How To Wipe Out Biggest Drawbacks Of Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software

The most common Benefits of using Employee Monitoring Software are that it helps to boost up productivity, evaluate employee performance, time management and understand the reasons behind why someone is not being able to put that enough effort & output. It has many other awesome benefits but like everything in this world – it also has its cons, there are some minor drawbacks that come with this solution; It’s just how you choose to handle it and how you have to be prepared for the negatives as well.

In this article, we’ll go over the biggest pitfalls of monitoring employees and how you can naturalize them easily to get the most out of your employee monitoring software.

The disadvantages of Employee Monitoring Software and how to eliminate them?

Employee Inconvenience

In traditional monitoring tools, employees must have to click “Start” when starting work on a particular task and click “Stop” after they have done it. It seems too easy, but it becomes very difficult for the employees when they are working on multiple tasks or projects at the same time. They become compel clicking the buttons continuously that can cost a huge amount of time as wasted. 

The second thing, employees sometimes can forget to start or stop the tracking that can lead to inaccurate working reports. It can be very inconvenient for the employees in the form of lost productivity.

Solution? Automated Time Tracking 

Automated Time Tracking Tool like DeskTrack has enough in-built technology to automatically track all the data, activity reports with specific application and file name, productive and unproductive hours. Employees don’t have to do anything and can work on their projects fully focused.

Can Harm Employee Trust

When you implement employee monitoring software in the workplace. There can be a big problem when it comes to employee trust. They feel like you don’t trust them that they are doing their job properly or have doubts about their commitment.

To eliminate this, you have to properly elucidate the solution to your employee, about its benefits. Let them know that this is using to know the working patterns among the whole organization, not to spy on an individual or a particular team. As well as it will also help to boost their own productivity, accountability, manage schedules in a better way, and also helps in the billing process.

Causes Privacy Issues

Another misconception that can back your employees is that they may feel like their privacy has been devalued or violated. They could start thinking that from now; you are going to monitor their personal activities, their non-working hours, all their movements are being monitored, and their environment is less personal. Ultimately it can build a false sense of security in employees’ minds and for an organization, it can actually be a risk in and of itself.

There is also a solution for this as well, explain to them you are not going to track anything after the working hours, not any data is tracing of their personal activities like social media usage, etc. Help them to understand that this is just a productivity tool, once they understand this they will be more open and happy to use your monitoring tool.

Can Reduce Motivation

No one likes to be monitored. Make sure that you are monitoring your employees after letting them know. It can affect employees’ motivation and their commitment to the organization when they figure out that you are secretly monitoring their all activities. 

Who Will Watch The Watchers?

Unfavorable rumors may crop up among the employees as you have managers to analyze all the tracked data of employees but who will monitor the managers’ data. It can pose a risk of discrimination.  To overcome this, you have to assign a person or a team who can make sure that none of the managers are taking the wrong advantage of their positions.

Can Be Expensive

Implementing Employee Monitoring Software can be quite expensive for some businesses as it requires an amount of investment. Any monitoring software can only be successful for the organization if it’s studied well before. First, you have to understand what your requirements are.

While choosing the Best Employee Monitoring Software for your company you think about the cost which is definitely an important consideration. No one has extra cost to waste on a time management system that doesn’t fit in their organization. So you have to choose wisely and be absolutely sure about the purchase.

Software provider companies also understand this concern, that is why most of them offer a Free Trial on employee monitoring software. Allows you to check whether their software is perfect for your organization or not. Business owners expect a greater level of control over their assets, increased productivity, and data security. There isn’t enough time to see results but you can get an idea.


If you are looking to adopt Employee monitoring software at your organization, make sure your employees know the benefits of this solution and understand the intentions behind implementing it. Establishing significant strategies for your organization and team will help in more excellent performance and higher productivity.

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