How employee privacy is not invaded by DeskTrack?

How employee privacy is not invaded by DeskTrack?

Companies are increasingly adopting digital procedures, and one aspect of this trend is keeping vast volumes of data on the cloud. Everything that can be mechanized is done so for the purpose of efficiency. Employee performance indicators, which are collected by an employee activity monitoring system, are one sort of data that firms must be concerned about preserving.

According to a 2018 Gartner survey, 50 percent of 239 major firms were monitoring employee emails and social media accounts, as well as who they interacted with and how they used their workplaces. A year later, a poll of C-suite executives conducted by Accenture revealed that 62 percent of their companies were using new technologies to collect data about their team activities. Every employer has that fear of losing productivity, which also invites revenue loss and it led to the investment in employee activity monitoring software

The application of Employee Monitoring Software will lead to the installation of a transparent activity monitoring platform that will not only capture work data but will also check the real-time activities of the employees in the system to stop data theft without invading their privacy.

EMS || Employee Monitoring Software

This platform resembles the functioning of DeskTrack integrated with the exclusive features of AWS providing a customizable environment where users can control access and permission to the software used for data evaluation. 

Let us now have a clear picture on how DeskTrack’s employee monitoring doesn’t invade the privacy of users.

Non-Business activity excluded in Insights

One of the significant aspects of DeskTrack’s employee monitoring system is that it excludes the employee’s non-business activities. There are times when the employee needs some personal space to relax them & to make them more efficient at work, at this time they can simply pause the app to stop tracking activities & resume back.

Default Turnoff of Screenshots

Usually, when the user starts using the tracker, it begins collecting random screenshots of the screen every 10 minutes. The user is alerted with a pop-up when a screenshot is captured. The user may examine, magnify, type, or alter the activity description before deciding whether to keep or remove the snapshot. Many employees may find this activity a privacy hack. The DeskTrack employee tracking system comes with the feature allowing the user to default turns off the screenshot, which is activated upon request. This is one of the primacy privacy features that make the software employee-friendly.

No Video Monitoring & Key Logging

Keylogging, which is also called the Keystroke is the activity that involved tracking every keypress entry done on the computer. Each keystroke functioned by the user signals the tracker. This process is certainly eliminated from the desktop monitoring software. In addition, the software does not conduct any video monitoring of the computer.

Full Transparency

An ethical approach will be followed where full consent from the employees is thereby giving them rights to check what activities are being tracked and they can do self-assessment to improve their productivity & efficiency. This transparency will be maintained while performing the following things.

  • Appropriate data aggregation as per user’s consent
  • Customizable role-based configuration of data access
  • Identifying data security risks and reporting
  • Audit features for scrutiny and detailed investigation of recorded activity
  • Data is encrypted at rest & transit

This allows the employer to identify confidential data and prevent any leaks from the network. With DeskTrack and AWS getting integrated, there is solid data security undertaken.


In a nutshell, Desktop Monitoring Software has become a mandatory element for protecting sensitive business and non-business data related to the employees in a hybrid workforce. It enables employers to track productivity on a real-time basis and adds the benefits of secured cloud storage measures for accessing data. Without breaching personal space, this software platform is ideal to maintain a safe working environment for employees and employers.

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