Average Salary in Japan in 2024: The Complete Insights

Average Salary in Japan

Wondering what the average salary in Japan is? The country is one of the top economies right now with businesses booming in the automobile, technology,  and innovation industries. Speaking of which, we can easily say that it is one of the best environments for business expansion and outsourcing processes.

An average Japanese salary is about 6200000 Yen or 39818 USD per year in 2024 according to the exchange rates in May 2024. So, that makes it clear that hiring or outsourcing a Japanese workforce will be expensive.

Average Salary Stats in Japan

As per our sources, 3 stats affect the average salary in Japan. This includes the salary range, median salary, and minimal wages. Understanding this will give you an understanding of the basic labor costs you will incur while expanding your business there.

Furthermore, factors including region, job location, education, and experience also affect salaries. According to a Salary Explorer Report, the average monthly salary in the country is around 516000 Yen.

Salary Range

The average pay range in Japan per month is around  958 USD or 130, 000 Yen to 16, 944 USD or 230, 000 JPY.

Median Salary

Before knowing it, let us first understand what median salary means.  The median salary is the midpoint differentiating working people into two categories. This represents that half of the working population gets more salary than this value whereas the other half receives a salary lower than this amount.

The median salary in Japan is about $23268 i.e. 3600000 Yen per year. This indicates that 50% of the working population in Japan earns less than USD 3, 470 and the other 50% get higher wages than this amount.

Minimal Wages

The workforce in Japan generally works for 40 hours per week and the minimum wage in Japan is decided by the regional Minimum Wage Council in the country.

The average minimum wage in Japan is around 1050 Yen as of January 2024.

Also, employees working more than their working hours get overtime pay as decided by the Labor Standards Act of 1947.

The minimum wage in Japan also varies from location to location. For example, people in Tokyo get approximately 1113 Yen i.e. 7.6 USD per hour. This indicates that the basic salary in Japan is higher in some areas. This is because of improved business operations and better infrastructure.


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Average Salary: Japan Profession Wise

We have shared the industry-wise Japan average salary compensation in Japan for popular industries and professions in Japan in the given table:

Average Salary in Japan – Industry/ Profession

Salary in JPY
Engineers 21,874,424
Doctors 9,220,000
Real Estate 6,990,000
Accounting Professionals 6,360,000
Education Sector 6,550,000
Science and Technical Sector 8,270,000
Entertainment Sector 225,100
Hospitality Sector 208,900
Construction Industry 251,200
IT Professionals 315,500
Research Sector 301,400

Average Salary in Japan USD vs Global Average Salaries

This table helps you to compare the basic salary in Japan on average with the approximate salaries in different countries:

Country Average Salary in USD Average Salary in JPY
India 387 58211.25
Dubai 4,570 687382.84
US 6,228 936765.94
UK 3,426 515311.51
Australia 5,032 9078397.16
Pakistan 287 43169.58
Philippines 500 75208.33
Canada 4,942 743359.10
Russia 730.402 109864.63
Malaysia 1,485 223368.73

Average Salary – India vs Japan

The average per month salary in Japan is 369239 Yen whereas the per month average salary in India is around 32,840 INR.  This represents that the average salary of Japanese employees is 10 times higher than what people in India receive. The prominent reasons for better salaries in Japan are better infrastructure and businesses operating more effectively as people are more productive than people in India.

For better understanding the average salary in India, read our blog on the average salary in India. 

Average Salary US vs Japan

The average compensation is lower in comparison to the average salary in the US. People in the US have better living conditions as they earn more than the Japanese working people. Know more details about the average salary in US in our blog here.

Average Salary Dubai vs Japan

The average salary in Dubai is around $4400 per month whereas the average salary of working employees in Japan is around $3100 per month. We can conclude that people in Dubai earn more than the ones in Japan.

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Knowing the average salary in Japan is a good way to outsource or expand your business there. With the country being one of the top economies worldwide, it offers a great environment for businesses in the automobile, tech, and innovation industries. Furthermore, the average Japanese salary depends on various factors including median salary, minimum wages, and salary range based on location, region, education, profession, and experience. Furthermore, this blog also compares Salaries in Japan with Dubai, India, and worldwide. Identifying all these values will make you want to establish your organization in the country. However, you still need good software to manage salaries and monitor employees. We recommend DeskTrack as the best.


How Much is the Average Salary in Japan?

Japan is one of the top economies in the world. With businesses booming in the tech, automobile, and innovation industries, it offers good scope for you to expand or establish your business. However, you must remember that the average salary in the country is about 6200000 Yen, which is approximately 39818 USD. This ensures that you:

  • Accurately manage labor costs.
  • Your business expands to growth and success without any payroll issues.

What is the Basic Hourly Pay in Japan?

Japan is one of the biggest economies worldwide. Especially in the tech, automobile, and innovation sectors. The hourly pay in the country is about 1002 Yen. However, remember that:

  • It varies as per the location, region, education, profession, and experience.
  • Accurately managing all these expenses is essential for your business to succeed in Japan.
  • We recommend specialized software for salary management for more accuracy.

What are the Average Wages of  Software Engineers in Japan?

Japan is the booming hub for businesses in tech, automobile, and innovation industries. thus, it’s common for software engineers to get good pay in the nation.

  • Software engineers get paid approximately 71,58,705 Yen/year in Tokyo.
  • Software developers and engineers also get additional compensation.
  • They may get paid more or less, depending on the region, job location, experience, and education.

Which Salary is Considered Good in Japan?

Japan is a country with high economic stability and growth since its average salary values are gradually increasing every year. In 2024:

  • The average salary in the country is about 6200000 Yen.
  • This is considered quite good as compared to other countries.
  • The average monthly salary in the country can range between 130000 Yen ($835) and 2300000 Yen ($14771).

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