Choosing the Right Time Management App: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit


It might be challenging to know where to begin once you realize that you could use a little assistance to resolve your workplace time management problems.  It wasn’t part of your upbringing to learn about time management programs. There was no course in college that covered time tracking applications. For you, everything is unfamiliar and new.

How to select the right time management app will be something we’ll help you with. Choosing the best one can be difficult because there are so many options accessible. We’ll arm you with all the knowledge you require to decide wisely. We’ll outline the qualities that top-notch time tracking software must have and offer advice on how to choose the one that’s right for you. We should start now.

But before deciding which time management app is suitable for businesses, let us first understand what time management app really is. 

What is Time Management App?

Time management software, often known as time tracking software, helps you to monitor the amount of time you and your team members spend working on various activities and projects. In contrast, time management software is a solution that equips your company to manage and optimize many tasks and processes, including payroll, project budgeting, and business intelligence.

Tips for Choosing the Time Management Software: 

1. Make a List of the Requirements You Need

Avoid starting off by chasing your tail. Prior to getting started, it’s critical to consider the precise features and functionalities your time management app will require. 

Aspects like real-time tracking, project management, client payment, and configurable features should be taken into account when deciding what kind of data and reports you require. Take into account your willingness to invest and how frequently you will use the system.

2. Options for Research

Once you’ve determined which characteristics are crucial to you, it’s time to conduct your research. Making a decision about your software will be simpler if you are aware of the characteristics that are essential. 

See what other users have to say about various time monitoring software for Virtual Assistants by reading reviews. Compare the features that each program gives to your list of requirements after looking at their features.

3. Give User-Friendly Options Top Priority

According to Stefano Contini, Project manager at Simpalm, “Excellent time tracking software has to be simple to use and comprehend. Because you’ll all be utilising this new software, think about your team and what will appeal to them the most.”

Look for employee time management app that is easy to use and has a straightforward interface. In case you need help utilising the software, make sure it provides helpful training resources and support choices. Without a responsive and competent customer support system, utilising your new time tracking software for employees would be like doing so in isolation.

4. Try it Out

Once you’ve whittled down your list, it’s time to test your options. Take advantage of the free trials offered by the majority of software programs. You can find out if it’s worth the money or not with a free trial.

You can test out your software to check how it functions in practice. Keep in mind that your entire team will be utilizing the system as you evaluate your ability to learn and comprehend it fast, as well as its accuracy and reporting capabilities.

5. Assess the Degree of Integration

What if your new time management app does not work with the apps and software you now use? Now everyone must deal with figuring out how to make everything else operate properly as well; it won’t be as easy as learning a new time tracking tool. Bad news.

Check the time tracking program’s compatibility with other programs you already use while you’re using the free trial. Make sure the timesheets you produce using your time tracking software can be easily exported into other systems, such as project management systems if you’re using them. Making sure that all of your team’s data is in one location and streamlining the reporting process will help.

6. Decide for Yourself

Make your choice once you’ve completed all of the testing and research. Decide which program is ideal for you by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each one. 

Remember that it is extremely unusual to discover a time tracking app that suits everyone, so be sure to pick one that satisfies your own requirements and price range. You should be able to locate one that satisfies all of your most crucial criteria because there are so many options available.

7. Get Going

You may begin once you have decided on the best time management app that suits your requirements. Set up your account first, then become acquainted with the interface. If a point person hasn’t learned the system yet, don’t launch the team at once. Thus, frustration will be diminished.

To suit the needs of your particular project, you might also want to modify the parameters. Do not forget to utilize any tutorials or support resources that the program provider may have made available.

8. Start Keeping a Time Diary

You can start recording your time as soon as your account is created. Make sure you input accurate data into the system so that you can obtain a precise picture of how long it takes to accomplish each operation. 

Use the reporting features of the software to keep an eye on the development of your project and make sure you’re on track to fulfill deadlines.

9. Make your Reporting Automatic

Automation capabilities are available in many time management apps, which can help you save time and effort. By automating your reports, you can rapidly and accurately produce updates on the status of a project and offer perceptions into the effectiveness of your team. You can find areas for improvement and ensure that everyone is held responsible for their job by using automated reporting.

You can choose the best time management app for your project and duties by utilizing these suggestions as a guide. You can easily keep track of deadlines and track the development of your project with the correct framework in place.


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Let’s discuss a few time management apps that will rule the market in 2023

1. DeskTrack: 

An automatic time management app and one of the leaders in the industry that keeps track of project durations and facilitates effective workweek planning is the DeskTrack App. One merely needs to submit their weekly in advance in order to estimate how much time must be allotted each day in order to complete their tasks. DeskTrack is a browser-based application and is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.


  • It helps in tracking the entire workday
  • Project tracking is easy with a DeskTrack
  • It helps in tracking team performance


  • The app support is poor 

2. Toggl Track: 

Because it was designed for professionals, Toggl Track may be used by freelancers, small businesses, and corporate teams equally. The ability to track time spent on tasks and provide reports to determine where people spend the majority of their time would help users become more productive.


  • It is free for up to 5 users. 
  • It is helpful for both big and small businesses. 
  • It provides excellent security features that protect data. 


  • Payment needs to be done for some advanced features. 

3. TSheets: 

The QuickBooks TSheets app is a complete timesheet management software that tracks time for teams

of all sizes on any device. Employees may easily and swiftly log in and log out from a computer, mobile app, or time clock kiosk by using the TSheets app.


  • It helps in creating employee schedules by jobs or shifts. 
  • It offers GPS location tracking that helps you to know the location from where the employees are working. 
  • It is interactive. 


  • The pricing is high 
  • There are some bugs in the mobile app 
  • Arrival time is not automatically recorded by GPS monitoring 

4. TMetric: 

With the use of browser extensions, the reporting and time-tracking features of the TMetric app may be automated. Invoices can be made and sent to clients. When working with a remote team, the option for employee monitoring is also available.


  • It can be easily integrated with a web-based tool 
  • It is simple and easy to track time 
  • Users can better manage their time thanks to the app’s time estimation reports. 


  • It has too many bugs 
  • The desktop app often loses the connection

5. TimeTree: 

One of the best time management apps is TimeTree, which enables seamless calendar and memo sharing between users. For busy families who want to keep everyone’s schedules in one place, TimeTree is perfect. 


  • It is free to use
  • The designs are very simple and elegant 


  • It is not ideal for business settings. 

6. Trello: 

Trello makes it simple to see what every team member is working on at a glance, ensuring that you never miss a step when working on a crucial project. If you want to quickly and easily manage tasks and projects, use Trello. With this program, which was developed to be used as a collaboration tool, you may review and distribute tasks and projects among teams.


  • It is compatible with every department of the organization. 
  • It motivates cross-team collaboration.
  • It is easy to use


  • The users must be present all the time. 
  • It has an upload limit of 10 MB. 

7. Calendar: 

The Calendar app’s comprehensive analytics features allow users to monitor how much time they spend in meetings so that they may organize (or perhaps reorganize) their time to prioritize important tasks.


  • It is easy to use and has a very simple design 
  • It is available on various platforms 
  • It possesses multiple features


  • The design is very simple. 

8. Harvest: 

With the help of Harvest, the leading time and cost monitoring tool, the answers to crucial questions such as where is my time going can be answered without any fuss. 

The program is loaded with a clever UI that is simple and quick to use, and it offers powerful time-tracking functions.


  • It can be easily integrated with other software.
  • It helps in preparing schedules and managing teams.


  • It is expensive


All of these requirements are met by DeskTrack, one of the best time management app, and we would be pleased to speak with you about what using DeskTrack will entail for you. And fortunately for you, you can test it out for free so you can see how it works. 

We would be thrilled to have the chance to address any of your inquiries and assist you in resolving your time management problems! DeskTrack is here to reduce the stress, increase productivity, and improve management of your work life.

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