Manage Your Workforce Productivity During COVID-19

Manage Your Workforce Productivity During COVID-19 | Productive Monitoring software

Don’t worry about the increasing impact of COVID-19 on your business, Have patience, and let’s fight together against this outbreak!

The Coronavirus (COVID-19), which first appeared in Wuhan, the city of China, has become one of the biggest threats worldwide and infected more than 115,000 people in almost 110 countries and is likely to climb significantly higher.

The COVID-19 outbreak has a growing adverse impact on businesses like telecoms and technology, digital media, payments and commerce, fintech, banking, and many more. As the government has declared to close both the public and private sectors in most of the countries. Business owners are worried about their company’s revenue losses as it will be going to decrease day by day.

To get rid of this misfortune as it rapidly-spreading across the world, a lot of companies are adjusting their production schedules.

They are allowing their employees to work from home so that it won’t spread across the offices.

Some major companies already have their work from home policies, they know how to manage WFH situations, employees also know what to do.

But, there is a major problem standing in front of the companies who don’t have such WFH policies and suddenly they have to allow their employees to work remotely for an indefinite time period. Employees are not habitual to WFH as they were doing their work in a traditional office environment so far.

Companies are ready to allow their employees to work remotely but they are worried about the security, accountability, and overall productivity of the team, they want to make sure, will everyone works effectively or not? Will they be focused or distracted?

The Ultimate Solution For Business Growth

If you are a business owner, manager, or employer it would be helpful for you to find a Productivity Monitoring Software to monitor your work from home employees. The best solution for getting the detailed reports of the WHF team as you can see the reports for all the activities done, time spent on all the tasks, project timesheets, and so on.

To be aware of what your employee is doing, some measures to be taken:

  • Fix working Hours
  • Plan the work and Set Clear Expectations
  • Track the performance on a regular basis
  • Regular meeting (phone or video calls)
  • Calculate Project Hours
  • Manage Timesheets
  • Analyze Distractions

Not only the company but the employees also get benefits from such tools as they can prove their productivity by providing a crystal clear picture of their work and tasks done in a day. Employees can also analyze their distractions thus encouraging them to become more efficient and produce greater results.


One Simple Software For Manage All Your WFH Employees

DeskTrack is considered the best performance tracker and productivity booster for remote teams.

One of the best productivity monitoring software to track all the activities done by the team with the total time spent on each activity and task. It will provide you the best way to manage your WFH team from anywhere anytime.

With DeskTrack, you will get the Automated Timesheets that are helpful in improving remote employee’s productivity as you can identify an individual’s total time spent in a day, calculate productive and unproductive hours, analyze their distractions and monitor the overall output.

WFH employees become more focused, productive, and beneficial for the organization if they know that their activities and time are tracked by the managers to analyze their performance.

To explore more about the tool and its features, Get 15-day Free Trial, Click Here

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