How Do Time Tracking Software Assist Operation Teams? 7 Things You Must Know!

time tracking software

Whether you’re leading an operation in any organization or working as a team member, you already know how important it is to finish the job on time. Else, you face a high flux of questions from your HR to CEO, and you remain answerable to your clients also. 

What if you can present proper documentation of your complete work and explain why it took the assigned time to your higher authorities? What if you just don’t need to go into any of these complications because you have already ensured maximum productivity and efficiency of your team, circumventing any procrastination coming your way to finishing the work within the stipulated time?

Well, the complete scenario will be changed in that case. And that’s where a time tracking software enters, built to track, analyze, and improve your workflow by elevating your team’s productivity and efficiency by more than 60%. Moreover, it not only helps in operations across all industries but also injects a transparent work culture at every level of a business.

Starting from helping you with projects completed before the deadline, to providing you with insights into your team’s strengths and weaknesses for better delegating the work, a time tracker enables you to run your operational tasks smoothly.

Yes, using time tracking software is the key to ensuring high-quality production and rapid growth of the organization as well as every person working in it. So, no matter whether you run operations in the IT or government sector, etc., if you want to increase the quality of your work and reduce the total consumable hours, get started with time tracking software. 

Go through the below section to learn about all the aspects where such an application comes in handy.  

Better Time Management

Since time tracking software enables you to break your complete work into smaller segments, time management becomes easier. With this tool, you can assign a dedicated time for each of your duties and channel your complete working hours in the right direction. 

It also helps you to remove the distractions and put your entire focus into the work to finish it within the assigned time. Hence, your work will be organized, and you’ll have more time to develop new skills or invest in your personal life. 

Any person working in an operation team will have the upper hand in ensuring the best performance while using a time tracking app. So, whether you operate on a large or small scale, if you’ve got more work to do in a short time, better time management is the key to doing that. 

Streamlined Workflow

An operation team runs best with a streamlined workflow. As per the business data platform, Statista, just by streamlining the operational and business process, organizations can reduce 48% of their operating costs. But achieving a streamlined process often becomes difficult for organizations as there is no data available on the managerial level about employee productivity.

Productivity monitoring software comes with activity monitoring tools that offer fair ideas to the managers on how well the team is performing. Things become much easier to find and replace loop-holes inside the team. 

Not only that, but as team leaders have the complete data of the operational team members, it becomes easier for them to know who is best at what. Therefore, managing the operation team gets easier as the workflow becomes streamlined.

Real-time Work Updates

Having real-time work updates is quite important if you’re managing a large team and need to submit the work within deadline while ensuring quality. In these cases, it’s time-consuming to individually ask your team members for updates.

It also diverts the employees from whatever work they are doing. It’s said that once the concentration is gone, it generally takes 23 minutes to get back to the same pace of work. And, you won’t ever want your team to spend much time idle. 

That’s why you must keep a tap silently, and an employee time-tracking software enables you to do that. Starting from the complete work documentation with screenshots from the users’ devices to real-time progress reports, you can know which employee is doing what works at what time at a single click.

Ensured Compliance

As per a study, businesses lose around $4 million in revenue because of a single non-compliance event. When you’re working with a large team, compliance can be a major point of concern if not done properly. From overlapped actions to work responsibilities, or miscommunication, anything can come into the category of compliance error.

Whenever a business faces such compliance issues, it’s obvious it faces a certain amount of loss. But, that can be easily restricted with an employee time tracking software as it will have proper documentation of what work is assigned to whom. 

So, there won’t be any place for miscommunication as your team members can easily view individual responsibilities. And since you’ll have a complete track of the whole operation, you can help your team members with your valuable insights to enhance their performance and avoid any compliance issues. 

Manage Remote Operations

As per the report suggested by Owl Labs, 52% of the global workers work from home at least once a week. Also, post covid work from home has become a newly adopted culture for a significant part of the global workforce. If you too have a remote team working, you probably understand how difficult it is to manage them to their complete potential.

Time tracking and activity tracking software help your employees to stay motivated throughout the work process. Also, you get complete data of their activities through application and URL tracking. As you know which portion of the job is taking the maximum time, you can offer the right suggestion accordingly.

Time tracking software allows you to measure the right profitability while managing projects remotely. As you completely understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses, you can always cut down extra workloads and disperse the work more efficiently.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Employee tracking software offers a complete overview of the day-to-day work of each employee. Knowing which part of the work is taking more time will allow you to offer constructive feedback to your associates.

Also, employee burnout is already a major concern for HR operations in many businesses across the globe. In fact, a study by Kronos suggests that 95% of HR leaders say that employee burnout is completely sabotaging workforce retention. 

Having a constant activity report you know which member of your team might use some help from others. Therefore, for managers it becomes much easier to distribute the workload evenly, saving employees from burnout.

Bill Clients Accurately

Billing your client for the exact time your team is spending on a particular project is an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship. A time tracking software allows you to generate reports on the basis of employee activity and time. Therefore, you can always send those reports to your client and maintain complete transparency.

Invoicing your clients is not a one-step process. It starts with collecting the total hours of work, wage calculation, and only after that comes invoicing. Time tracking software often comes with automated features that keep track of all these technicalities from project to project for all your team members. Thus, you can always bill your clients accurately with a single click.

Reduce the Cost of Operations

People hate micromanagers! But at the same time as a manager, it’s your job to keep a tab on the progress. A time tracking software exactly comes in here as it automates the whole process of tracking your project completion. Also, it removes the need for a particular person to check how things are working.

Therefore, as you successfully remove micromanagement you have a better employee retention rate. Which is what saves the cost of HR operations significantly. Not only that but also knowing where they are spending time your team’s become much more productive. A more productive team means your business gets to complete more projects by spending minimum time and resources. Therefore as a whole, the cost of operations reduces by quite a fold as you introduce employee tracking in your system.

Evaluate Productivity

Productivity is the most crucial thing that pushes you forward in your professional life. And, each day, we face hundreds of situations that directly impact our productivity knowingly or unknowingly. Having your to-do list present on your screen with allotted time helps you to stay focused and take your productivity to the next level. 

With increased productivity, you can complete any operation without stretching the deadline. It also helps you gather the best form of your skills and blend it right with your experience to deliver top-notch quality work. 

Not only yours, if you’re working in a team, using productivity monitoring software ensures your complete operation team works according to the pre-decided process, and no gap or delay is there to hinder your work pace.

Boost Efficiency

Alongside productivity, efficiency is also an important skill to have irrespective of your job role, but it’s not learned overnight. With time and experience, you know the exact approach to be taken for all the operational work you do. And, as you start doing the work precisely, you become more efficient.

Time tracking software helps you in scheduling your work and knowing what time you should put on which work. So, you get to max out your productivity and become more efficient in the job you’re doing.

As you become more efficient, you can handle your work pressure easily. Moreover, time tracking software helps you cut down the extra workload and take up the exact amount you can deliver promisingly. So, not only do you become efficient in the work but also manage it properly.

What is the Best Time Tracker Software to Use in Business Operations?

The best time tracking software should track every minute seamlessly with continuous screenshots of the system in use. It must support multiple devices and platforms to make sure you don’t need to use different time tracking apps while shifting between your computers. Moreover, the best time tracker should not log any of your important information to ensure the online security of your business data.  

DeskTrack is one such time tracking, as well as applications and URLs tracking software that not only provides you with an in-depth insight of every ongoing operation under your supervision but also helps you ensure the maximum productivity of yourself and your entire team. 

The best part is, DeskTrack native app does screenshot your desktop and track the URLs visited by you, but we haven’t designed it to log any of this data to make sure our users’ privacy rights remain protected. Alongside that, our present servers are potential enough to render the same benefits to every employee using the app, no matter how large the organization is. And, we’ve guarded our servers with the best technologies to withstand any kind of data breach. 

So, get a complete-time tracking solution for yourself and other employees to improve your whole team’s performance. You can get in touch with a professional and have a one-to-one conversation to understand DeskTrack services better. 


Now you know how time tracking software helps every member in an operation team irrespective of the industry type. If you’ve got further queries, drop us a comment through the below box. Thanks for reading! 

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