Willing To Increase Productivity?

Willing To Increase Productivity?

Are you an employer? Do you want your business and employees to work smarter, not harder?
DeskTrack is the answer!

If you want your team to value you and your business, then you must have faith in and appreciate your employees’ efforts; however, businesses need to have and make available to their teams the necessary tools like productivity tool for success. But, do you always have time to meet everyone’s needs?

DeskTrack can help you

DeskTrack is a transparent activity and Time Tracking solution for managers and team members. As we all get distracted at work, sometimes looking at those cute kitty videos on YouTube for way too long!

DeskTrack helps you and your employees analyze exactly how each minute of the day is spent through Employee Automated Timesheets, measurable progress on projects and daily efforts, completed-project data, and personal performance.

This information helps businesses and employers in Tracking and evaluating performance; everybody can improve productivity and work smarter, not harder. DeskTrack is not nearly employee monitoring however it is an activity tracking solution for sub-standard employee productivity with tangible performance sheets showing real-time data.

Automated Timesheet and Attendance

Businesses need to keep track of their employees’ timesheets, attendance and business invoices, but that is a difficult task without DeskTrack, which works automatically and records insightful details of a team’s work.

Your employees can record the time they spend with clients, in meetings, on project and email. If you have employees who are not working to their potential, you don’t need to “call them out” on it. The evidence is in DeskTrack. With timesheets and data, you and your employees can work together to increase their productivity.

Project Time Sheets

DeskTrack as project tracking allows you to give the invoice to clients as per hours spent on projects and tasks, so your invoice recording just got a whole lot easier. Work smarter, not harder!


As mentioned earlier, technological distractions can significantly hinder employees’ productivity at work. It distracts the mind and makes it difficult for employees to get back to work.

Web surfing, gaming, YouTube, social media, mobile media, and chatting wastes work time and lower productivity which leads to higher operational costs.

When we talk about distraction at work or by individuals, DeskTrack works to keep people focused. Look at the data from studies that show the statistics of how much time youth and other people spend on the internet and phones.

The Success Story of John

John was the owner of County Media and had over 200 employees. Since John traveled a lot, he couldn’t always stay on top of his employees’ productivity. Sue got mad at Lisa because Lisa wasn’t doing her share of the work, and Team Leader Jim said it was not his responsibility. These small conflicts negatively impacted John’s business.

He wanted his employees to be responsible and work smarter, not harder, so he invested in DeskTrack, which updated John on work productivity in real-time.

John from anywhere manages to look at the team’s work with the DeskTrack Analytics Mobile App. If Lisa weren’t pulling her weight, Sue was just too stressed, and Jim was not an effective team leader.

DeskTrack helps John and his team to work smarter, not harder; John’s company meets its highest productivity performance levels and they are happy because of DeskTrack.

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