How To Solve Business Problems Through DeskTrack

How To Solve Business Problems Through DeskTrack

“You’re your own boss! That must be so great!” If you are a small business owner, you have heard these words previously. Sure, owning a business is gratifying because you are building something you love. You are your own boss…but, being your own boss can be a disadvantage to small business owners. When was the last time your boss took time off or left after closing for the day? When was the last time you didn’t work and eat lunch at the same time? Remember the last time when you actually took the time to eat lunch? It’s been a while, huh?


Business Problems

Business owners are challenged in today’s competitive and ever-increasing technological market. Profit margins, time management, payroll, administrative duties, customer and employee relations, and marketing seem to demand much more time than the average business owner has. You may catch up with employee and customer relations and as a result, fall behind in time management.

Day-to-day operations and profit margins were taking all of my time as a business owner.  After a particularly frustrating day where I tried to juggle five balls and dropped four, I just stopped. I wanted to work smarter. With a dozen emails in my Inbox and papers stacked on my desk, I analyzed the roots of this overwhelming deluge. This analysis led me on a search for online-business productivity tools:

DeskTrack is the answer!

DeskTrack monitors applications, URLs, Gmail, and even mobile apps and helps to improve productivity. I was surprised to discover I was spending 10 hours a week on social media and entertainment! DeskTrack not only records working hours and how much time goes into each activity or meeting but also notifies for exceeding the time limit on applications and opening blacklisted websites.

To take my social and entertainment media as an example, I was wasting 10 hours a week or two hours a day. Every month, I was losing one full 40-hour work week! I was wondering where my “Me Time” went. Time is money, so by simply eliminating those “little distractions” every day, I could literally make more money and have more quality “Me Time.”

Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Software

Know How

My employees had the same experience with DeskTrack. They were shocked at how much actual time they were wasting online. My motive is not to watch every move my employees make and “catch” them on Facebook or Twitter; my motive is to better help my employees manage their productivity during the workday, so they have more time for their families, friends, health, and themselves. Employees are valuable to my business and are good people. We are a team. They also want to work smarter. Company growth benefits everyone in the business.

With DeskTrack’s detailed reporting of every online activity, my team and I can identify those areas in which we need to improve. Management can identify each employee’s activities and can improve overall operations to utilize maximum profit from any resource.

team performance

DeskTrack is not a secret “Big Brother.” The entire process is transparent. Employees can see a detailed accounting of their own time and adjust their time management accordingly. Have you ever logged into Facebook for just five minutes and the next thing you know an hour or two has passed? DeskTrack is like a conscience reminding management and employees to stay focused, ignore distractions, and be more efficient and effective. We all work smarter, not harder with DeskTrack.

The ultimate goal of any organization is to grow and be better. DeskTrack improves how my team and I work, profit margin increases, and paves the way for growth. Do Join Us Today!

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