Best Employee Monitoring Software For Workplace

You will get access to a wide range of capabilities including Productivity, Employee Activities, Screenshots, Attendance Tracking, Monitoring App and Website Usage, and Data Security by using the employee monitoring software in India.

  • Real time access to team's working
  • Insights on work time utilization
  • Data driven analytics
  • Identify gaps & inefficient practices
  • Improves team's performance & productivity

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Optimize Productivity with Employee Monitoring Software (Remote vs Office)

Timesheets Timesheets


Timesheets help pay for the efforts and time employees spend at work. It tracks the login/logout, working, idle, productive, and unproductive hours of the day.

Activity Tracking Timesheets

Activity Tracking

Stay aware and updated with the team's work by tracking activities performed on the apps, websites, meetings, etc., in a day to identify and overcome gaps in functioning.

Employee Monitoring System Boosts Employee Productivity

time and attendance with employee activity monitoring software track working hours and idle hours with best employee tracking software productivity with employee monitoring software arrange meeting time with desktrack billable hours with desktrack track flexible hours with best employee tracking software
  • Time and Attendance

    Track the duration spent at the workplace and login/logout time of the employees whenever they start and end their day.

  • Working & Idle Hours Tracking

    Tracking employee computer activity and time with Time Tracking Software at work or away from office.

  • Meeting Time

    Record the total meetings with the best employee monitoring software and time spent on them during the day.

  • Fixed & Flexible Hours Tracking

    Provide flexibility and tracking activities by employee activity monitoring software in office working hours

  • Billable Hours

    With DeskTrack No need to fill out and manage timesheets manually. Work with automated TimeSheet for your team.

  • Productivity

    Identify the relevant or irrelevant activities to analyze the productivity and unproductivity of the employees.

Employee Monitoring Tool For Tracking Employee Activity

application tracking with desktrack internet usage with desktrack track blacklist and whitelist urls with desktrack file tracking with desktrack employee monitoring software screenshots call logs with desktrack
  • Application Tracking

    With Application and URL tracking software, calculate the time spent on the apps and URLs.

  • Internet Usage

    Limit the time spent on the internet by keeping the calculation of internet usage.

  • Call Logs

    Calculate the total number of calls and time spent on incoming and outgoing calls.

  • Blacklist & Whitelist

    Filter the apps & websites in blacklist/whitelist to track productivity & unproductivity.

  • Screenshots

    Manage 100% transparency by getting screen access with the help of random screenshots

  • File/Document Tracking

    Log the time & names of files/documents opened by the team in a day.

Optimize Productivity with Employee Monitoring Software (Remote vs Office)



Timesheets help pay for the efforts and time employees spend at work. It tracks the login/logout, working, idle, productive, and unproductive hours of the day.

  • Time And Attendance
  • Working & Idle Hours Tracking
  • Meeting Time
  • Fixed & Flexible Hours Tracking
  • Billable Hours
  • Productivity
Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

Stay aware and updated with the team's work by tracking activities performed on the apps, websites, meetings, etc., in a day to identify and overcome gaps in functioning.

  • Application Tracking
  • Internet Usage
  • Call Logs
  • Blacklist & Whitelist
  • Screenshots
  • File/Document Tracking

Optimize productivity with employee monitoring software Work From Home and in-office


Timesheets help pay for the efforts and time employees spend at work. It tracks the login/logout, working, idle, productive, and unproductive hours of the day.

Activity Tracking

Stay aware and updated with the team's work by tracking employee activities performed on the apps, websites, meetings, etc., in a day to identify and overcome gaps in functioning.

Who Will Get Benefited From The Best Employee
Monitoring Software


The best way for employees to use free employee monitoring software is by performing self-assessment on activities tracked by the team, which helps to highlight the areas that require focus and effort. Along with it, they can also showcase efforts they are making for optimal outcomes.


It brings 100% visibility on the team's time utilization to identify the most and the least occupied resources that helps in better project planning and task allocation and also states appropriate parameters on performance evaluation.


Due to improper reporting, the major business issue is quantifying the team's results and analyzing efforts. Therefore, automated reports from the best employee monitoring system overcome all challenges, uncover productivity gaps and reduce operational costs by 40%.

Best Employee monitoring software for online/offline
mode also, don't miss a bit.

Guide to Choosing Employee Monitoring Software

employee screen monitoring software
Download The Software

Download DeskTrack employee monitoring software on Windows, Linux and have install employee monitoring app on Android and iOS.

Monitor Your Workforce

From login/logout and app/website usage to project planning and allocation, you can set the screenshot feature for regular screen check-ups of the user system anytime and anywhere.

Get Better Budgeting and Improved Employee Productivity

DeskTrack employee productivity monitoring software allows work behavior analysis, work-life balance, and productivity trends that help set clear goals, better project planning, productivity enhancement, employee engagement, and budgeting.

Essential Features Of Employee Tracking Software for Your Business

Features Of Employee Monitoring software

Transparency Among Teams

Employee Computer Monitoring Software brings 100% transparency among the business. It tracks all the activities performed & proves the work efficiency effortlessly and helps to make fact based decisions, for the teams working as on-site, freelance, remote, hybrid, or work from home.

Increase Employee Productivity

DeskTrack employee activity monitoring software helps to increase productivity of employees at the workplace by tracking their day to day activities on productive apps.

Can Detect Unusual Activities

Employee Time Tracking Software is a perfect tool for organizations that looking to reduce the risk of compliance violations or data breaches caused by employee negligence, lace of security awareness, or risky behavior. It can also provide the record of which employees may be responsible if a violation does occur.

Increase Employee Engagement

DeskTrack helps employees and managers increase motivation and engagement at work more effectively. With all the accountability, visibility, and insight in one system.

Employee Self Assessment

Employee Monitoring Software gives the flexibility to employees for doing self assessment on the time spent & activities performed, this analysis helps employees to find the skill gaps, inefficient practices, time misused. This analysis helps employees to increase efficiency & productivity.

Automated Reports of The Team

With best employee tracking software, you can get timesheets for client billing & payroll processing, on the top activity logs gives insights on distractions, working patterns which affects team’s performance.

How Do Employee Monitoring Software Securely Store Your Data?

Cloud solution

It takes "0" investment & less execution time, simply register an account and find a cloud based access to onboard the team & store the data/reports in AWS. End to end server performance & data storage will be managed with DeskTrack.

On-Premise Hybrid solution

This implementation will take more time & investment compared with cloud setup. It allows you to get data stored at your server & clients have to manage everything on their own, from data storage to server performance.

How DeskTrack Employee Monitoring Software Can Become Everyone's Choice?

monitoring software stealth/hidden mode

Stealth/Hidden Mode

Don't hassle the team with the best employee monitoring tool. Run it in hidden mode, and keep notifying their efforts and outputs.

viewer mode

Viewer Mode

Give access to the employees to monitor their work performance, and when needed they can log out or pause/resume the software.



Set up an office staff hierarchy in which the reporting managers can monitor all the employees' work and help to improve.

Department & team comparison

Department & Team Comparison

Admins can monitor the work status among teams and generate real-time reports about the progress and functioning of each department.

Private time

Private Time

Taking "Me Time" during the day to refresh the mind is necessary, pause and resume staff system tracking, and stay productive.

User-friendly app

User Friendly App

Configure the employee monitoring app in 5 mins and view the reports. The app will run smoothly without hindering other programs.

How Do Employee Monitoring Software Work in Different Modes


DeskTrack visible mode allows users to track their activity & task logs, directly through app. The app icon is located in the taskbar, provides easy access to user reports & other details. This feature enable employees to keep track of their work & increase productivity.


In DeskTrack’s Stealth mode app icon is hidden. Users can’t able to pause or enable tracking manually. Users can see their reports by login on DeskTrack website. The feature is useful for managers who want to monitor their team’s work without disrupting their wokflow.

Easy Access to the Reports with Employee Activity Tracking Software

Create multiple logins with role-based access management, organize the dashboard as per the business needs,

Location Heads Login

Location Heads Login

Admins and managers can track employees operating from different places or locations and take actions accordingly.

Manager Login

Manager Login

Monitor real-time insights of their team members to help them to improvise their performance by identifying gaps & distractions.

User Login

User Login

With automated activity insights & timesheets, users can do self-assessment by monitoring daily functioning on their work insights.

Admin Login

Admin Login

Admins can access the complete employee screen monitoring software and provide role-based rights to the workforce, also can evaluate the reports for the entire team.

Mobile app reportings

Mobile app reportings

DeskTrack employee analytic app available on android & iOS for admin & managers to access team's timesheets & activities performed anywhere anytime.

Get the Most out of Features From Employee Monitoring Tools

Application Tracking Application Tracking

URL/Website Tracking Website Monitoring

File Monitoring File Monitoring

Automated Timesheets (Working & Idle hour) Fixed & Flexible Hours

Automated ScreenshotsScreenshot Monitoring

Hierarchy Based Reporting Login & Logout

Project Timesheets Holiday Calendar

Admin, Manager & Employee Logins Work Status

Productivity Calculator Productivity Calculator

Stealth Mode (invisible working) Manager, Web & User Login

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remote server employee monitoring software

Remote Server

terminal server employee monitoring software

Terminal Server

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What is Employee Monitoring Software - DeskTrack?

Employers are increasingly using digital technologies to monitor employee performance, work in progress, and completed tasks. It's like you have a personal "productivity detective" investigating! It's a handy little gadget that keeps an eye on the actions of your team while they work their magic.

Looking for free employee monitoring software? Well, DeskTrack has got you covered. DeskTrack is a cutting-edge employee monitoring software crafted to provide businesses with the power to monitor employee activity while promoting an open and productive workplace.

DeskTrack gives you essential insights into the output of your team, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that will increase productivity and improve results.

How Does DeskTrack Work?

Employers make use of employee monitoring, a type of surveillance, to keep tabs on workers' work, attendance, and performance. With DeskTrack, the best employee monitoring software in India, you can use it as productively as possible.

DeskTrack quietly monitors employee work, keeping tabs on time spent on tasks, application and internet usage, active and inactive hours, and project advancement. The program offers thorough statistics and reports that give a comprehensive view of both team and individual performance.

DeskTrack provides companies with a comprehensive picture of employee activity, enabling them to see potential improvement areas, eliminate productivity bottlenecks, and promote a more effective and open working atmosphere.

What Industries Reap More Benefits From DeskTrack?

DeskTrack's customizable and effective features make it a godsend for a variety of businesses looking to increase productivity, simplify processes, and learn more about their employees. DeskTrack can have a huge impact on the following industries:

  • IT and Software Development: It's essential in the quick-paced world of technology to keep track of the time spent writing, testing, and debugging. DeskTrack supports effective resource allocation, bottleneck identification, and project management optimization for IT and software development teams.

  • Hybrid and Remote Teams: DeskTrack is the best employee monitoring tools for keeping remote teams connected and productive in the age of remote work. It guarantees openness and accountability, regardless of where your team members are situated.

  • Educational Institutions: DeskTrack supports educators and administrators in organizing their time spent on administrative duties, class preparation, and lesson planning, enhancing their productivity and improving educational outcomes.

  • Marketing and Creative Agencies: Deadlines have limits, but creativity has none! DeskTrack proves to be a priceless resource for advertising and marketing firms looking to track billable hours, quantify client-specific tasks, and improve project management.

What Are The Types of Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee tracking software is of various types as per the needs of businesses, each with specific features and focuses. that is

  • Employee Activity Monitoring Software: Employees' online activities, including the use of applications and websites, email correspondence, and file access, are monitored. It offers information on how staff members use their working hours and aids in the detection of any possible diversions or inefficiencies.

  • Email Monitoring: Almost every organization in the 21st century communicates both internally and externally through email. The method most frequently used by businesses is to monitor email in order to spot possible problems and protect sensitive information.

  • Keylogging: Keylogging, also known as keystroke logging, is the process of capturing keystrokes made on a worker's computer and saving the information in a readable file. The greatest risk is posed by this kind of employee surveillance since it might result in password breaches.

  • Time Tracking and File Tracking: One of the most common forms of staff monitoring is time tracking. Employee clock-in, clock-out, and break information are gathered. The amount of time worked during the day is summarized by time-tracking software, which also reports the data on timesheets.

  • Screen Monitoring Software: Employee Monitoring Software Screenshot record the computer screens of staff members on a regular basis. It enables supervisors to visually evaluate the job activities of staff members and see any potential problems.

  • Voicemail and Calls: Call monitoring helps businesses understand what is working for top performers and how their approaches can be taught to employees struggling to meet their goals.

What to Look For or Avoid For Selecting Employee Monitoring Software?

Making an informed choice when choosing employee tracking software is essential for ensuring that it fits the needs and values of your business.

  • Customizability: look for software that enables customization to suit your specific monitoring requirements. Because every business has different requirements, the software should be flexible.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Select software with an intuitive user interface that is simple to use and comprehend. Implementation and usage issues may arise with complex software.

  • Data Security and Privacy: Give Priority to employee monitoring software that assures data security and respects employee privacy. Look for features that let managers limit access to important information, have safe data storage, and use encryption.

  • Analytics and Reporting: To make data-driven decisions and spot trends in staff productivity, use software that offers thorough reporting and analytics.

  • Complete Monitoring: Choose employee activity monitoring software that has a variety of services, including time tracking, application usage tracking, website monitoring, and attendance tracking.

How Does Employee Monitoring Software Mobile App Work?

In order to make the desktop version more practical for remote workers, the employee tracking software Mobile app was created. When working from multiple places or while moving about, it enables employees to remain connected, effective, and productive.

Employees may easily fit job tasks into their hectic schedules, remain productive while on the go, and support a more effective and connected workforce by utilizing the Employee Monitoring Software Mobile app.

Which Operating System DeskTrack Support?

DeskTrack is the Best employee monitoring software in India. It is made to work with numerous operating systems, guaranteeing its adaptability to varied devices and settings. The following systems are supported by the software:

  • Windows: All versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Server editions, are completely compatible with DeskTrack. It tracks actions on desktops and laptops running Windows OS and effortlessly interacts with Windows apps.

  • MacOS: DeskTrack now offers support for macOS, making it available to customers operating iMac, MacBook, and Mac Mini computers. DeskTrack's time tracking tool and employee monitoring tool are available to Mac users.

  • Linux: DeskTrack's features are equally useful to Linux users. Popular Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, and CentOS are compatible with the program, making it suitable for a variety of office settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

Why do Employers Need to opt for Employee Monitoring Software?

Employers use free employee tracking software to boost productivity and maintain confidentiality at work. Employers may make data-driven decisions with the aid of employee monitoring software, which provides insightful statistics on team performance.

How employee monitoring software can help in business growth?

Employee productivity is an important aspect of business growth, and unproductivity can cause loss. Therefore, it is essential to monitor and track the productivity of employees.

Remote Employee monitoring systems can be used to monitor each employee's productivity and time spent on work. It provides various features like employee tracking system progress, login/logout, time, apps, and URLs and generates real-time reports, which can help to get rid of manual paperwork. By monitoring how much time employees spend working, managers can identify their idle time and working hours.

Is employee monitoring legal?

Different countries have different rules and regulations for employee monitoring and workplace privacy. But in most of them, monitoring employee activities are legal without any restrictions. Yet, there may be limitations on what type of employee activities monitoring will be monitored. So, before configuring any software, one should get a consultation from their respective advisors and inform their employees about the installation by making them aware of their employee activity tracking. DeskTrack's top employee monitoring software can be the best option because of its monitoring and recording features to bear by any legal or regulatory restrictions.

Does DeskTrack Provide Timesheets and Other Reports?

Absolutely! DeskTrack provides timesheets and a range of reports that support data-driven decision-making and improved workforce management with Workforce Analytics Software.

What Type of Employee Activity Can be Monitored?

DeskTrack can keep track of employee time, app and website use, active and inactive hours, and project progress, giving it a thorough understanding of their activities, and maximizing productivity.

  • Email
  • Application usage & website usage
  • Computer activity
  • Time & attendance
  • Time on projects & tasks
  • Screenshots
  • File & Document

Can you Turn off screenshots in DeskTrack employee monitoring?

Admins and managers have access to review the timely screenshot reports of their complete workforce as well as they can turn the employee monitoring software screenshot feature off anytime as per their business needs. Also, Users do not have access to view or turn off screenshots tracking feature of their system by default.

How Employee Monitoring Software Introduced to Teams?

  • Talk about benefits
  • Be transparent
  • Make them part of Process
  • Don’t Install on Employee own devices

Is my data stored in a secure environment?

Yes, DeskTrack protects your data in a secure environment and maintains data protection with encrypted storage. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of your data.

Is DeskTrack an HRMS Software?

Yes,DeskTrack is also dedicated to HRMS software as well as employee monitoring and productivity tracking.

Is Employee Monitoring Software Legal?

There are no issues; relax! Most areas allow the use of employee monitoring software, but it's important to respect local regulations and maintain an honest and ethical workplace culture.

How much does DeskTrack cost?

DeskTrack offers cost-effective solutions, although the price may change depending on the number of users and the plan chosen. For further price details, get in touch with the Pricing Page.