Productivity Monitoring Tool – Key To Establish Your Dominance

productivity monitoring tool

Are you a business owner or a manager who is facing continuous revenue losses and looking for opportunities to be more efficient and productive to keep running your business? To manage 100% transparency between the organization and the workforce it is recommended to use a Productivity Monitoring tool. It helps to increase productivity and manage all the tasks according to deadlines. It is the best tool to track all the working activities done by the employees at the workplace. 

What are the Productivity Monitoring Tools?

Do you know: What are the productivity monitoring tools? A productivity monitoring tool is a software program that allows managers to calculate a team’s overall productivity and identify who is productive and unproductive. It provides a detailed report of the workforce with the total time spent on each and every task by an individual.

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Use of Productivity Monitoring Tools For Businesses?

Productivity and revenue play an important role in any organization to stand as a strong competitor against other companies that already exist in the market. Implementing Productivity Monitoring Software in your organization will save your company valuable time and money.

In order to gain good profits, the foremost step is to ensure that the employees are working well and are productive. This is where the productivity monitoring software comes into action by helping you monitor their activities. 

How Productivity Monitoring Tool Can Help to Increase Productivity?

DeskTrack – An employee productivity monitoring tool, that helps organizations to motivate their employees to increase their own productivity. Employers can do a gap analysis of human resource costs and profit margins. Get answers to key questions about human behavior and take proactive measures. Help to deal with data security.

Key features of Productivity Monitoring Tools Which Help your Business

Activity Tracking

Remote productivity monitoring tools provide accurate reports to the managers, which comprise detailed information of apps and documents opened (name & path), URLs browsed, emails sent and received with counts, and all other desktop activities. With this detailed reporting of an individual, you can easily determine his productivity.

Calculate Productivity

These reports are key to calculating productivity to provide transparency. On the basis of the Timesheets and activity logs, managers can set the parameters to evaluate the productivity of an individual. 

Productivity Calculator

Distractions simply divert the mind of an individual and take the focus away from the timeline of the task and decrease productivity. The main cause of distractions is the Internet, Social Media, multitasking, meetings, and discussions, therefore it is necessary to track the time spent on each activity.

Desktrack is the best choice as a work from home productivity monitoring tools to analyze distractions by calculating the time spent on the Internet, URLs Browsed, projects & tasks, meetings & discussions, and staying focused.


DeskTrack, Productivity Tracking App, and Automated Time Tracking Software is the right tool for managing 100% transparency between the organization and the workforce with activity logs and time spent. It will provide you the best way to identify lubricious practices and eliminate them. This is the ultimate solution for analyzing employee performance and boosting productivity.

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