3 Time Tracking Tips to be Productive: Work Less, Achieve More

3 Time Tracking Tips to be Productive Work Less, Achieve More

Whenever, We try to implement our new year’s resolution 95% of us fail. We start new habits after some time. Either we start in our heads or we stop after a couple of days.

We human beings are built psychologically to slip into our comfortable zone. It is difficult to push ourselves to a continuous basis. In this blog, we’ll explore three powerful time tracking tips that will help you work smarter, not harder, allowing you to accomplish more in less time.

3 Basic Points Why Time Tracking Tips Can Lead to Failure

First let’s discuss 3 basic points why we got fail:

3 Basic Points Why Time Tracking Tips Can Lead to Failure

  1. Not to Start or Left After Initial Push

I myself was in the same boat and kept thinking, I will start my gym on monday or next month 1st day. However, something comes on very auspiciously, in our heads to start something pop’s and that start day went to next week or next month.

Even if I start after sometime we lose the motivation to continue.

How I overcome this:

Start ASAP:

  • Start whenever you think: Whenever you think, start from that day or as earliest as soon as you can.
  • Attach with your habit: To make yourself remember, attach that thing with your habit. In order to make my gym continue, I take my gym clothes, shoes, & bag in the night at the time of changing my clothes after office. So, in the morning if everything is in front of me, I do not make excuses.
  • Don’t Stop & keep moving: Apply newton law of force, in your regular work. If your car and any vehicle moving with a certain speed, and you make it stop, it requires more energy & force to start the still car in relation to speed up the already moving car.

That means if you are regularly going to gym now due to some health issue or travel you are not able to do gyming. Avoid that whenever you even do it to 10 minutes walk and 10 minutes to train your brain to continue.

So, when you resume back, you can pack up your slow movement.

On the other hand, If you stop completely your brain starts relieving and you are either not able to continue or require too much of a push to start again.

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  2. Not continuously:

Left before it becomes a habit:

  • Normally, we start things with high energy but then slowly we lose the momentum. Research has been made to make things habit, we need them to continue at least for 30 days. We need to continue things till our body is trained for doing it by itself.
  • Psychologically, We start missing it. Like when we keep our keys at key holders even without putting our brains, our hands put our keys there. This keeps happening every time & that’s why it is very important to keep continuing. Things till our body does without any efforts and we don’t need our brain to work on it.

3. Time Management:

  • If we always keep struggling in managing our time and mailing the statement as normal  “I am too busy, I don’t have time to do” that means something is not right with us.
  • To control our time expenses, we should understand where we are spending a day or a week or a month. As we maintain our cash ledger’s or small diaries or expense apps to logout travel distance or other expenses, we need a time tracking tool like DeskTrack to log our time expenses.
  • With the help of time tracking software like DeskTrack, we should first understand the list of our time expenses.
  • When I personally started doing it, I noticed that I start my day with facebook and whatsapp. Even a short 5-5 minute check becomes 30-40 hours a week.When I counted them as total. Normally when we look at them in a day or two we don’t realize that is my huge investment.
  • Nothing is free in this world, all these free social media apps, YouTube shorts. We are consuming at the expense of our time.

So, It is important to first time track analyze to log out distractions and bring things in place which happily meet our long pending things which we always wanted to do.


To make anything as a habit, we have to first analyze our time with time tracking tool, make time to attach our rush with our existing habit so making new things in our routine is easily achievable. The speed of doing things is not that important, but continuity is more important to doing things. Implementing these time tracking tips will help you work less, achieve more, and ultimately lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life. Start incorporating these strategies into your daily routine and watch as your productivity soars.

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