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employee productivity tracker software

A company thrives only because of its employees. The efforts that they make, and the hours that they spend working on the company are some factors that help the company grow and achieve success. But how do you know that your employees are working properly? According to a study, about 30% of employees tend to spend their productive time on activities that aren’t even related to work. In fact, any average worker spends about 7-8 hours every single week spending productive work hours on things that aren’t job-related. There are many Advantages and Disadvantages of Productivity software which we are going to discuss in this blog.

So, in order to keep track of your employees and ensure that they are working efficiently for the company, the employee productivity tracker software is a premium tool that you can use. This tool works best when you want to increase the productivity of your employees and that too in a cost-effective and time-savvy manner. On that note, we are going to provide details on the best employee productivity app features and their benefits. 

What is Employee Productivity Tracker?

Employee Productivity Tracker is a tool that helps you manage your time and stay organized. It analyzes your schedule, projects, tasks, and contacts to help you organize your work. It can help you to improve employee productivity by making it easier to track employees’ progress by providing real-time data that can be used to motivate employees. It’s extremely useful for managers who want to reduce their employee’s workload while still providing a strong level of service.

Features of Employee Productivity Tracker

Employee productivity tracker comes with a range of productivity features to make the process interesting. There are some must-have productivity features in your monitoring software, which you can get constructed for organizations to gain the maximum benefits of productivity monitoring your organization. These advantageous characteristics can also be enabled by AI, ensuring that you use fewer human resources to complete the task. Take a look at the following features:

  • Time Management

It goes without saying that time management should be included in your productivity tracking software. The tool should be able to tell when an employee enters and exits the office each day. You can direct the staff who is responsible for offline work or answering calls to manually log in and use the software.

  • Checking Employee Attendance

Another major feature an employee monitoring tool must have is checking attendance. Employees who exhibit these characteristics always finish their work on time. Attendance irregularities might slow down the progress of a project. When you invest in the best productivity tracker app, you get to check the attendance of each employee. The employee attendance tool assists in quickly identifying and alerting these employees. Furthermore, when hundreds of employees are being monitored, it aids in maintaining an accurate record of attendance.

  • Helps with Project Management

Every project comes with a timeline and employees need to work accordingly to ensure there are no delays. Project managers will appreciate the project management feature. Organizations can track every stage of a project’s progress towards completion by allocating specific assignments to staff. Project management aids in the development of a sense of accountability, which is essential for accomplishing project objectives and deadlines.

  • Generating Reports

Analytics and reports are extremely beneficial to businesses, especially when it comes to project management. They provide tremendous insight into employee performance in relation to predetermined goals. Accurate analytics assist organizations in determining whether or not to increase their employment numbers based on present employee performance. Using a productivity report tool can help in generating reports.

  • User Behavior Monitoring

Any employee tracking software will include tools for gathering information such as the number of emails, discussions, meetings, and records, as well as who has access to and updates files. But for modern businesses, it’s not enough, and I believe your solution should be able to identify user behavior analytics patterns that harm employee productivity, such as squandering time on social media and surfing the internet for personal purposes. 

The productivity tracking tool has the feature to count keystrokes, move between programs, and capture screenshots every 15 minutes, which can aid businesses in determining employee productivity for certain job positions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Productivity Tracker

There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with the employee productivity tracker. Let’s take a look below

1. Advantages of Employee Productivity Software

  • Increased Productivity

Monitoring your staff can help them work more efficiently. Human performance improves when they have an audience, according to scientific research. Employees enhanced their productivity when they knew their bosses were watching them, according to a study looking at the use of IT monitoring tools.

Keeping an eye on your employees can help you save money. Providing prizes and incentives can be converted into an advantage of productivity software. Employees are supposed to be motivated by well-structured incentive schemes, which encourage them to enhance their performance.


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  • Cost-Effectiveness

Though the software will cost the organization but will prove good ROI in long term. One of the advantages of productivity software is, it can help you figure out how much your staff is costing you. You can use employee monitoring to find out whether someone is wasting company time or even stealing time.

It can also assist you to understand whether your staff are having difficulty with certain jobs or are not meeting certain productivity objectives. You can then check in with them and come up with a solution to assist them to improve. 

  • Increase in the Internal Security

Investing in the employee productivity tracker software will also help in increasing internal security. Your clients and customers are subject to a variety of risks, but your staff and their personal information are also at risk. You can discover dangers that your staff miss, get warned when someone accesses data or information they shouldn’t, and spot various forms of suspicious or malicious behavior from both internal and external sources using a monitoring tool.

2. Disadvantages of Employee Productivity Tracking Software

  • Feelings of Distrust

Employees may believe you are invading their privacy or that you lack respect for or trust towards their work and them. This can lead to animosity, a loss of faith in you, and a drop in employee morale. Employees that are disengaged are not only less productive, but they are also more likely to leave your company. High turnover can hurt your company’s bottom line, add stress to your existing employees, and tarnish your company’s reputation among potential candidates and applications. In other words, if you’re not careful, monitoring may have the exact opposite effect you intended.

  • Cost in Time and Resources

Employee monitoring involves time and money. You’ll need to conduct research to locate the best monitoring tools, draught a new policy, and then put it into action in your company. Once the tool is set, you must enhance your tracking and management processes that would produce more benefits. You’ll also have to sort through all of the data you get, especially if you want to use it to better your company. Spending time, and money, on employee monitoring may divert your attention away from more important duties or projects.

You must ensure that you are in compliance with all federal, state, and local monitoring laws before investing in the employee productivity tracker software.

It’s easy to over-monitor your staff, even when respecting local monitoring rules, which poses its own set of problems. Too much surveillance can offer you access to personal information about your employees. You are then in charge of safeguarding that sensitive data and information.

  • Investing in the Best Employee Productivity Tracker Software

There are many employee productivity tracker software that comes with their own set of benefits and features. One such is the DeskTrack. This amazing software is not only easy-to-use and affordable but it provides fantastic features for employee monitoring in the best way. The software has top features and also has the ability to add on more features like API integration, Task Logger, Remote installation, etc. 


Hopefully, this blog has given you some insight into the Advantages of Productivity Software. Monitoring and managing the productivity of employees is very important for the growth and success of a company. By investing in the best productivity tracker app and tool, you will be able to easily monitor the productivity and efficiency of your employees.  

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