Desktop Activity Monitoring Software For Employees

DeskTrack employee desktop activity Tracking Software to Track applications, websites & files opened by the team & Classify activities to calculate productivity & team engagement with Laptop & computer/PC

  • Working Hours Calculation
  • Analyze Distractions
  • Improve working pattern

Desktop activity monitoring software for employees

Online Software to Monitor Activity on Computer

Get the best software to monitor activity on computer to manage manager and employee transparancy, Suspicious activities, Skill gap analysis, Proof of work, Insider threats. DeskTrack is a cost effective activity monitoring tool to become a business tycoon.



In-house and remote employee desktop activity tracker brings 100% transparency and gives a fair idea to an organization of the activities performed by the team.

Proof of Work

Get on to the employee's work time utilization with desktop activity monitoring software from automated timesheets & activity logs.

 Skill Gap Analysis

Skill Gap Analysis

Best Online activity tracking software for pc for Analyze skill gaps by focusing on team involvement, employees may be struggling, spending long hours on one task, or not working as per the roles and responsibilities.

Suspicious Activities

Suspicious Activities

Automated activity logs via desktop activity monitoring software for taking real-time actions on employees by identifying the suspicious or irrelevant activities performed.

Insider Threats

Many employees have access to the confidential data of their organization, and if they misuse data, it becomes difficult to identify or protect. Desktop activity time tracker for windows & linux to analyze user behavior and fraudulent activities.

Measure Employee Productivity with Desktop Activity Monitoring Software

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Monitor Employee Work Patterns with Desktop
Activity Monitoring Software:

1. PC Activity Monitoring

Get detailed insights on the team's working pattern & time utilization with computer & PC activity Monitoring, identify working & idle hours on the activities performed.

PC Activity Monitoring
Application Uses Tracker

2. Application Uses Tracker

Get the time spent on meetings, email communication, browsing, documentation etc., by application tracking from employee activity monitoring software.

3. Browsing History Tracking

Track the total time spent on browsing. Get the list of webURLs to identify distractions by tracking time spent on social media, shopping, and entertainment platforms.

Browsing History Tracking
Documentation Title Monitoring

4. Open Documentation Title Monitoring

Get a complete picture of when, where, and how employees are utilizing their time. The desktop open document title tracking software provides the list of filenames opened by the team.

5. Screenshots Monitoring

Record the real-time view of employee work with a desktop activity tracking software. It captures screenshots every 5, 10 minutes, or so on, and the data will be stored in the cloud.

Screenshots Monitoring
Emails Monitoring

6. Emails Monitoring

Generate and receive streamlined reports about time spent on outlook, Gmail, etc., for team members and monitor employee engagement with desktop activity monitoring software.

7. Meeting Time

Record the number of meetings and time spent on all the meeting apps zoom, teams, google meet, etc., during a day with the best desktop activity tracker.

Meeting Time

End to end Data Security:

1. No Passwords Tracking

The desktop activity tracker does not capture keystrokes, passwords, and other personal information of any user.

2. Data Stored in Encrypted Formats

The desktop activity tracker stores data in encrypted formats, to manage data security & confidentiality. Only authorized parties like company admins & their team can access the data.

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Time Tracking Data Security

Identify the Usage of Desktop
Activity Tracking Software

  • Evaluate the team's productivity by classifying the apps & website as per the roles & responsibilities and functionality of the teams.
  • Track the working time into productive & unproductive time by classifying apps & websites as whitelisted & blacklisted respectively.
  • Set the time limit on activities like facebook, whatsapp, zoom etc. via remote employee desktop activity monitoring software so that within the time limit team can use these activities & productivity will not be affected
  • Classify the apps & website as per the roles & responsibilities and functional nature of the activities, get on to the team's engagement.
  • Identify where time is spent like meeting, communications, browsing etc., with desktop activity monitoring software and get on to the team's working pattern as per the time spent on activity classification.
  • Analyze when the team is distracted or not working as per the roles & responsibilities, take real time action on the activities performed.
  • Application & website logs from desktop activity tracker to identify SAAS based applications & their usage.
  • Monitor different apps used with the same type of functional nature, manage SaaS apps purchase, renewals, and on-boarding.
  • Desktop activity monitoring software helps to manage technology investment on SaaS apps, compare the cost spent & utilization, to identify & control unnecessary expenses.

Easy Access to the Reports with Employee Tracking System:

Create multiple logins with role-based access management, organize the dashboard as per the business needs,

Location Heads Login

Admins and managers can track employees operating from different places or locations and take actions accordingly.

Manager Login

Monitor real-time insights of their team members to help them to improvise their performance by identifying gaps & distractions with monitoring system activities.

User Login

With automated activity insights & timesheets, users can do self-assessment by monitoring daily functioning on their work insights.

Admin Login

Admins can access the complete desktop activities through desktop activity monitoring tools and provide role-based rights to the workforce, also can evaluate the reports for the entire team.

Mobile App Reportings

DeskTrack employee analytic app available on android & iOS for admin & managers to access team's timesheets & activities performed anywhere anytime.

Use Cases of DeskTrack
Activity Monitoring Software

DeskTrack activity monitoring software is considered the perfect solution to monitor and have track of employee per-day activity. One of our use cases describes the continuous struggle of our own company with a lack of visibility into productivity, delay in deadlines, and burnout risk for dispersed teams.

There were times when the manager asked about the work progress and status of their employee activities, but they only got the info of employees about being in the meeting most of the time. Even after so many struggles and efforts, the manager was unable to find out the reason for delayed deadlines and low productivity. And to overcome these situations, we created "DeskTrack" - activity time tracking software that helped us analyze the data by providing detailed insights on the team's working pattern & time utilization and identified working & idle hours on the activities performed.

Activity tracking is not just about monitoring and tracking the employee's system but also helping the company to identify top performers who are bringing more profitable outcomes and those who are struggling or performing any suspicious acts. This use case is of an employee working with our firm on a part-time job. In the beginning, we were getting better results and satisfactory performance from him, and because of the workload and new projects, we took no notice of his daily operations.

And one day, when we checked on his working pattern and performance through DeskTrack, we got to know that many times, he was busy doing work on his personal projects and was performing some suspicious activity with our confidential data. Therefore, with the help of DeskTrack, we witnessed a crime that was illegal and unethical towards the company's law.

Activity time tracking is not just about self-assessment for employees or improving employee productivity, but it helps managers more to have track of employee work pattern, performance, and progress. Therefore, this case will tell you about the issue we have faced with one of our developers working on a suitable designation in our company. The employee was working on his system for the whole day and was productive, but we were not getting any output from him as he was unable to submit the work on time.

One day the manager scheduled a meeting to get to know about the whole situation, and the employee confessed that he was working for the whole day but on projects which were irrelevant to the company. So, at that moment, we thought about implementing an application and URL tracking feature in our DeskTrack employee monitoring software. The app/URL tracking feature provides complete information on searched and opened applications and websites with clear insights into the time spent on each.

Employees are known to be the most important asset for a company, and when the measurement of how efficient an organization is in using the assets gets low, that shows the actual problem of less productivity and employee engagement toward driving efforts to achieve the targets. Thus, this use case is of employees working from home in our organization who claimed to be in meetings. So, whenever we asked them to submit their work report with proof of work done throughout the day, the answer always came - that they were busy in meetings.

By analyzing their whole day activities and meeting schedules with DeskTrack, we got to know the actual gap that there were no meetings scheduled or planned. Therefore, employees were just wasting their productive time by being away from their system and doing nothing. DeskTrack employee monitoring software provided clear insights into every individual, with their work report of productive, unproductive, and idle time.

Do your employees submit their work on time? Or are they working properly but not reaching the deadlines on time? One of our use cases may demonstrate the same issue, which is generally faced by every organization while reviewing employee work performance and progress. So, one of our employees was working with full enthusiasm and engagement without wasting a bit of his productive time to achieve the target as per the allotted task. But he was unable to meet the deadlines on time and was not bringing any good output as compared to his efforts.

Therefore, after analyzing the entire work report of the employee, we got the reasons for the gaps and struggles he was facing while working and not reaching the deadlines on time.

When talking about activity time tracking, we usually think of it from the viewpoint of employees and teams, but how do administrators get to know about their employees being productive and engaged in their work? This use case tells you about one of our clients who was working out of India, and the team is operating within the country. Therefore, they were working in a cross-shift routine and reported positively every time they asked about the work progress. But in reality, no one is working as per their roles and responsibilities, which was leading to delays in meeting deadlines on time.

One day the owner asked their most reliable employee about the work habits of team members, and they got to know about the actual situation of why they were at a loss in achieving their targets on time. They were experiencing huge gaps among the team and working patterns because employees wasted a lot of time unproductively and by being idle.

After the whole, to generate the complete data of the work performance of employees on a daily basis, the company implemented the DeskTrack activity tracking tool in stealth mode, which provided them with a clear picture of employee work done throughout the day with a screenshot report of the user system.

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How does Desktop activity monitoring software work?

  •     It records idle and active time spent during a day to determine billable and non-billable hours of employees.
  •     Get a detailed activity report of each employee showing the total hours spent on work, breaks, etc.
  •     Track the time spent on restricted websites, applications, and browsers through app/URL tracking.

How are activity monitoring tools helpful for employees?

Employee monitoring helps understand the workflow and employees' activity to generate real-time insights on their performance.

Desktop activity monitoring software is the best technique to understand the team's working routine, practices, and requirements. If you know how your employees work, you can help them improve their productivity. Also, it helps employees to stay focused and connected with their tasks.

How DeskTrack helps in monitoring work-from-home employees?

Desktop activity monitoring software helps managers to monitor the performance of each employee. The software allows companies to check the activities of their employees by monitoring their per-day performance, analyzing and generating detailed insight. With an employee tracking system, managers can be notified of how employees use their time on assigned tasks.