Improving Productivity in Offices with Games and Activities

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Team games for offices are essential to go beyond the casual chit-chats and support employees to know each other better, build understanding, and trust, and better their communication skills.When people from different places, educational backgrounds, and work experience come together to work in an organization, it becomes difficult to break the ice. Working alone cannot develop understanding and trust among them which is essential for working together on the same projects with similar goals.

Productivity games and team-building activities are crucial under such circumstances. Office games help people to establish genuine connections with each other.

In this blog, we will understand whether team games for the office are essential or just a choice. Besides that, we will also understand the reasons for conducting games and fun activities at the workplace.

Benefits of Team Games for Office

Before discussing which games for offices are the best, we will elaborate on the prominent reasons for conducting games and fun activities at the workplace. So, here are some key advantages of office games:

Building Trust

Games at workplaces play an impactful role in helping employees to know each other better, learn new skills from each other, and find out everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Knowing such minor details about each other helps employees to accomplish goals together faster.

Besides understanding, teamwork also requires a lot of trust among the teammates. To build that level of trust where the team functions as a single unit despite differences in strengths and weaknesses, games and fun activities play a huge role. When you play fun games together, you learn sportsmanship and understand how to sink and float together without any blame games.

Improving Employees’ Health

Employees with better health tend to deliver the best results and stay productive. Let us see how games and activities can improve employees’ physical and mental health.

Physical Health

Research shows that employers taking care of their employees’ health and well-being have nearly 6-to1 Return on Investment (ROI). so, organizations have started organizing office activities that improve employees’ physical health and behavior. 

Mental Health

Studies show that approximately 40% of people suffer from mental health issues like stress, depression, and burn-out. So, presently fun activities and games have become more important than ever. Such activities give them a break from their job responsibilities and inject some fun and laughter into their busy work lives.

Poor mental health can be a prominent reason for employees’ reduced motivation and less output. Therefore, today most of the companies worldwide have begun to understand the vitality of employee well-being for better output. Companies have started to add fun activities, office outings, and games to their calendars.

Improving Communication

When employees participate in fun activities together, they become more comfortable with their work environment. This helps them to come out of their shells and perform more confidently. Office games also develop confidence in employees and their team members.

Boosting Employees’ Confidence Level

When employees participate in group activities, they become more comfortable and feel non-threatening. This helps in developing confidence in themselves and their colleagues. Also, such activities help recharge employees as they get something different from their monotonous work.

Finding New Leaders

During games and office activities, organizations can identify new potential leaders. For instance, if people are playing blindfolded at the office and one person is guiding the blindfolded person, a new guide and explainer is found. Also, the fun sessions can find solutions to ongoing problems at the workplace.


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Resolving Conflicts

Conflicts are an unbeatable part of the workplace but resolving them timely before they turn into blunders is essential for continuous functioning. Regular team-building activities and office games are wonderful methods for conflict resolution at offices.

During games, employees face time-based challenges, so they interact and find solutions for these challenges, sending positive messages and reducing underlying tensions. 

People get to understand each other’s points of view during games and activities, also they learn to communicate problems and issues with each other. Not only do activities help in resolving conflicts but they also minimize chances of future conflicts among team members.

 Employee monitoring software such as DeskTrack are also effective tools to minimize and resolve office conflicts and other productivity games.

Bringing out Hidden Talents

When employees perform additional activities like games and fun activities other than their usual official duties, they get chances to showcase their hidden talents. This gives them chances to come in the limelight which further increases their confidence. Recognition of talents also supports employees to improve their relationships with their managers, get additional responsibilities which can help in their appraisals, etc.

Promoting Creativity

Team games for offices are the best opportunities for employers to showcase their creativity. When teams face challenges during office games, they are more motivated to think creatively and find innovative ways to win games. This further enhances their trust in each other and develops understanding to accomplish professional goals together.

Improving Morale

Group games for office boost the morale of employees. The reasons behind enhanced morale in employee morale are that they get an opportunity to break monotony and the feeling that employees are concerned for them.

Office games and team activities help in developing a sense of solidarity among employees and increase their self-efficacies. This helps them feel more invested in each other and their work. When employees get a boost in morale, it leads to increased confidence in their actions and other teammates in the workplace.

 Besides, introducing games to play in office, introducing productivity monitoring software to employees’ daily functions will also improve productivity.


Group games conducted without adding operational costs can help in building and strengthening team bonding. More engaged teams will boost collaboration, and critical thinking skills which can help in delivering better results, hence improving the productivity and profitability of organizations.

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