Impacts of Time Tracking & Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance often becomes our topmost priority in this fast-paced world. The same is true for all your team members. But no one can take full advantage of their time unless they know how they spend their time. Time tracking software can be your best companion when it comes to taking control of your time.

If your company has just introduced an employee monitoring software for personal growth and it’s not going too well with your work ethic, this article can help you with a different perspective. Here we will discuss the impact of time tracking & employee monitoring software on your personal growth. Have a look now to understand how to use time tracking software for personal growth.

Top 5 Ways Time Tracking Software Improves Your Personal Growth

Starting from better time management skills, and healthy work-life balance to the rightly deserved appraisal, time tracking software can help your organization grow and ensure your personal growth at the same time. Check out the below to understand what are the impacts of time tracking software on personal growth.

Also, if you are running a business and thinking of introducing employee monitoring software, you must check out how employees will get profit in 2021 with time tracking software.

Overcome Procrastination

We might have heard about all sorts of positive relations between procrastination and creativity. But procrastination is something that always comes in between you and your career growth. In fact, people who say ‘will do it later’ most of the time they have something to work on, tend to lose a major portion of their time by doing nothing.

One of the most common reasons people procrastinate is that they underestimate the time required for a task and concentrate more on less important things. Eventually, that leads to a delay in work submission, creating a huge pressure on you. It impacts not only your creativity but also the quality of the work suffers. However, time tracking and employee monitoring software helps you to have a better idea of how you are proceeding with a task.

As you can keep track of the specific time required for a task, you can precisely estimate the exact turnaround time. Also, none of us actually wants to waste our time doing nothing, but the problem is that we don’t recognize when we do that. But as you use time tracking software, you can easily identify how and why you procrastinate and ensure you never walk down that path ever again.


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Achieve Better Time Management Skills

As per a study found in Development Academy, 1 in every 8 people feels that their work is not under control. And, if you feel the same, it’s not a good sign for your career. The feeling that your regular work is not under control makes you underconfident and inefficient at the job. If you’re managing your time with a technique where you deal with whatever comes up at the particular time, it’s not going to help you get things under control.

In fact, 28% of people who use this technique feel their work is never under control. Thus, to actually complete your regular work on time, you just need to have better time management skills. Being better at managing your time comes with the price of being organized. You need to schedule your job as per their priority and complete them in a specific amount of time.

Discussing the impact of time tracking software on personal growth, it can automatically keep a tab on how you are proceeding with your work and saves every activity under a dashboard. Therefore, when you analyze those data and statistics later, you always get a better chance to eliminate distractions and focus more on the job. Also, it tells you about the exact time you take while completing a specific task. Hence, you can always segregate your whole work into small tasks and complete them within the allotted time.

Be Aware of your Peak Productivity Hours

You may not be at your peak productivity hours while toiling across the pile of work through the day. In fact, many of us have already been there, where our productivity slumps, and we still have to power through the finish line somehow, even if we are getting substandard output. If you work in standard office hours, you already know that it’s impossible to have the same focus and consistency throughout the day. Then, how to meet deadlines while ensuring quality output?

Well, having complete knowledge of your peak productivity hours can help you to ensure the best output, and that’s too within a stipulated time. You can easily identify the time when you are most productive just by checking on your working habits. E.g. knowing whether you are an early bird or a night owl will let you decide the best time for you to get your things done.

A time tracking software offers valuable inputs with complete productivity reports, time graphs, and screenshots to check and analyze your productive hours. Therefore, you can prioritize your tasks and get most of the essential things done when you are at the peak of your productivity.

Find and Eliminate Skill Gaps

Skill gaps have always been a major issue for the global workforce. In fact, as a PWC report suggests closing the global skill gaps among employees can add up to $11.5 trillion to the global GDP by the year 2028. Also, considering the Indian workforce, 92% of employees believe that they suffer from a skill gap. Thus, impact of employee monitoring software in India is already a major point of discussion.

Though major efforts have already been made by industry leaders globally, we can never deny our individual responsibilities as a part of the workforce. When it comes to removing skill gaps, it’s important to know what you do best in your job and where there is a lack. But how to know that when you complete multiple tasks throughout your day?

As you get time sheets and productivity calculators and the complete overview of how you proceed through the job, you can easily understand where you lack and excel. E.g. If the daily activity trend shows you that you put off a specific task regularly until it comes to the very last minute, it may indicate that you are underconfident about the skills you need to complete that task.

Thus, you can always identify those tasks that you are uncomfortable with and enlist them under the ‘skills I want to improve. Also, completing a task in a jiffy is the surefire way to prove your skills and expertise. Therefore, as you complete certain things much faster, you become much more credible and reliable at your job.

Ensure Better Mental Health

Time tracking aids you with better time management skills, which directly impacts your mental health. As several studies suggest, poor time management is one of the main reasons behind workplace burnout among employees. Thus, as you get better at managing your time with the help of tracking software, you feel less stressed or anxious about your work.

Not only that but employee monitoring software allows you to schedule your work as per its priority. Therefore, as you complete each of your scheduled tasks within time, you get the sense of completion, which helps you stay motivated throughout the day.

Also, time tracking is an excellent tool for everyone who is working towards long-term future growth. As you can always self-monitor your performance, you tend to perform better. Eventually, this goes without saying that we indeed feel good whenever we see ourselves performing well.
That’s all. Now, you know how it can be beneficial for you to track your working hours with time tracking and employee monitoring software. Also, as an employer, you can understand the impact of time tracking software on employees. Get to the peak of your productivity with time tracking from DeskTrack.

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