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Employee Monitoring Software

Have you ever wondered what is stealth employee monitoring software? If you have not, then many other people have experienced the same issue. Do you need to know what is it? Keep reading and discover how stealth employee monitoring software can help you improve your corporate culture and give you a better workplace environment.

What is Stealth Employee Monitoring Software?

Stealth Employee Monitoring Software is becoming more popular in the business world due to its ability to monitor employees and track their computer activity. It is sometimes known as hidden/spy employee monitoring software. Stealth is a mode in employee monitoring software in which this software is installed & works in hidden mode. It is also known as hidden employee monitoring software.

Hidden employee monitoring software runs in auto mode in the background, so users can’t see any icon or notification on their screen. All the activities like attendance, productivity, and time tracking are done in a hidden way in stealth computer monitoring software & managers can see their reports in real-time in an attractive dashboard.

Benefits of Using Stealth Employee Monitoring Software

Keep Team Productive

A team that is well-organized and productive is a team that can produce more for the company. You may increase productivity by having a comprehensive understanding of how and what your employees are doing with their time. You can use hidden employee monitoring system to help your employees focus on the tasks that provide value for your company.

Find potential Loopholes

Stealth mode monitoring software makes it easy to find potential loopholes in your company’s policies and procedures.

In a business setting, employees often try to find ways around security measures. A hidden employee monitoring software can help you find any potential loopholes in your company’s policies and procedures so that you can address them before an issue arises.

Reduce Data Theft Cyber Crime

Data theft and cybercrime can be reduced with Spy Monitoring Software. You can observe who is logging into your network and what they are doing with the correct software. It will also allow you to monitor employees’ social media accounts, emails, and other online communication options.

With Spy Monitoring Software, you can: Monitor employees’ online activities, Control access to company resources, and Identify intruders in the network.

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Minimize Cyberloafing

Cyberloafing is a term used to describe employees who take more than they are supposed to on their computers. The problem with cyberloafing is that it can be hard to spot because it doesn’t necessarily involve any type of work at all. Employees might be using their computers for non-work purposes, such as checking Facebook or playing games all day long.

In order to Minimize Cyber Loafing, employers should set up Spy Monitoring Software that will alert them whenever an employee starts working on a computer and not doing anything else.


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Why Your Business Needs Stealth Mode Monitoring Software

Stealth mode monitoring software is a must-have for any business, helping you detect potential problems in your business operations. It gives you control and peace of mind, knowing that your business and employees are safe from cybercrime. With the help of hidden employee monitoring software, it became easier to monitor employee computer activity. 

Here are some other reasons why this is important:

  1. Stealth Employee Monitoring Software helps to increase employee productivity by 63%
  2. It Safeguards your Company’s private data
  3. It helps to reduce Data Theft
  4. System Admin can enable or disable stealth mode
  5. It runs in the background from the system on to off.

Features of Stealth Employee Monitoring Software

1. Stealth Monitoring

Hidden employee tracking software works in stealth mode/hidden mode. The stealth computer monitoring software is installed in the system, & it is run in hidden mode. Users aren’t able to see any icons or notifications on their screens. It runs in the background and records all the activities performed on the system & shares all the data on the cloud.   

2. Application Monitoring

Stealth Computer Monitoring Software will also keep track of which applications employees have used. Furthermore, if someone is analyzing analytic data on a process or viewing individual documents on a spreadsheet. You will soon learn who has been using the particular device.

3. Keystroke Monitoring

In Keystroke monitoring, you can track all the employee’s keystrokes on their keyboards. In this system, the keyboard is used to measure the employee’s performance. When employees press the keys of the keyboard system, it counts in productive time. If the user can’t press any key on the keyboard for 5 min the system will count it as unproductive time. Keystroke monitoring works only on a keyboard basis. 

4. Time Attendance

This feature allows the employees to check their attendance or absence from work on a daily basis or weekly basis using this feature. The system will show how many hours an employee actually spends at work. And how many hours were left for that day or week?

5. Daily Activity Report

Daily activity report shows all the daily activities of the employee during his working hours, including his start time, end time, overtime hours worked, and more!

6. Timekeeping 

Timekeeping is another feature of stealth computer monitoring software. It is used by employers for tracking employees’ timings and performance. With employee time tracking software in place, it becomes easy for employers to monitor when exactly an employee starts working on a particular project or stops working altogether before leaving.

Is Stealth Employee Computer Monitoring Software Legal?

Though regulations change from country to country, laws generally favor employers. Employers are legally permitted to use spyware to track how their employees use their work time and how they use company equipment.

The point is, that the computers used by employees are owned by a certain firm, and the corporation is free to verify whether they are being used as intended. Just as they would monitor how much petrol you used driving a corporate car. Stealth Remote Monitoring Software enables the organization to detect employees who use their work computers for personal purposes when they are working remotely.


Every day, businesses are being held at ransom by the fact that their employees use computers, phones, and other devices to access confidential company data. This can be prevented through the use of Stealth Employee Monitoring Software. The software will work efficiently in monitoring the time spent on individual applications, the amount of time spent on those applications, and even keystrokes in stealth mode. Read all the features, and benefits, & of stealth computer monitoring software to make your organization robust.

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