Multiple platform support.


  • The user interface is a little more complex than its peers.


Humanity is another employee schedule management software for companies from TCP, which provides a solution for managing complex shifts. The tool offers AI-powered automated scheduling features to make this essential task simple and more efficient. The software aims to eliminate overscheduling, staffing errors, and miscommunications.

Furthermore, this software for scheduling employee work also offers a mobile application for schedule management anywhere and anytime. The software is a good choice for shift planning, on-demand scheduling, compliance enforcement, and reporting with integration support for added functionality.

Price: A yearly subscription is available at a minimum of $2/users/month.


  • Highly customizable as per industry need.
  • Automated task scheduling.
  • Seamless integrations and visibility across schedules.


  • The interface can overwhelm basic-level users.

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This employee scheduling software is a good choice when it’s about automating the essential business processes to increase work focus, efficiency, and productivity while eliminating burnout and procrastination. Furthermore, the software also provides time tracking and GPS monitoring features.

This employee work scheduling software offers managers an online platform to simplify viewing and managing your team’s schedules hassle-free. Plus, the plethora of features the software has assist in lifting most of the management burden off the shoulders of the leader. Overall, it’s a very good software for this job. 

Price: The monthly plan starts at $2.99/user/month.


  • Easy-to-use mobile app for on-the-go scheduling.
  • Can easily manage 50+ employees under a dashboard.
  • Great customer support experience.


  • Not a good fit for freelancers.

QuickBooks Time

This staff scheduling software is more focused on employee time tracking, monitoring, and management. It’s a cloud-based solution for anywhere and anytime access. With features such as timesheets, GPS monitoring, and more, it becomes simple and fast for you to keep track of your work hours and streamline workflow for more focus, efficiency, and productivity.

Furthermore, this employee scheduling software for businesses is also easily integrable with other tools including the QuickBooks accounting tool for added functionality from a single application.

Price: Available from $4/user/month.


  • Can easily integrate with QuickBooks Accounting software.
  • GPS tracking & GEO fencing features.
  • Easily accessible through mobile, desktop, and kiosk.


  • Customer support experience is not good.
  • Expensive.


Deputy is an employee work schedule management tool, which also offers workforce management and time monitoring features. The easy-to-use software is focused on saving essential work time and improving efficiency. The tool also focuses on employee productivity monitoring and boosting the profits of your business.

The employee scheduling software is also focused on aiding managers in cutting unnecessary costs and meeting budget requirements. Furthermore, easy integrations make it possible to add more functionality on a single platform. Overall, Deputy is another good software choice, if you want to optimize scheduling.

Price: Starts at $2/user/month.


  • Easy to integrate with existing business software.
  • Offers great customer support.
  • Simple yet intuitive user interface.


  • Slow to load.
  • Can’t filter employee location.



Planday is a staff management software for businesses, which also focuses on simplifying HR management and communication. The software provides you with a plethora of features to meet your business requirements. The tool helps managers make and share schedules faster by considering payroll costs, vacations, and availability of your team members.

Furthermore, the employee work scheduling software also provides a free mobile application to access its features anywhere and anytime. Plus, the easy setup also makes it a good choice.

Price: The basic plan starts at 2.49 Euro/user/month.


  • Simple and easy-to-navigate application.
  • Offers reporting and attendance features.
  • Customer service is decent.


  • Difficult to integrate with other software.


Workforce is a good employee work scheduling software, if you are also looking for time and attendance management functionality. It’s a good tool that integrates hiring, scheduling, and payment management features into one system. A good thing about this tool is that it can store all your staff’s data in one place and still run seamlessly.

Furthermore, this employee work scheduling software also offers capital management, which works for all your teams. However, the cost may be a little high for small businesses.

Price: Starts at $4/month/user.


  • Simple user interface.
  • On-the-go task scheduling.
  • Mobile time tracking for small businesses.


  • Expensive than most other options with similar features.


Clockify is a Free staff management software that provides various time-tracking features. The software, mainly focused on monitoring work hours lets you simplify monitoring your time through timesheets and increases focus, efficiency, engagement, and productivity.

The employee scheduling software ensures that time management and optimization become simple and fast. Lifting most of the burden off the shoulders of managers, it enables you to streamline workflows and helps your employees improve work time utilization. Furthermore, a Kiosk and mobile application is also available.


  • Unlimited users can be registered on the software.
  • The software is forever free of cost.


  • Employees have to manually identify and solve time errors.
  • The kiosk feature is difficult to use.



Online Employee shift scheduling software are solution packages for companies that aid managers in creating, viewing, and managing the shifts of their staff hassle-free, simple, and fast. The software tools offer a plethora of features to aid businesses in this essential task. However, this also makes choosing a tool to best fit your requirements a challenging task. Furthermore, the cost is also an important factor you should consider when choosing one from the top 10 employee monitoring software. The software is continuously developing to keep pace with the changing work environment, but this also has its drawbacks. However, DeskTrack covers this challenge as it is customizable and adaptable to any work environment, making it the best tool to schedule employees.


What is the Most Commonly Used Employee Scheduling Method?

Some of the methods include flexible scheduling, cross-training employees, and considering their preferences. However, the most common scheduling method to set your employees’ daily shifts is to use employee schedule management software. Using this method is the best way to:

  • Automate the processes. 
  • Save time manually doing it. 
  • Increase focus, efficiency, and productivity.     

How Do I Make a Work Schedule for My Staff?

The best and the most common way to make a work schedule for your staff is to use employee schedule management software. There are many advantages to doing so.

  • The process is simplified and hassle-free.
  • Managers can create, view, and track work schedules in real-time.
  • Some software also automate timesheets and schedule creation.
  • Managers can view all the insightful details from a single platform.

Is Employee Scheduling Software Suitable for Businesses of All Sizes?

Yes, employee scheduling software is suitable for your business regardless of the scale of your organization. The software provides you with numerous features. Furthermore: 

  • The software application is compatible with many operating systems.
  • You can customize the settings to meet your objectives and requirements.
  • Specific software for static and dynamic scheduling is also available.     

Can Employee Scheduling Software Integrate with Other Business Tools?

Yes, employee scheduling software are 100% integrable with other business tools. This provides you with many advantages.

  • Added functionality and access from a single platform.
  • Seamless workflow.
  • Only one software becomes sufficient to help optimize all the business processes. 

How Much Does Employee Scheduling Software Cost?

The cost of the employee scheduling software you choose depends on various factors, such as the number of features, user interface, and integration availability.

  • Based on the above factors, the average cost is around $4/month.
  • The cost also depends on whether a /user charge is there or not.
  • The cost may vary depending on the packages.
  • Free software are also available. However, these may or may not meet your requirements.

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