Top 10 Latest Features of Employee Management System in 2024

Employee Management System

The employee management system is a technical program. It measures, analyzes, and maintains employee working hours and company workflow effectively. It caters to meeting the productive, social, and practical requirements of employees. Also, help them give their best efforts daily and in the right direction.

Installation of a suitable workers management system is most prominent as per your business needs. Reducing the workload of the HR department is helpful. Implementation of employee management software can benefit businesses with a lot of user-friendly features:

What is an Employee Monitoring/Management?

Employee monitoring means how employees of any organization have been observed. This includes a track of all the user activity from collecting per day data to monitoring specific sorts of employee work performance and progress. Whether they are working from home, remotely, on-board, freelance, or representing the company outdoors. Therefore, it is the most essential requirement for a company’s real growth.

Monitoring methods possess the management of employees’ login/logout time, internet/desktop monitoring, web surfing, and interaction with social sites. At present employee monitoring tools have manifested more significant possibilities for employee productivity and workforce analytics. The best employee monitoring software helps in optimizing employee performance, improve employee involvement in work, and reduce process cost-effectiveness. By monitoring the efforts of employees, an organization can boost the entire workforce’s productivity and gain more profits. 

Why Employee Management System Important?

An employee management system is important just because the employees are at the workplace doesn’t mean they are being productive or completing their tasks on time. Maybe they are busy with some never-ending meetings or emails or regularly distracted. Many companies have poor teamwork hierarchies, and they don’t even have any idea about it. It can be difficult for a supervisor to monitor all the teams. Employees to know their working hours and performance in the workplace. Planning can’t be the only solution to improve the productivity of a company. Therefore, getting proper insights about projects, working hours, activities, and tasks scheduled or performed by employees is very important for a manager or team leader. 

A person can’t keep a tab all over the workplace or on remote employees all the time. Hence, if an organization uses the best employee monitoring software like DeskTrack will help them keep an eye on whatever is going on during a working day and allow tracking team productivity and efficiency wherever they are operating with just a click and under a console.

Best 10 Features of Employee Management System in 2024

There is no need to keep a tab on your workforce manually. You can monitor every activity of your employees through the DeskTrack employee management system features:

1.Time and Attendance Management

An employee database management platform that enables you to centralize HR data across departments, regions, and enterprises should be part of the system you choose. Time and attendance management is the best way to manage the team’s activity records. The software monitors employee working hours and manages attendance data which helps improve workforce productivity and employee engagement and helps in reducing HR administration workload and payroll issues.  

2.Streamlined Payroll

The software helps to deliver a streamlined payroll to all employees by calculating their work efforts through real-time insights. It improves the payroll procedure and eases the need for manual data input.

3.Actual Logs

The workers’ management system software represents the actual working and idle hours of an employee according to desktop login and logout time. 

4.Accurate Timesheets

DeskTrack employee monitoring software provides accurate timesheets of employees to determine the actual efforts spent on every task or project and manage further proceedings. 

5.Productivity Insights

The best employee management system software allows managers to generate detailed productivity insights into the actual working hours of each employee that can help them manage productive and unproductive employees.

6.Cloud Solution

DeskTrack provides a cloud-based solution that helps record the complete detailed insights with screenshot data that help the manager review employee performance anytime and HRs at the time of salary payment. 

7.Desktop Screenshot

DeskTrack auto-captures the screenshots as per the scheduled time which shows the screenshots of activity done on the system desktop.

8.Project and Task Management

DeskTrack provides project and task management benefits and presents the actual report of work progress, deadlines, and schedules in real-time. For employees, it’s the best way to manage their tasks and work process. For employers, it provides complete data about employee productivity and allows monitoring of their activities.

9.Employee Database Management

Companies store detailed information about employees for future usage. Therefore, employee management system software records accurate data with specific security measures to keep employee information safe.

10.Employee Self-Service

Effective employment management software allows employees to maintain HR-related matters. It can improve productivity and efficiency by letting employees set their availability at work and helps them reduce the risk of entry errors.


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Types of Employee Management System Software

Employee Management Tools are categorized into different parts. It is differentiated according to employees. If we talk about developers we need software that can calculate productivity, as well as if we are talking about some of the HR they consume more time in administrative work so we need an employee management system that can track the time of tasks. Here is the list of the best software for employee management.

1. Time Tracking Software

Employee Time tracking software is software that you use to track the time spent on different activities. It can be used in multiple ways, such as to track your time spent on projects, tasks, and other activities. Keep track of your work time with employee time tracking software. Time tracking is one of the most important things to do if you want to be productive and efficient at your job.

2. Project Management Software

Employee Project management software is designed to help you manage your team’s workloads, which can include multiple projects or tasks. The software can also help you manage your team’s budget and expenses, helping you stay on top of spending and keep tabs on how much money is being spent on each project.

3. Productivity Monitoring Software

Employee Productivity Monitoring Software helps you to keep track of employees’ efficiency and productivity. This software is designed to monitor the performance of employees and also help them in improving their skills. The software will help you to recognize your employees’ strengths and weaknesses as well as motivate them accordingly.

4. Attendance Management Software

Employee Attendance Management Software is a great tool for HR professionals. It can help them keep track of employees’ attendance and productivity, as well as monitor their engagement with the company. A timesheet can also be used to determine if an employee is slacking off, or if they have legitimate reasons for not being at work.

5. Performance Management Software

Employee Performance management software is used to help managers and employees track their performance. The software can help managers track their employees’ performance, such as how long they spend on the task they are assigned. The software may also allow managers to set goals and assign them to specific people in the company.

6. Computer Monitoring Software

Employee Computer Monitoring Software can be used to monitor the activities of employees, monitor all their internet usage, track URLs, and track files. You can generate detailed work reports and productivity reports of an employee using this software.


Software for employee management systems helps your organization improve workforce productivity and boost overall well-being by tracking and monitoring the daily working activities of every employee. In conclusion of employee management system blog, DeskTrack is one of the best software for workforce management. It keeps track of every activity done by an employee during his working hours. As a result, if you are searching for the best employee productivity monitoring software then DeskTrack has some impressive features that can be the best fit for your organization.

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