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Desktrack - An employee computer monitoring software to seamlessly take care of Workforce Management, Productivity Enhancement & Workforce Engagement.

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Why DeskTrack Software to Track Computer Activity required in Organization?

Desktrack takes charge of analyzing an employee's work behavior as soon as he logs in till he logs out for the day. Apparently, it is also known as a software to track computer activity.

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The reasons why you can choose this software to track computer activity are as follows :


The employer gets to know the actual login/logout timing of the employee, hence checking the punctuality in an employee.

Employee Engagement

This employee computer activity monitoring software can calculate employee engagement by checking daily productivity status of employees.


To check integrity from the employee's end, the software checks if the employee accesses unauthorized URLs or transfers confidential information to rivals.

Performance Management

You get to manage workforce performance through Project Time sheet by setting a flow of tasks.

Importance of DeskTrack as a Computer Monitoring Software to Track Computer Usage

Attendance Reporting

to monitor regularity towards work

Absence Records

to check consistency of employees

Availability Management

to ensure required human resources


to maintain the work decorum

Application Tracking

to check work behavior

File Tracking

to check security & compliance

Internet Usage

to check productivity pattern

Project Time sheets

to maintain workflow record


to provide extra layer of monitoring

Productivity Analysis

to calculate employees' growth quantitatively

MIS reports

to check if the workforce are equipped with right resources to bring outcome

Location tracking

to summarize and compare on different location teams' performance

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Benefits of Best Computer User Activity Monitoring Software

DeskTrack - leading as the best computer user activity monitoring software has the following benefits covered for you:

Computer performance monitoring software


Ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information and escapes external flow of information to rivals.

Legal Compliance & Protection

Ensures if goals are achieved through a right process ensuring legal compliance and data protection.

Employee Productivity Management & Measurement

Analysis of employee productivity and management of their daily productivity graphs.

Workforce Optimization

It aims on improvisation of employee productivity, quality and efficiency.

Workforce Planning

It ensures that the organization has the right people equipped with all the right skills to fulfill all the necessary goals.

Employee Engagement & Experience

Analysis of employee engagement scale and optimizing their experiences for the betterment of their engagement.

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Features of Computer Usage Time Tracking Software - DeskTrack

Computer Activity Time Tracking

It keeps record of time taken for the completion of all work and conducting of non-work related activities.

Application & URL Tracking

It checks the applications and URLs accessed by an employee during his working hours.

Computer File

It tracks which files are accessed or transferred from an employee's computer.

Automated Time

Idle time, Desktop time, Productive time, Unproductive time are the time parameters calculated by the software.

Computer First login & Last Logout Tracking

The software takes note of employees' first login and last logout timing

Computer Idle Time Tracking

The software calculates the idle time spent by the employee during working hours.

Computer Productive Time Monitoring

Desktrack calculates the productive time spent on work for a day.

Computer Screenshot Monitoring

It is the monitoring of live activities processing on an employee's computer.

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 Work hour utilization Work Hour Utilization

File Tracking Blacklist/whitelist

 Application Monitoring Application Monitoring

Document Title Tracking Attendance Management

Data Security Work Status

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