How Time Tracking Can Terminate Employee Procrastination?

Procrastination at workplace

Procrastination is the act of postponing or delaying the task or work. Some researchers defined procrastination as a kind of self-regulation failure characterized by the unreasonable delay of work despite conceivably negative results.

In a survey, it was found that 65% of employees waste time on irrelevant activities every day. The average time wasted by an employee is around two hours a day and around 40 hours are wasted monthly of project tasks.

Negative Impact of Procrastination

A procrastinator can waste a few hours of work using Facebook, watching YouTube, or browsing the web. It is completely unproductive and harmful to the company’s growth. Here are some negative impacts of procrastination:

Loss Of Time: By delaying the time of task you will be left with no time for reviewing the work and sometimes your task will reach the deadline. 

Opportunities Lost: Many opportunities can get wasted as individuals haven’t taken them seriously when they are relevant.

No Career Growth: It stops an employee from reaching the deadline and achieving set goals. This will lead to no career growth.

Poor Decision: Due to procrastination, one can take wrong decisions according to the criteria that most likely won’t happen.

Steps to Overcome the Procrastination

By implementing some great strategies at the workplace you can overcome the problem of procrastination. Here some salient points you can follow:

Be With People Who Inspire: Meet people who are passionate and excited about the things they do. They can make procrastinators feel inspired.

Set Achievable Goals: Make small and achievable goals. This way you will feel achievement whenever you hit your small target.

Make a To-Do List: This comes alongside achieving goals as by making a list you will know the tasks they have completed and what are pending.

Avoid Multitasking: Prioritize tasks and work according to that. Finish one task and then move to another one. This way things will be clear in their mind.

How Employee Monitoring Software can help?

Employee Activity Monitoring Software offers many advantages such as improved productivity, identifying the areas of improvement, ensures invoices are correct, and proper future project planning. It also keeps track of non-project work, ensures time spend on correct project or task and get up to date Time Tracking information. This way it helps in stopping procrastination in the workplace.


Best Time Tracking Software


Procrastination is harmful at a personal and professional level for any individual and organization. By this habit, your employees will always be delaying the task. Above mentioned points can help you identify the problem and how can that problem is solved.

Using Employee Monitoring Tool like DeskTrack is one of the best choices for an organization to stop this problem and increase employee efficiency and productivity.

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